Scrooge The Musical (スクルージザ·ミュージカル, Sukurūjiza· myūjikaru, Scrooge 2014) is a 2014 American Movie directed by BHS. It is the 1st Movie to be live-action. The Movie was Released on DVD on December, 25th, 2014. The Movie Features Logan Wagner as Scrooge, alongside Daniel Bartleman as Tom Jekins, Kole Buchleto as Mr. Fegiwig and Baxter Ewers as The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. It was shown on a Live Show in a Theatre at a High School.


The Movie was announced on September 19th 2014 as a Theatre Live Performance. It features 80 Cast Members with 15 Total Children playing in. It played on December 11th through the 14th. The Movie had recieve alot of positive reviews and 8/10 Golden Stars.


The Film's official setting was based in 1843 on a Small town of Christmas Eve with locations of Scrooge's House, Scrooge and Marleys, and other related locations of Scrooge.


It starts off as the Crachet family is signing "Solid Night" as a crowd fills up the roles singing "Sing a long of Christmas and Cheer", after the song, 10 or 11 Kids are at Scrooge and Marley's Front
Baxter in Scrooge The Musical

Baxter Ewers (On the Left) portrays The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come

door, as Scrooge (Played as Logan Wagner) comes along and yells at Crachet in a door and tells the kids that he hates Christmas as he gets in, he scared the kids after that as his Step-Son steps in. After that scene is over, The crachets are at a toy shop who which Tiny Tim was confused which toy he wanted. After they sing, Scrooge comes back in and is furious with his people, Tom Jennekins begins to appear with a crowd singing "Father Christmas" which Scrooge scares them off. Next thing after a few scenes, Scrooge sings "I Hate People". Later that night Scrooge is in his room getting in bed as his long-time partner Jacob Marley (Played by Jon Tardy) who informs scrooge that he has minium of time and is ready to be visited by 3 Spirits (Emily as The Ghost of Christmas Past, Matthew as The Ghost of Christmas Present and Baxter as The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come).


Cast comming soon.


  • Sing a Song of Christmas and Cheer
  • Christmas Children
  • Father Christmas V.1
  • I Hate People
  • December The 25th
  • I Like Life V.1
  • Tiny Tim Song
  • Thank you Very Much V.1
  • I Like Life V.2
  • Thank You Very Much and Sing a Song of Christmas and Cheer V.2


  • Baxter Ewers is the only cast member out of the Desi Series to play in this movie.