Desi TR Snowy
Real Name Snowy
Gender Female
Height "4'11"
Age 16
Availability Starter
Element Type Ghost/Dark Type
Super Move Shadow Sin

Snowy is a Power user and a playable character in Desi: Tournament Rumble. Snowy doesn't use weapons instead in her moveset she uses shadow ghosts in some of her movesets and uses all of them in her super move Shadow Sin.



Command Example
A Standard Desc.
A+A Standard Desc.
A+A+A Standard Desc.
A ↑ Attacks Desc.
A ←→ Attacks Desc.
A ↓ Attacks Desc.
X Smash Attacks Desc.
X (Holding Down) Smash Attacks Desc.
Y,A Ariel Attacks Desc.
Y,A,↑ Ariel Attacks Desc.
Y,A,→ Ariel Attacks Desc.
Y,A,↓ Ariel Attacks Desc.
Y,A,← Ariel Attacks Desc.
Y,X Semi-Spike Attack Desc.
ZR Grabbing Desc.
ZR, A Grabbing Desc.
ZR, X Grabbing Desc.
ZR, Y Grabbing Desc.
ZR, B Grabbing Desc.
ZL Transformation Time Desc.
L Shielding Desc.
B Special Moves Desc.
B ←→ Special Moves Desc.
B ↑ Special Moves Desc.
B ↓ Special Moves Desc.
B Shadow Sin Snowy teleports her opponent to a dark dimension where she summons three ghosts to attack her enemy. Followed up with a Giant one that shoots out a massive laser to her opponents, returning both her and the opponent to the arena.


  • Win Pose:
  • Entrances:
  • Taunt

Alternate CostumesEdit