WARNING! THIS RP IS FOR AGE 18 AND UP!

Another RP daily this time with Robert Marrett, with all the Five Nights at Freddys and Sonic RP's are related. Starting off will have to be newers due to the fact the older ones are forever to make from facebook.

April 8th 2015 "Chibi Baxter"Edit

Baxter picks up a freddy plush as he says to his friend Robert "yes! it's gonna be adorable, mangle looks adorable same to toy chica" he nuzzles the freddy plush, freddy plushie responds by saying "Hur, hur~", The Bonnie Plush appears next to him being cute, He soon looks at the freddy plushie asking it "ya know were toy chica is at cutie I gotta show her something cute". Baxter demistrates of what he'll look like for her, He transforms into his "Chibi" Form and says in a cute and hyper tone "this is what imam show her!".


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