The Full RP's

December 25th 2014 "Christmas After"Edit

The RP Starts when Baxter is with Apollo, Hermes and Desi (Riolu). Baxter is talking about his christmas trip with Hermes to deliver presents around, Apollo gets confused why he putted a red nose on Hermes, baxter responded that he was Rudolph and he needed to see better, after that Baxter says all of his friends except 1 was on the Nice List, Apollo guesses it was Must herself, he called her a "Yellow Fox with Red Hair out of her big ears". Baxter said yes thats her, Riolu notices this and says that Must is very angry, meanwhile baxter puts on the Golden Freddy Mask on so he can be in Disguise, Baxter then says if Must spots him (Riolu) she will get him, so baxter gave Riolu a Bonnie Mask to put on, by the time Baxter had walked off, He encounters Must very VERY PISSED Off, Baxter tries to talk in Freddy Fazbear voice, however out of nowhere King Ninja Shadow Kicked the Mask off, Must spots baxter and baxter begins to run from the angry Delphox, Z then sees him running into her room, Baxter hides in the room, next thing he knows is his friend Charizard in Mega Evolution X form, Baxter asks why is she Black and Blue and Charizard responds with "Im in Mega Evoultion form man", With that Must then runs in Z's Room Angry as Baxter is hiding, Charizard scares Must off while Must is Laughing, Charizard goes to her friend and asks if he was okay, he responded yes and says "I'm safe for now", Charizard responds with "mmm or are u", Baxter gets confused because of Charizard's Look, however Charizard said that Must never gives up and has other plans to him. Z comes in and asks the two "hey I saw must ran off", Baxter was explaining she had more plans but just before he could finish off, He encounters King Ninja upside down on the Ceiling, Baxter gets jealous and says "How can he do that?!", King responds with "Im Ninja man", with this said Baxter made a joke about his Webfeet, after the Joke, King Ninja does the shadow kick to baxter, Baxter gets Angry and tries to punch him but Queen Ninja and Charizard hold him back, Baxter is furious at this state and calls him a "Ninja Frog", just before he could say it again, Queen Ninja suddenly Shrinks him down to size, King and Queen begin to grin down at him as Baxter starts to run from them, The RP ends that night when King Ninja tries to step on him but is failing. The RP ended when Baxter Ewers on Facebook was tired and went to bed at 12:41 AM.

December 26th 2014 "Zorua watch"Edit

The RP Starts off as Baxter is running from Dialga trying to get away from him, after a moment Palkia came out of nowhere and took down Baxter in a non-payful look, he said that he needs to watch Zorua while Zoroark, himself and he has now requested Dialga to come as well, Baxter accepts this and asks what movie they are watching, Palkia responds with "idk really so here" after that Palkia gives Zorua to baxter and says "um...sure thanks! You guys have fun!", Palkia and Dialga fly off as Zoroark is with them, meanwhile Baxter asks Zorua about his main game when he watches them saying "Hey Zorua do you know the game called Dog?", Zorua responded of no and wanted to know how to play the game, Baxter explains how it works as he puts on a Dog Collar around his neck and a leach on it, Baxter then walks around out of the house and to the park for 1 hour of walking then back to the house. Baxter celebrates his good job being a "Good Boy" as a reward Baxter gives him a Dog bone, and then he asks about what his mother was seeing, He said Big Hero 6, Baxter said he saw the film too but explains why he couldn't go to see it, Zorua then says if it's the movie with the doll in it (Annabelle). Baxter is shocked right at this point that he was afraid of the movie and tells Zorua to never watch Annabelle, Kawaii and Riolu appear right at this point with Kawaii saying "whos watching annabelle?!", Baxter says no one is, then Kawaii responded with okay, Zorua then says that he got a Bone, also Riolu then says that "mama why baxter useing zoura as dog?". Kawaii gets mad right at this point and says to stop the game it's too dangerous to play, Baxter says no at first but when he was ready to refuse again, Kawaii soons charges up the move "Power-Up Punch" and tells him to stop the game or get punched, Baxter stops the game making Zorua the only one who wins the game (Other than Zoroark and Dialga). Zorua then says "Game Over", now Baxstar and Mewfour appear with them and says that where did the others go, Kawaii says "they told me big hero 6", Mewfour then says that Zorua had seen Big Hero 6, Baxstar also says she seen it as well, meanwhile Kawaii says that she was washing Lugiatwo's Clothes, Everyone is mostly confused right at this point saying that they didn't even know Lugiatwo does wear clothes (She only wears a bra to cover up her chest). Kawaii then explains she is to wear an outfit here soon but not right at this point she also said an example of Mewfour's T-Shirt and Braclets, Baxstar then says that she loved how the style of her pokemon was, She also encounters Baxter staring at Mewfour's body, She says to stop doing that, Riolu tries to get his attention, however at that point Zorua says he is hungry, Baxter looks at him and asks what does he want to eat, Zorua does not know at this point, however baxter then goes to the fridge to take out Cookies for him, Zorua gets in excitement and runs to grab the cookies and begins to eat them, Baxter accidenly looks at Mewfour again this time Baxstar slaps him followed up by a Strong Kick to the stomache from Mewfour, Baxter holds his stomache so he can recover that way (weird right?), anyways Baxstar then encounters Zoroark, Palkia and Dialga comming home from the movie. The RP Ends when Desi had to go but is said to return shortly.

December 29th 2014 "The Embarrassing moment of Internet"Edit

The RP Starts off with King Ninja fighting baxter which baxter gets knocked back into a wall, fully hurt at the moment, Riolu is watching this and asks him if he started it, Baxter said "No he wanted to fight me", as he was trying to get up, King Ninja dropkicked him through a window which baxter fell 2 stories off the house on the ground, Baxter suffers an Concussion at this moment, as of the sudden he tries to get up however out of nowhere Queen Ninja does the Secret Ninja Attack Final Smash on Him and this is where baxter is fully hurt, he had a rough time getting back up alot but made it back in the house safely, Baxter then pulls out a white flag and waves it around saying that "Ninja Frog" has won, King Celebrates his win however Kawaii shows up behind him and is freaked out saying "oh god king ninja?! What did u do!", Baxter then tries to explain but only says "Gave me an Concussion", King tries to get away with it but was caught, meanwhile Baxter goes to his room to rest while recovering, Kawaii then forces King Ninja to clean up alot of things for his Punishment, Few Hours later Baxter wakes up feeling better after a brutal fight against King Ninja, Baxter walks out of his room feeling fresh but he has encountered Lugiatwo but went ahead and messed on King Ninja, saying "Hey Ninja Frog" as he then breaks a glass on the floor "more cleaning haha", King gets very Furious at this point saying "do u really want start that?!", After this Baxter runs away from him scared, Kawaii tells him to get back to work and asks Lugiatwo to keep a close eye on baxter to make sure he does not cause more trouble, Meanwhile baxter walking around encounter's Palkia's Cookies. Baxter then says "hey cookies!" as he takes one and he atemps to try to eat one, but he was stopped by Lugiatwo herself, Baxter gets jumped after that and puts the cookie back and turns at Lugiatwo afraid, Lugiatwo then threatens him to tell on Kawaii about eating someone elses Cookies, Baxter now runs from her but he got easily catched after Lugiatwo flew at him and grabbed him by her huge wings. Baxter tells her that he got afraid, Lugiatwo grins at him at this point and now says "maybe I sure dress u up as girl and post on MySpace" as she is laughing, Baxter then encounters MewFour and Zoroark ready for the dress to put on him as they stand there with it, If baxter does run from her then he would likely get the dress on if he were to pass through Mewfour and Zoroark. Baxter gets more scared and says "Didnt know she had myspace!" Lugiatwo laughs more at her prey that she dosent have a Myspace but she makes one to post it. Zoroark is ready to put the dress on Baxter which he tries to run but Lugiatwo blocks his way preventing him to run, Baxter then tries to under her but her tail blocks then he is put over the Shoulder of Mewfour  as they go to Lugiatwo's room, Baxter pulls on the wall as Mewfour pulls him in and locks the door. They put baxter in the dress. After a few hours, Zoroark jokesesly says "ready for ur date hahaha", Baxter freaks out in this point and thinks Must was here too however she wasn't there it was only Baxter, Mewfour, Zoroark and Lugiatwo. Baxter struggles many times to get out of the Dress they put on but Zoroark wasn't 50% done as she was posting the photo on Facebook, Baxter gets scared at this point and starts to freak out again about his family and friends in there home will "Humiliate" the 15 year old himself, He also breathley mentions about Reshiram, Lugiatwo calls it a "He" however baxter though it was a She. Baxter finally gets the dress off after Lugiatwo says unzip the back but the door was locked so Baxter couldn't get out. This RP will continue later, Desi had to brb for the night but we will continue with baxter in the bathroom taking a shower to calm down.

December 30th 2014 "Must's cooking part 1"Edit

The RP starts off with Palkia being angry at Baxter (Palkia was later revealved as a Girl), who Stared at her Butt last night in Smash Bros. and Riolu suggests Baxter to run, as he did, Palkia begins to chase him around, until Dialga trips over Baxter. he turns around while on the ground looking at palkia, calling her a "Reptile". Next thing Palkia uses her Signature Move "Spacial Rend" to turn things upside down which Baxter fell and hit the Ceiling. Next thing Palkia begins to toy on baxter by throwing him around the house. Palkia then does a Ninja Throw at Baxter which makes him fall out of the Window again for the 2nd time this week. Baxter runs behind the house and runs inside to hide, but Palkia then says "hehe give up", next thing Baxter runs behind from her, he keeps running and thinks he had lost her, Riolu comes and asks Baxter how was it, he responds with "Riolu i think i lost her good". However Riolu says she is done with him for the day. Baxter is safe for now, Baxter then walks away, Kawaii appears and notices that Riolu said "Mama u think baxter know must is right there", All of the sudden Must was there and Baxter started to run from her. Oh and must does actually chase him like always this time. Baxter now responds with "Go Away! AHH!!!!" as he keeps running and he is completely scared of her all the time. Must finally grabbed him on the shirt collar from behind, baxter endangered looks at her in fear. Baxter turns to see Must grinning at him, baxter says "What are ya gonna do to me!". Suddenly Must pulls out a Cook Book on him, baxter now scared he is gonna get cooked on the menu from her. Must pulls him in as Baxter is screaming for help, Must got him in her room and locks the door, next Baxter shrunk down by Must so she can try to cook him up for lunch. He looks at must and runs from her shrunken. Must Grabs him and puts him in a pot, Baxter is doomed at this point since he cannot climb out of metal cylinders, he can slip. So now Must is begining to Cook up her meal with her prey in it, Baxter starts to panic at his moment, so he gets out his cellphone and tries to call Z for help. Z picks up and baxter is trying to get her to save him. RP will continue later soon desi gets back

January 1st 2015 "Must's cooking part 2"Edit

The RP Starts off as Baxter is drawing a picture while Z is sitting on a Passed out Must, after being saved from getting cooked, Baxter had finished the drawing its a drawing of Baxstar hugging her Xerneas named "Hermes". as Baxter hugs Z before he walks out, Baxstar was teaching Queen Ninja how to do her Special Ability. Z loves the pic as Riolu says "baxter U got taller", Baxter looks at Riolu and says "huh? um...Riolu im only 5'10", Baxstar tells Riolu that she is telling how to do her Special Ability, to Queen Ninja to grow huge. Riolu then knows it now as Baxstar tells Queen to show it, Baxter then shows her a pic of his drawing of Hermes and her, She takes it and loves the pic as she said to go find Hermes (Hermes is in the giant form taught of Baxstar btw!). Z asks Baxstar why does Hermes need him, Baxstar also asks her why is Must knocked out, Z explains that she is sitting on her, Baxter is looking for Hermes as he spots his Footprint which is gigantic. Baxter gets Riolu to follow with him. Baxstar starts to pet Palkia telling her shes a good girl, next thing Baxter and Riolu encounter is Hermes' Hoove comming down as Baxter steps back to look up at Hermes who is giant. Baxstar gets back petting Palkia as she tells Queen Ninja to try it out now. Baxstar looks at Palkia and asks her whats wrong?, Palkia says she is fine as baxter was afraid he stepped on a stick waking up Hermes alittle bit as Baxter hides behind a tree from Hermes. Kawaii appears and says that Hermes is big and asks Baxstar did she do it, Baxstar says she taught him how to do it. Hermes gets up and says "okey I feel like I'm being watch", Baxter steps on another stick and this time runs to hide behind Kawaii, Kawaii pushes him off as Hermes looks at Baxter who is feared, Baxstar tells baxter that "wanted to show him that your giant", Baxter gets alittle scared as he tells Baxstar hes scaring him like that, Hermes tells him he just got bigger as Riolu says he got taller, Baxstar then tells him to turn around. Baxter turns at the Pink Giantess Greninja as she jumps at him, Queen Ninja got him good now. Riolu says that to never get in Queen Ninja's way, Queen now throws him and wants to fight him, Baxter says shes too big to fight as he runs from Queen Ninja to hide in the house. Z then knows that Must is back up again as Baxter goes to his room to hide, Must was actually behind the door, next thing Queen looks through Baxter's room in his window as Baxter noticed, Next thing he knows is Must grabbed him from behind. Must tells him in her Delphox language that He's hers now, Baxter now afraid knows Must got stronger. Thanks to the Strong berry Must ate, Baxter now is having trouble escaping her. Must now is pulling him in her room. Must shrinks him again and picks him up with a grin as Baxter is shaking in fear. Must puts him in a jar to keep as she is grinning and smiling down at him, Baxter is more scared now. Must taps on the jar as baxter yelps back in the jar. Must smiles more at baxter, now baxter is helpless enough that he cant fight out. Baxter now fully scared almost has passed out in there. Suddenly Must puts him under the bed in a jar as Baxter asks "uhh...okay im under the bed! im gonna be stuck in here?!". Queen Ninja walks in Must's room saying "damn it I lost him", Queen Ninja asks Must if he has seen Baxter, Must in her Delphox language saying No, Queen is furious at this point and says "no damn it". Baxter now trying to get out fails and thinks Must is gonna keep him as a pet, next thing he encounters his friend Charizard. Charizard then asks Must if she seen baxter as Baxter is trying to get her attention. Must then does her language again saying "i don't know". Baxter screams out her name again, Charizard makes sure and asks must "mmmm u sure", Next thing Must gives her a berry as Baxter tries to tell her to dont eat it but baxter couldn't be heard. Anyways Must gives a berry to Charizard as Charizard looks at it. Baxter watches as Charizard walks off with it, Baxter founds a paperclip and uses it to get out and successfully does. Must stands up reading a book as Baxter runs under her dress and out to the door to escape. Riolu is playing games as Baxter turns back to his normal size as he walks away smiling. Riolu asks baxter were has he been as baxter says that must trapped him in his room. Baxter also says Queen Ninja wants to still kick his butt, Riolu with a sweatdrop says "again", as baxter says yea. Riolu then tells him nice and easy he will be fine but Baxter responds with "i think i ran fast and she said damn it, did that help or was that a mess up...". Suddenly Must is back for Round 2 as she is behind Baxter as baxter turns and shouts out "SHE NOTICED!" as he now runs again. Must now chases him again as Baxter is still running. Must is angry in this state as Z tells him to come over to her as Baxter runs to Z. next thing Baxter hides behind Z. Next thing he goes in her room. Baxter then notices Charizard ready to eat the berry however baxter slaps it out of her hand. Charizard is confused at this point and says "huh? why?" baxter tells her that it could pass her out. Charizard says thank you to him as baxter says your welcome to sit next to her. Charizard asks him where was he and baxter told her that he was trapped in a jar by must. Riolu brough a pikmin and tell it to kill it with fire as Batista appears and uses Mystical Fire on it. Riolu then says what was that thing as Baxter called it an alien, also Baxter was hugging Charizard in fear of it. Baxter lets go of Charizard. Baxter walks out of the room as he now is tired to go take a nap as he was reaching for his room, Queen Ninja grabbed his arm. The RP will Continue sometime tomorrow, ended tonight because Desi's Ipad was Dieing.

January 10th 2015 "Zoroark gone crazy"Edit

RP starts off as Zoroark has gone crazy, there's not a reason how or what how she really got crazy but anyways, She sees baxter and starts to chase him, Riolu tells kawaii to go find Baxstar with
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Pic for the RP

mewfour as they come out and try to get Zoroark back to normal, while chasing, Baxstar runs up behind Zoroark and puts a "Needle" on her butt to calm her down. Baxstar then says "you got too crazy zoroark", as Baxter says that she almost killed him then Kawaii questions her how she got crazy. Zoroark explains it as one of her friends who is big and uses flamethrower and is in smash, Baxter then asks her if he is a beast. Zoraork then says to him that she beated him up for smacking her butt, baxter then says he had saw him once as Baxstar then tries to explain that he had that feeling to Palkia, however baxter covered her mouth up so she couldn't reveal it to Zoroark. Zoroark then tells him to reveal the name of the pokemon, Baxter says his name is Entei and says that he never met Entei and his 2 buddies (Suicine and Raikou). Zoraork then tells him that she had a tea party with him once, Baxter nods and looks at mewfour. Mewfour then says to him that zororak putted a hole in his pants, she saw his underwear too btw as he ran in his room to grab new pants, however Mewfour comes in and pulls them down, Baxter now says "Oh that is it! if ya like to play that game, Im gonna pull ya shirt off!", as Baxter chases her down, Baxter wrestles her down and takes her shirt off, Mewfour is now angry at this point as she chases him down, she uses her pyschic power to stop him and shrinks him down and takes all of his stuff, Baxter is now scared at this point. Mewfour now throws baxter in her mouth and swallows him down, Baxter is screwed right at this point, Kawaii now has a feeling in her and tells her son Riolu if he wants to play chase. Riolu asks her how does he play, Mewfour sits and watches tv as Baxter is climbing from her belly to her mouth, Kawaii then atemps to eat her son. Mewfour spits him out as Baxter atempts to walk away. Riolu now starts running as Kawaii chases him down. Baxter is still running and hides in Mewfour's bed, Mewfour is looking for him at this point as now Kawaii transforms into her Mega Evolution form to chase down Riolu. Mewfour finally spots him under the blanket, Kawaii is now crazy to Riolu. Baxter keeps trying to dodge however, he messes up on the next atempt and got grabbed, Kawaii now spots his son and runs at him. Mewfour now has him in her hands, Before Kawaii could atemp to grab him, Lugiatwo shot her on the butt to put her asleep. Riolu congratulates Lugiatwo for saving him. Baxstar now appears in her room as she tells Mewfour what to do to him via whispering in her ear. Baxter was looking at her chest. Mewfour then says are u sure to baxstar as Baxstar nods and tells baxter it's a surprise. as Mewfour gives him to Baxstar, Baxstar now tells him to enjoy the ride with a grin, Baxstar then puts baxter in her chest as she walks out.

Few Hours Later

Baxstar Returns home with baxter in her chest, baxstar takes baxter out of her chest and says that she's glad that he didn't go to her pink spot (She hates it there). Kawaii picks up baxter and asks him why is he small with Riolu on her lap. Baxstar got confused and asks who knocked out Mewfour, no one has as Riolu told her. Baxstar then says to baxter "Oh....baxter don't think about doing that setup like you did to Must and Queen Ninja once? remember when King ninja chewed u up and threw you out, Z told me about it..." Riolu nods and knew it too. Baxter then tells them that he's friends with Z. Kawaii now sniffs him and tells him to go take a shower, Baxstar then says that she sweated while jogging outside and giggles abit, Baxter is then ordered to go take a shower. Kawaii then tells riolu that "hehe he'll be fine...unless must walks in on him....Wait a minute!", While baxter was taking a shower, Suddenly he turns around to see Must. Baxter covers his privates and his eyes at the same time. "Eek! taking a shower!" baxter yells out. Baxter steps back in fear. RP ended when Desi's ipad needed charging

January 19th 2015 "Must's Psycho Beat Down"Edit

The RP Starts as Baxter is washing his face after a hard fought win against Team Magma on his game "Pokémon Omega Ruby". Meanwhile Riolu and Baxstar walk in and Riolu asks him "beat who baxter?". Baxter says that "That leader on team magma, he said a legendary pokemon lies await?", Baxstar knows this and tells him to go get him and explains this creature. Baxter isn't brave enough to beat a big dude like him. Baxstar tells him now, later or so to go find him. After baxter walks out, Baxstar's plan is to get Lugiatwo to take him to see Groudon, Riolu nods at this.


Baxter was feeling something on his chest (It was Lugiatwo's Knee) that he was slowly waking up to look up at the bird known as "Lugiatwo". She yells at him saying "WAKE UP SLEEPLY HEAD!!!" as Baxter gets up and stands up quickly at the 19 foot female Yveltal. She told him that she is taking him somewhere, Baxter now confused asks where and she says to see Groudon. Baxter tries to escape at this point however, Lugiatwo quickly grabbed him and putted him on her back. She flies off to groudon's place as Baxter is quickly afraid hiding behind Lugiatwo, Lugiatwo says "no hiding behind me U know u have to face him sooner or later!". Baxter does the stupidest thing as he takes out a Master Ball very early, Lugiatwo tells him "baxter u know u need save that later right", Baxter nods as he puts it away, now Baxter scared walks to the sleeping beast "Groudon". As he gets closer, Lugiatwo quickly calls Baxstar and tells her baxter has found Groudon. Baxter does acouple of punches then kicks him, the kick wakes up Groudon in anger. Before baxter would be destroyed, Lugiatwo says "Uuuh it tacos Tuesday ^^" Yaa that why we wake u up huh baxter", Baxter gets in acting mode as well as Groudon easily falls for it by wanting a lot of Tacos (man he loves tacos for real). After eating all Tacos, Lugiatwo holds up a flag as Baxter out of nowhere throws a master ball at groudon, capturing him and becoming a new member of team baxter, his official nickname is "Charlock". As they celebrated, Lugiatwo had an idea to see if Charlock can beat up must. Baxter nods as he gets on Lugiatwo's back as they fly back home. When they got home, Must was reading a book and this was baxter's chance to win against must. Charlock later returns out as baxter explains what he needs to do, Charlock agrees as he walks to must saying "yes u called? Oh huh? hey! she look weak hey u lets fight!*. Must gets furious at this point and says in her Delphox language "who u calling weak!". Charlock keeps teasing her about her height being so small, next thing Must gets very mad and starts to beat up Charlock by taking him down then doing Mario's famous spin from Super Mario 64. Lugiatwo mentions of Mario btw! after a few spins, She threw him at baxter and Lugiatwo's direction as baxter got out his master ball and returns him, Must now very angry sees a helpless baxter running for his life. Must chases him again and tackles him hard. Baxter is scared and hurt at this point as Must screams at him in her Delphox language "UR grounded!!!".

-Hour Later-

Baxter is still grounded with his whole body underground with his face only out as Lugiatwo walks to him, baxter thought he was gonna be thrown in his room by must. however must putted him in the ground. Baxter atemps to get out, must yells at him to stay in her delphox language. Lugiatwo knows that must is watching her and baxter. Baxter then says "shes alot like my mom in my opinion", Lugiatwo knows this and says having 2 moms is a damn. Must falls asleep as baxter escapes again. With payback, Baxter takes off her clothes and gets away with it, Lugiatwo follows him back in the house. With his baxter says that people will laugh at her (She's only in her bra and panties). Lugiatwo tells him that shes gonna get him too, Lugiatwo yells at him to "GO PUT STUFF BACK ON". The RP Ended with Desi's ipad dieing and needed to be charging


However! it didn't end there, Desi returned later to Rp again. The RP resumes with Baxter coming back after putting must's clothes back on as a Lugiatwo request. Must surprisingly angry yelps at Baxter as Zoroark is laughing, baxter starts to run in fear from her trying to apologize to her that it was just a prank. Riolu says "mama baxter got must mad", Kawaii responds with "lugiatwo said something about that son". Baxter keeps telling her to go away while he is running. Must tackles him down again this time its more harder. Mewfour, Baxstar, Kawaii, Riolu, King and Queen Ninja, Z and Charizard all look as Must punches him so hard that Baxter gets knocked out then she walks away. Meanwhile Riolu and Zorua walk to him to make sure he is fine, few hours later. Baxter wakes up in his bed looking at Riolu and Kawaii, Which baxter gets confused about what happened, Riolu tells him that he got his butt kicked. Kawaii also says "also king & queen saw this too and i did stop them from laughing at u", Riolu says "yep but they wouldn't mess with YA". Baxter suddenly gets up fine thanks to Kawaii giving him a 1-up Mushroom. When Baxter walks out he looks to see Zoroark, Zoroark asks him if he likes her new outfit, Baxter nods and wants to know what it is, Zoroark says it was made from must out of his blanket and pants. Baxter then thinks she took all of his pants however Riolu says theres still a lot in his closet. Baxter then is fine at the moment and asks them about where is Charizard and Z. Zoroark says that Must shrank them. Baxter now screwed however, says that he gave Z an Escape rope, as Charizard and Z return to normal size, Charizard now wants her payback, before she could go Kawaii uses the Mega Ring to transform charizard into Mega Charizard X so she went on to find Must to attack her. Z smiles at her friend and says "Thanks". Baxstar comes along with rare candy to give to Z, she asks her if she wants some as Z says "sure" as she takes some. Baxstar says "well? How do they taste? Zoroark loves them a lot" She says as she is moving her arm so Zoroark doesn't get any, She was smelling them btw! Z now feeling abit crazy in her mind as she screams "LVL UP HAHAHAH", Baxter thought Z was going crazy too as she keeps saying "I FEEL THE POWERRRRR". Baxstar and Baxter are abit confused and scared at this point however Z suddenly burps which she now leveled up. Charizard suddenly gets knocked back into a wall by Must, baxter runs to charizard to make sure she is fine as he looks at Must in an angry tone saying in her Delphox Language "I'm 100 Remember". Baxter suddenly uses his strength to pick up Charizard still in her Mega Form and carries her on his back. Baxter makes it to Z's room as he lays her down on her bed and says "there u go big girl everything's gonna be fi- OH GOD" just before he can finish must appears infront of the room. Z now afraid, Must now on a Psychonamous beating walks over to Baxter closer she gets, before baxter would be ended or beaten down to death, Riolu suddenly helps along kawaii by shooting her back to put her asleep. Baxter told them to take must to her room while he tells Z to stay. baxter then now walks to charizard and begins to rub her all around her body to make sure she is fine. Surprisenly, Charizard is...100% Fine as she stands up, Baxter is only up to her shoulder (Despite his 5'10 height, Mega Charizard X in this RP is about like 6'4). She tells him that Must hits very hard. Baxter says "I know we got her ko'd um....rare candy?" as he gives her out a rare candy, Charizard turns back in her normal self. Charizard eats the candy as she levels up to feel better, Baxter sits next to her and pets charizard's head, Charizard had an idea as she (Must) is weaken by Water type moves, however King Ninja isn't able to fight her right at this point. Baxter does actually have a water type which is his Lapras named Danul, however Must is unable to fight due to her being put asleep. The RP Officially ends that night with Desi's Ipad dieing and needed to go charging.

January 26th 2015 "The Shrink Game"Edit

(Before I could show the RP, sorry I couldn't write it yesterday because I was tired, but im writing it today and also it's my birthday :D so enjoy! :D)

The RP Starts off with Baxstar slapping baxter to try to wake him up for something, Riolu on the other hand helps her out as he throws a bucket of water at him waking up the 15 year old (im 16 now today), he wakes up saying "huh?! yes! someone called?!", Riolu tells him that baxstar wants him as he looks at her. Baxstar says "do ya wanna see something? Me and zoroark been talking about something very interesting!", Baxter says "Really? What?", Baxstar replies with "Come with me! U can come with ya like riolu", She says if Riolu wanted to come, Riolu follows him and her to Baxstar's room which it is dark with a chair, Baxstar calls out for Zoroark saying "Zoroark hes here! Hey mind if u sit on that chair right there!" as Baxter goes to sit on the chair. Zoroark appears out of darkness saying "ahh good". Baxter looks around while saying " why am i here? am i getting a kick to a head or a fury swipe or something?", Baxstar laughs and says in a cute tone "No silly! Me & zoroark came up with this one!", Zoraork nods and says "heheh yes yes". Baxter now abit worried thinks he may shrink or not, Baxstar knows this and says "ok its called" she pulls out a shrink ray "HAHA! Knew ya felt for that! >:D we want u to survive 1 day of being small if ya succeed we got a treat for ya if ya lose, ya get nothing night night!" She says as she zapped Baxter thus shrinking him and knocking him out cold.

-Next Day-

Baxter wakes up in bed small afraid, he knows this is a game and needs to survive to get a treat from Baxstar before he will fail. Zoroark laughs while talking with Baxstar with her saying "u think baxter going to make it", Baxstar laughs at this and says "nope we told everyone except his allies to know about it and they accepted it!" (The Only ones that were found playing is Riolu and Palkia). Zoroark says "this is going to be fun!" while she is laughing, Baxstar tells her that Must is an underdog finding baxter and knows where he is, So Zoroark and Baxstar go out to find him. Meanwhile Baxter slides off his bed and starts to walk pretty fast to the door, when he made it out of his room suddenly Riolu grabbed him and looked at him saying "ooo what this?" while he is looking at him, Baxter now struggling to get out saying "Whoa Whoa Whoa! I just started?!", Riolu now surprised to see what he was holding saying "it talk!" while his tail is wagging pretty fast. Baxter struggling out trying to squirm while Riolu is thinking while saying "wait what did Zoroark say if I see walking and talking toy?" while riolu was thinking, Baxter finally squirms out running from Riolu. Baxter now running encounters palkia, Palkia was on the phone saying "and I said that" Palkia almost stepped on baxter which baxter avoided and accidently went on the wrong spot, the couch! DUN DUN DUUUUUN!!!!!. So Baxter is on the couch as he notices Palkia coming down and then she sits on him while talking on the phone saying "mmm Yaa that can be problems hey I call u back I have to find something zoroark told me mmmm well I win something cool if I find it", baxter is now trapped underneath her butt screaming "Help" but nobody could hear her. "oh hold on baxstar calling" Palkia picks up the phone "yo so what do I win if I find baxter again", Baxstar explains details how to win the game. Baxter moves all around under her, Palkia feels this and says "alright oh hold on" as Palkia moves her butt out of baxter and grabs him saying "ha I found him", Baxstar told her to hurry up and make it there first, Palkia says "cool" as she hung up and walked while having baxter in her grasp saying "baxter what were u doing on my butt?", baxter yelped at her saying "ya sat on me", Palkia makes it to baxstars room with baxstar in there running to palkia telling her she wins and laughs at baxter for losing as she went to give palkia a hyptonizer so she can hyptonize anyone, she used it on herself and baxstar explained it, she turned baxter back to normal, she prevented baxter to go saying "well try it out hey hey! Where u going bax! Stay here or imma call ur worst nightmare", Baxter stays next to palkia (he's only up to her calves). Baxstar told baxter he can go relax now as Baxter leaves the room, as he undresses to go in his Swimsuit to swim.

-30 minutes later-

Baxter gets out of swimming to go dry off, Palkia came out of nowhere and hyptonized baxter to her with Zoroark and Baxstar, Zoroark tries to tell her to don't do it to anyone else, however Zoroark gets hyptonized for only a sec, Baxstar isn't effected by it. However Baxter is only effected to it as he walks to palkia, Palkia commands him to Kiss Kawaii, Zoroark gets out a camera so she can film him, Baxter nods as he walks to find Kawaii who was in the kitchen doing her job, Kawaii sees baxter and says "oh hey bax-" before she could finish baxter suddenly kisses her on the lips, Kawaii screaming while being kissed gets Palkia, Zoroark and Baxstar laughing at him, Riolu looks and gets scared to see baxter kissing kawaii. Kawaii gets very angry that she turned into her Mega Evolution form saying "WHY YOU LITTLE" as she tackles down baxter and begins to strangle him hard, Baxter almost got choked out from it. After that baxter stood up back to normal looking and says "what happened?", Palkia told him that he kissed a Pokémon, Baxter tries to run away however surprisingly Dialga grabbed him and threw him back to the spot where he came at, Dialga says "I got u now" while he is grinning hard at him. Dialga asks him "why did u kiss kawaii?" as he glared at him with Palkia chuckling, Baxter couldn't tell it because palkia may kill him so he told a lie, so instead of palkia did it he says that Kawaii is hot. Dialga and Palkia are shocked at this, he tries to run but the blue giant blocks his way and tells him to tell kawaii shes hot with Palkia saying "yaaa" while grinning at him, Baxter doesn't want to as Palkia tries to hyptonize him again, however baxter covers his eyes and starts to run. The RP Ended with Desi's Ipad dieing and also look at this :) it's the official Five Night's at Freddy's 3 Trailer! [1]

January 27th 2015 "B-Day"Edit

Desi told me happy birthday and couldn't rp due to being sick, just wanted to post it here is all :)

February 8th, 2015 "whatever goes, does go"Edit

The RP Starts off as Baxstar is angry at baxter who failed to beat the game "Slender", which Riolu and Lugiatwo were wodnering what's going on as Baxstar starts to run at him and slapping him rapidally, after this Baxstar explained to Riolu and Lugiatwo that it was just a video after all, baxter stoods up as he fixes his shorts (Yes, hes wearing shorts in this RP XD) he also knew that Lugiatwo was looking at him, Baxter says "what are you looking at birdy?", Suddenly Lugiatwo looks at him and says with a grin Heheh well" as she grabs him and flies up "let go for little swim haha and also that guy", as The Lion guy looks and wanted to smash lugiatwo. Next thing Lugiatwo brings him to a stage were Batman, Homer, Eggman appear to fight him. Baxter then starts off in a fight with them.

-Few Minutes later-

Lugiatwo says "WHOOOOOOOOA only homer and baxter left" as Homer Simpson starts to charge at him, Next thing baxter sidesteps out of the way. Suddenly the funniest thing ever was Homer fell off the stage thus making Baxter the winner, Lugiatwo and Riolu watches as Baxter jumps off back on the ground safely and says "i win bird", as he was walking away however he turns and sees Lugiatwo flying up and says to him "hey remember that move I turn people to stone what was it call again", Baxter knew what was next and says " your not talking about Oblivion wing!", Lugiatwo smiles and grins at him as she shoots out Oblivion Wing at him, Baxter starts to run from lugiatwo from the move so he wouldn't be turned into Stone. Baxter moves out of the way of the Oblivion Wing as he starts to panick while running, so he hided behind a tree, Lugiatwo starts to look for him around. She flies off, baxter checks to make sure that he is safe so he comes out of his hiding spot wondering to make sure he is fine. The Lion Guy starts to spin dash to him as baxter grabs him and kicks him like a kickball. baxter yells at him "Go now! im about to become a stone?!". Lion Guy told him as she's gone and points his sword at him, Suddenly baxter points at what it is to be Must! right behind Lion Guy. Must grabs him and throws him out of the way. Baxter looks at the Lion Guy is thrown away as he looks at must. Must grins at him and had something in her hand as baxter looked in fear. Must gets out a Human Poke ball as she threw at baxter, Baxter gets out of the way and starts to run from her. Must picks it back up and chases baxter down, Baxter runs back inside as he is struggling to find a place to hide as he runs into his room and in his closet as he covers himself up with his clothes. Must kicks the door open and starts to look for him. She looks in the closet as baxter took alittle peek of her from his pile of clothes to see her. Must spotted him and atemps to catch him in a pokeball, however baxter caught it with his hand and stood back up. Must seemed impressive at this point as Riolu and Kawaii appear, Baxter does the stupidist thing ever, he runs and crawls under must and back out of her dress there was Lugiatwo infront of him, Baxter says in a frightening tone " hard feelings hehe". Lugiatwo grabs him as baxter is struggling right now. Lugiatwo knows must was coming after baxter as she flies away from her. Lugiatwo tells him "to kawaii she want word with U but first AHHH" as she knows Must is chasing her. Must grabs his leg as baxter tries to hang onto Lugiatwo's tail. Riolu out of nowhere sends must flying with a Aura sphere, as Kawaii comes by and walks to baxter with a pic of him doing that thing he did to Must and Queen Ninja when he was small. Baxter told a lie and said "no". Suddenly Lugiatwo says "wait U sure u told U where going to do it" as Kawaii nods yes and says "ya, we will" as palkia and queen ninja appear beside her "girls lets make him have fun! i bet lying can't save u now". as Kawaii tries to force him to tell the truth, Baxter lies again as Kawaii grabbed his leg as he fell over then she gets back up. Palkia says "is it fun time Now I been boxing". Baxter says "Oh god! palkia your too big!". Palkia puts on some boxing gloves as he tries to run but Lugiatwo grabbed a hold of him. The RP may continue later if possible

February 9th, 2015 "Rampage of Lugiatwo"/"Must goes crazy again"Edit

(before i write this RP is still from last night but im putting it here due to the fact were gonna continue today)

The RP continues, as Baxter is officially worried the fact he took Lugiatwo to watch there movie Pokemon_the_Movie: Diancie_and_the_Cocoon_of_Destruction in there living room, and Baxter is hiding from her in his bed saying "cant believe i took her to see the diancie movie!", Suddenly she came in from his door in his room looking all crazy and gives him the look at him saying " why were YA talking about me" as Baxter comes out in fear looking at her and says "b-bec-because uh...."he stares down on her chest "well....ya startled me?!, This was a lie, he was talking about how she can be all pretty with boys, oh sorry! i have no idea? anyways continue!. Lugiatwo suddenly targets him and shoots out Oblivion Wing, he ducks down in fear. Next thing he tries to run but Lugiatwo blocks his escape and grabbed him and threw him out of a window, Baxter was ready to fall hurt however out of nowhere, Mewfour grabbed him by the leg? and i think she turned him over to his chest. Baxter looks to see that he was saved by a Female Mewtwo and she asks him "U alright man?" as Baxter nods and says "y-yea im fine! lugiatwos crazy!", Mewfour told him that "well it that time of week". Baxter is confused at this point however Mewfour told him this "she go crazy and must also zoroark", Baxter then pointed out saying Oh no i gotta watch out for them especially her?!" as he pointed at Must, Must randomly passes out. Mewfour knew one way to hide him but he may not have like it, it was him turning into a up here hahaby Kawaii. However out of nowhere Kawaii is Knocked out by Zoroark as Baxter hides behind Mewfour, Zoroark asks Mewfour "WHERE BAXTER!!!!" as Mewfour told her he was at Must, Zoroark felt for this as she broke out of a window to find him. Baxter chuckled at this and said "Ha! She fell out! Kinda still mad at her for those holes in my clothes!", Kawaii suddenly awakens and stands up to see Mewfour and Baxter. She says "they gone crazy! here take this & shoot it to lugiatwo, u know zoroarks weakness right?", She actually gave him a Gun with Needles in it to pass out someone, So anyways Baxter nods and remembers from the 9ft Delphox. Mewfour wonders about Must as Kawaii runs to her and knew she was passed out, Baxter looks at her then suddenly Zoroark tackles him down and looks at him with an evil smile, Baxter grabs her ear and pets the back of her ear, thus knocking her out. Baxter gets away from her and steps back as he turns to look for Lugiatwo with the gun loaded of Shots. he says "ok one more were is she! Birdy!". Suddenly he hears a voice saying "up here haha" as he looks up and there she was, Lugiatwo as baxter now tries to shoot her with the shot to pass her out, She flies away from it however she was shot on the butt, thus making her fall on the ground asleep. Next thing baxter does is to pick up Must (she later faked being passed out) over his shoulders as he is walking to her room to put her asleep, as he got in there, She suddenly woke up saying "DELPHOX!" as Baxter puts her down and looks at her in fear as she is grinning at him.


(It was confirmed that it'll continue)

The RP continued later with Baxstar, Lugiatwo, Baxter and Riolu watching Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction where the scene on there was were Lugiatwo used Oblivion wing on Must. Baxstar and Baxter both went "Oooooohhh!!!!!" as Lugiatwo says "AHHH that was good day haha", as Riolu said that he has a copy of the ending of the movie. Must appears with them as baxter hides by sitting back from his couch near baxstar angrily must looked as baxstar says to her "Must! dude! ya did good in the film" as Must growls and says "delphox grrr" as Must looks angry, Lugiatwo told her to don't be mad. Baxstar also points out "ya! baxter almost screwed up though, he had a rough time with his lines!" as Baxter showed himself saying "its too freakin hard?!". Lugiatwo tells him "well acting is hard". Must still angrily nods at this, Baxter says "y-ya bird she literally killed me!", Baxstar chuckles and says "oh please! like she can do it to u! come on she's 19 feet tall! She can get u!", Lugiatwo looks at both of them confused like ".3.". Baxter also asks her "Uh...ya on second thought! Wheres hermes?!", Baxstar tells him hes being a tree (It's that tree what Xerneas turned into btw!!). Lugiatwo says "yaaa tree huger he is". Suddenly Must snaps as baxstar saw it coming as she is keeping must away from him. must screaming "DELPHOX" in her language shes actually saying "COME HERE". Baxter stands up and is frightened and says "stay back u delphox!". Must still yelping her language at him as Baxstar lost her grip to her as Must tackles down baxter very hard. Baxter is pinned by Must at this time, Suddenly Must picks him up by the shirt, Baxter very frightened says "what are u thinking?!", Must suddenly turns him into a Pikachu. Baxter now very frightened yelps at must to turn him back to his human self as Baxstar and Lugiatwo look at him. Baxter says next "No no no its me baxter!" next thing is Lugiatwo picks him up looking at him saying "U so kawaiiiii" with tears coming out of lugiatwo's eyes as she looks at kawaii and tells her that she found a cute Pikachu, Baxter yelping a lot as Lugiatwo says "oh shhh now I name U Max". The RP didn't end so Desi had to charge up his Ipad

Continue 2Edit

(This one actually picked up the one from here)

Baxter still struggling to be back to human now says "Im not Pikachu!!! Im baxter!!" he points at must "blame her?!" as Must looks confused saying "delphox", Lugiatwo questions him "oh really try show us u are baxter", which he was showing him his hair and glasses (must made a huge mistake XD). Baxter suddenly turns back to normal, Lugiatwo is shocked at this and says "wait how U do that?", baxter says it wored off on him. Must just chuckles at this as baxter blushes at her and steps back near lugiatwo saying "stay back" as Must begins to walk to him grinning, Lugiatwo then says "need ride to run?" as baxter says "Y-yea" as he climbs up to her back as she begins to fly up and flies away with must getting p-offed more saying "DELPHOX" in her language was "HEY!". Lugiatwo questions baxter saying "U alright man?" as baxter says he is fine, he somehow looked at her gray hair around her neck that puffs up sometimes, Lugiatwo lands near a treehouse and sets baxter off of her back. She says "well she can't fly man" as baxter nods, Suddenly Lugiatwo questions him saying "how did must get so crazy?" as baxter says " idea?!" as he is scratching the back of his head, Lugiatwo just looks at him but baxter responds with a pet to her nose and says " idea at all?". Suddenly a voice was heard in the treehouse for baxter and lugiatwo, as Baxter sees Riolu from the window saying "I saw u guys land near by what YA doing here?!". Baxter told him "Huh? What! Lugiatwo" baxter stops petting her "were are we?". Lugiatwo told him "dude running away from Must" but baxter asks riolu that question again and tells him "no U by my tree house", baxter responds with "Oh uh...okay! hey thats a nice treehouse, lugiatwo is too big to be in though hehe...." (She's 19'00") as baxter climbs up on the tree to Riolu's treehouse while lugiatwo says to him "hey no worry U hide there I go see where must is at" as baxter nods and goes into the treehouse and looks around he actually likes the treehouse Kawaii has made as Riolu told him "thanx mama help made it" as Kawaii is there as well as she asks both of them "yea! were must at? shes suppost to help me out since she broke my mirror?", Riolu gets confused at this as baxter looks and sees that Lugiatwo founded her. Kawaii shows a pic of must breaking her mirror as Lugiatwo shouts at baxter to run, baxter climbs down and runs. The RP Ended there via Desi having to brb


After this, baxter ran back inside and walked to his room to play Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Wii U chatted with his friends that were apart of the Gmod Team to do ideas of them playing games while drunk entitled "11 Drunk Teenagers"

February 22nd, 2015 "He Peeked"Edit

The RP begins as Kawaii runs around wild with Riolu on her back possibly pretending to run while Riou runs. Snowy & Baxstar watch as she is running, She did ask Baxstar were baxter was and she didn't know where he was at. Snowy wonders why Baxstar needs him for, Meanwhile Baxter is shown at the pool alone doing his thing. After that Baxter gets out and dries off but sees "phew... haven't seen anyone around well...those frog ninjas...hey what are they doing" as he looks through the window to see King and Queen. King and Queen Ninja has plans on him to teleport to the monster (Possibly Zoroark in Giratina Form or something like that?). Baxter moves away so they couldn't hear him anyways he runs to dress up in his Black Shirt and Shorts (It's not his new attire its what he can use when he's relaxed). He's comes out of the bathroom and walks around. Riolu shouts "THERE HE IS!" as Baxter raises his hands up and steps back, He atemps to turn and run but King and Queen Ninja suround him. King Ninja grins at him saying "hello baxter hehe", baxter now scared steps back. Queen says "just for you check out something for us", He steps back again. He starts to run as King Ninja notices and chases him down. Baxter still runs however he trips and falls down hurting himself, somehow he just sat there. Queen Ninja grabs him and throws him in the Monster Suit. Step 2 in mind was actually a mess to Must, that's right King and Queen are both gonna force him to get must. Baxter told himself "im gonna get grounded by her". Baxter looks at the 2 frog ninjas and says "hey it be pay back", so off he goes to Must's room to try and scare her. he founds must then all of the suddent King now slaving baxter to get to work as he opens the door he sees must in a bikini and gets back nosebleeding. King Ninja then says "we trying scare her not being peeking Tom", Baxter tries again and tries to scare her but it didn't work then he walks out embarresed. Baxter can't scare her as King ninja wants to know why, next baxter explains why "She's too good for my disguises...she'll know it's me!". He went back again this time trying to scare her for good. Must puts the book down and looks at him and uses flamethrower on him as the costume burns out with baxter being shown. He now couldn't stop staring at must. Must throws him into the Pool and says in her Delphox language "and stay out!". Baxter is back into the pool as he throws off his shirt and wonders if he is alone in the pool. He still had blood coming out of his nose as he wipped it off since he saw must in a bikini. Snowy out of nowhere heard him, Baxter turns and sees Snowy, He is still wiping the blood off of his nose after seeing Must in a bikini. Snowy and Baxstar grin and start to find Lugiatwo and tell her about it and Palkia. When they arrived to Lugiatwo, she was asleep, baxstar now dissapointed but saw Palkia. Baxstar calls for palkia like this "Palkia! Oh Palkia". Palkia yells at baxstar as she says "whoa peace out i just wanted to let you know that" she whispers in her ear "baxter was peeking today, he looked at must in a swimsuit", Baxter tackles down baxstar screaming "NO!!!!!". Baxstar just laughs and says "haha its too late now". Palkia now enraged yells "BAXTERRRRRR", baxter now startled turns around to look at an angry palkia, Palkia then says "U are going get it", baxter makes a run for it again, Palkia easily grabs him and baxter now worried, Palkia now very angry looks at him and says "I'm going to turn U to a mawile and MAKE SURE U STAY LIKE THAT", Baxter now says in fear "Oh no please palkia don't!". Suddenly Palkia turns him into a Mawhile, Baxter now begging for palkia to turn him back to normal. Palkia then says "heheh and U going be like for two whole weeks and notting CANT BREAK IT HAHAHA". Baxter was afraid at this point and had to wait for 2 weeks.

-2 Weeks Later-

Baxter is now hiding from snowy so he couldn't be caught by her with Z. Snowy now grinning and wanting the Mawhile, Baxter turns back to his human self again and comes out to Snowy. Snowy now angry didn't get what she wanted, He walks off but bumped into Palkia and says "I survived". Palkia growls a bit then chuckles, baxter didn't know what the look she was giving at him. Palkia grabs him again and says "NOW IM GOING KONCK U INTO THE SKY". Palkia throws him up and hits him with her tail as baxter is sent flying into must's room as he is hit on the ground, Must freaks out as baxter is coming back up on his feet alittle bit dizzy. Must helps him back up and baxter says "palkia did it". Must now angry looks at Palkia, She tackles down palkia and starts to get into a fight with her, Palkia pulling her hair and Must slaps her. Snowy and Z watch while eating popcorn as baxter has some, Z wonders who will win. Z wanted to know what happened as Baxter tells her "Palkia started to pick on me when i was a Mawile and threw me in Must's room". Suddenly Must knocks out Palkia.

March 2nd, 2015 "Smash Bros. Aftermath"Edit

(Me and Desi were playing smash bros 4 while RP XD so I had this idea)

The RP begins with Baxstar coming in as Riolu and Baxter were ready for the FNAF3 gameplay, she came in confused talking with her two friends however just to let you all know, She was badly beaten up by her opponent "Sonic The Hedgehog" during Mario Galaxy. Baxter asks her why she like that, She replies with "sonic....did it, I wasn't expecting him to come at me", She was also trying to calm down so she doesn't go fully crazy, Next thing she says was "no worries!, he'll soon feel my wrath!" she walks off almost laughing insanely. Baxter then says "whoa...what's her problem?", so he bends to riolu and says "did u know I peeked palkia again while king kept hitting me with those shruikens", Riolu glares at him saying "baxter", baxter then says "What?! blame that shiny ninja frog! anyways I totally beated him twice in a row!", King Ninja out of nowhere says "U only won coz the thing pushed me down", baxter won because he threw a crate at him. King Ninja then says "later boy best 3 out 2", Actually it was 2-1 btw. Baxter looks and says "riiiiight...", King Ninja responds with "fear to lose to me", Baxter responds with "Oh please Ninja frog! I know how I can beat u your wife will be next the next time I met her!". Suddenly He pushes down king ninja and gets away with it. King Ninja then uses Shadow Sneak on him which baxter gets knocked back abit as he hits the ground. King grabs him and throws him back, Suddenly Kawaii comes for baxter's aid as she grabs king and says "whoa whoa! hey! smash bros is done for the day! chill out! let baxter free!", Baxter gets back up holding his head saying "dude also I kinda had a headache when I kept getting blasted from those canons!" (I kept getting into those canons on Desi's stage too btw XD it was too funny). King Ninja also has said "oh it not for U man", it means baxter said earlier "heh...good day for me!", so anyways later he said "oh please! tell me...whats gonna happen to me! gimme one thing! u know that can get me". Suddenly King Ninja wanted his rematch while baxter says "How bout No! king!" as he runs for it. King ninja then says "heheh srace cat", he then stops far from him saying "phew.. glad i'm safe". Riolu, Baxstar and Z are outside looking at him. Z then says "well then give it to him baxter U got to at met if it wasn't for that push thing he could had gotten U", baxter responds with no again however Baxstar says " well if u don't then maybe mewfour can!", baxter now shocked as he heard mewfour behind him, he turns and looks at her wanting to smash him. Baxstar then says "enjoy!", baxter said something he was almost finishing however, Mewfour interrupts him saying "NOT WHAT", baxter now completely shocked says "in smash yet...spoke too soon!". Mewfour crosses arms saying "Yaa got problems", baxter says then "no I don't I just don't want to rematch! king ninja! I said next time we'll match! you crazy mewtwo!". Mewfour then says "why no rematch on King ninja!", baxter says "I fought him three times", Baxstar suddenly makes it fun saying "oh and we'll mess with u until ya say yes, c'mon mewfour get him! do what all mewtwos do to there trainers". Mewfour grins at him saying "oh yaaa so what it going to be?", baxter had two choices If he picked yes, he fights king but if no, he'll soon suffer by everyone he likes. Baxstar then says "what's it gonna be! Yes rematch or no?!", Baxter didn't know what to pick as his choice was running, Baxstar knew this and said "He's getting away! quick! get him!", before it can happen Mewfour stops baxstar and says "heheh wait for it", Baxter keeps running but stops looking back at baxstar mewfour, and Z from distance and says "huh? wait why aren't they gonna catch me?". Suddenly King Ninja shot the Hocoate Bomb at him launching him too hard as he is sent flying and comes back down hitting the ground, he then says "ooohhh......he still doesn't get it...", King then responds with "I don't have to hehe", everytime baxter tries to get back up he keeps falling, King Ninja just grins at him. Baxstar looks and responds with laughing at him while baxter just layed on the ground hurt. King then says "ever mess with the king", Next thing baxter then closed his eyes knocked out cold. The RP Ended with Desi's Brb needing charging

March 8th, 2015 "Caught"/"Zoroark gets angry"Edit

Riolu, Baxter and Kawaii start chating about how Zoroark goes crazy sometimes, Zoroark coming in says "when I kick yo A** in smash yaa I do", Suddenly Riolu tackles baxter in joy trying to mess with him again, Riolu then takes out a golden hammer grinning at him, Zoroark shouts to baxter to run and also said "run b**** run, kawaii UR son gone nuts", Riolu chases after baxter with the golden hammer so he can hit him with it, Kawaii shouts at Lugiatwo to hold down her son. Lugiatwo replies with "not when he got that hammer", Kawaii runs up behind her son and takes the
Lugiatwo's Room

Lugiatwo and baxter in lugiatwo's room

hammer away from him as Lugiatwo can now hold him down to calm him down, Kawaii shot him on the butt so he can sleep. Riolu falls asleep while Lugiatwo then says where did he get the hammer from any ways?", Kawaii tells him that Dialga gave him the hammer. Dialga and Palkia appear with Dialga saying "gave who the hammer?", Palkia is also confused too, Kawaii then says "Riolu, u gave him the golden hammer", Baxter comes back to them, Dialga then says "na I don't even own one", Palkia then says "it true one time he hammer me home AND I SILL HURT MY ARM" She slaps dialga, Kawaii then goes to baxter saying "hmm, was it u! Baxter?!", "NO!" baxter screamed out. Zoraork reads it and says and looks at him "then why does it say property of baxter on it with big word!", Palkia, Kawaii and Dialga turn there way on baxter, Palkia says "well", Dialga then says "some one need not put his name on stuff", baxter shrugs then fears and says " was me!". Zoroark gives kawaii boxing gloves and kawaii says "hehe! time for real pain!", Baxter steps back and runs as kawaii then says "Hey! Get back here boy!" as she starts to chase after him. Suddenly Palkia blocks his way with her tain, Baxter tries to run the other way. Zoroark blocks that way and says "heheh no where to run", baxter is now trapped between zoroark and palkia blocking his way, Kawaii the says before knocking him out "Hehe >:D round 2 of that shrink game!" as she delivers little mac's KO Uppercut to him. Zoroark and Kawaii look down at him

-Few Hours Later-

Baxter woke up shrunken in lugiatwo's room not clear vision for him saying "oh........what was that....", Lugiatwo notices hes up and says "AHHH UR up", baxter looks at her confused, he turns normal sized as he says "what am i doing in ur room?". After Lugiatwo explained everything, baxter came out looking at Z asking her what was wrong, Z then says "Desi beat me at smash", baxter then says "Dang man, Riolu's too good in smash, how do u play if u don't have hands? i mean ur a zygarde? all u have is a tail".


The RP Continues at night as baxter shows 3 pictures of Lugiatwo (The one here), Zoroark trying to smooch baxter and a giant mewfour pic, Baxstar out of nowhere says "and why may i ask u drew zoroark trying to kiss u! ", baxter with a sweatdrop almost bursts out laughing, but he starts to run now, Baxstar glares at him, Zoroark appears in as well as she is looking at him growling, Baxstar tells zoroark "hey zoroark! new plan" as she whispers it all in her ear, Baxter was in his room hiding under his bed. Zoroark then shouts out "HE WHAT!", Baxstar out whispering her ear says to her "Thats right! He did it to ur son!", Zoroark gets very angry at this and runs around the house looking for baxter, Baxter can hear her she was screaming in anger saying things like "BAXTER WHERE ARE U" and "BAXTER", Baxter now terrified stays under his bed quiet so he can't be caught. Suddenly Zoroark starts to bang the door hard multiple times saying "BAXTER!", Baxter watches in fear as his door breaks down, Zoroark walks in with a anger/teasing mode, she says "Baxter grrrr where are u", The Terrrified 16 year old stays under bed quiet and afraid at the same time, Zoroark grins and says "heheh I know U in here", Zoroark can notice this due to having a powerful smell, by the time baxter could react in fear, Zoroark spots him under the bed and pulls him out by his feet and picks him up by the shirt in anger saying to him "U and me sooooo going to throw down" meaning that she's gonna beat him up, Baxter in fear saying "Zoroark! Ah! What are u thinking?!, Cant ya see my hearts pumping too fast", Zoroark shouts out "U SEE"

-1 Hour Later-

Zoroark gets done for 1 hour after being up baxter and says to him "never hurt my son boy!" baxter is laid there knocked out for good. Next morning, baxter wakes up tired and is actually shrunken, he says while he's trying to wake up "hope i wasnt hurt too bad...". Suddenly out of a voice booms down to him saying "heheh hello Baxter", Baxter looks up and sees Zoroark but in his POV, he's small to her, Baxter jumps back in fear as Zoroark grabs him, Baxter yelps and shouts at her saying "Let me go bro!", Zoroark grins at him saying "are u sure?" Baxter nods yes and tryin to beg and apoligize for what he did to her son Zorua, Zoroark isn't affected to this as she grins more and holds him upwards her and opens her mouth, Baxter squirms out but is still scared to be eaten, he falls but he misses the mouth and lands on her left Oppai. The RP Ended there because Desi was busy and Baxter had to go to sleep.

March 12th, 2015 "Bad Baxter"Edit

"oh must, riolu! baxter was being bad again!" Baxstar shows 2 videos of Baxter messing around with his friend to Must and Riolu. Riolu looks and says "that what friends are bra", Baxstar does not approve, lol. Baxstar glares while petting must saying that humans are stupid, Baxter comes home from messing with his friends as Riolu, Baxstar and Must all look at him, baxter says "what? what are u looking at?", Riolu asks him who showed up but baxter then says "hmm? oh the fat kid i Chikubi twisted? uh....nobody need to know that", Baxstar tells him that you (baxter) humans are scared all the time, baxter responds with "well its only because danger gets us", baxstar says to him "yaaa like must ate a human yesterday", Riolu shocks says "wait when?", Baxstar tells to him "yesterday, she got bored & played on a human and ate him! I got his bones here" she pulls out a small shrunken skeleton of a human must ate and digested, baxter is shocked at this point. Suddenly Must appears grinning at him, Riolu tells him to run as baxter begins to run again for his life, Must chases after him, Baxstar starts laughing too hard saying "better run bax! Go hide in palkias shikashi XD nah jk hide!", Riolu glares at baxstar telling her to never give baxter any ideas from her. Baxter started to slow down and sweat since humans cant run long, Must tackles him again hard on the ground. Baxter is too scared to move and run, he feels drop on the back of his hair and soon figured it out Must was putting BBQ on him, He freaks out by that, Next thing Must holds him up and opens her mouth. Suddenly Kawaii from out of nowhere can smell the BBQ and sees must trying to eat baxter, She runs and pushes her out of the way and grabs baxter, Baxter is still scared as he thinks kawaii will eat him too, Kawaii says to him "no no i wont eat ya! she licks all around baxter to get the BBQ off of him "there we go zoroarks smell us too good!" (Refrencing that zoroark can sniff better since shes a fox), Must who was pushed out of the way was actually Knocked out good, baxter walks to her and says to her aggressively "U GOT KNOCKED THE F*** OUT!", He runs off again so must doesn't get back up to catch him again. Riolu laughs with Kawaii thinking it was too funny. Next up baxter stops and walks and notices that Mewfour's door was almost open all the way, baxter walks to it and looks through to spy on them. "and I said that", "whoa", "so how YA been", "great". Baxter was watching them chatting with each other, Mewfour soon looks and says "mmmm wait, BAXTER!!" baxter jumps back and tries to walk fast from the door, Mewfour bursts out of the door and uses her power to stop him from going anywhere else, Zoroark appears next to her, mewfour asks him "we're u spying on us!", baxter tells a lie and says "No!", Zoroark asks him "then what were u doing at the door?", he tells another lie and says "on my phone!", Zoroark still wants proof and asks him "oh really show us this picture!", baxter then gets out his phone and shows them a picture of him in a bush taking a picture of Zoroark and Mewfour in the pool. Mewfour in rage says " U little grrr just wait tell SMASH!", baxter looks in fear, Zoroark tells baxter shes in as well but in a "Master Ball", baxter spots lugiatwo walking around as he shouts at her this "Hey Bird! Tell her to put me down?!" in fear baxter was, Lugiatwo looks at him and says "baxter what did u do?" baxter lied again with "nothing", Baxstar came out to speak the truth of what baxter actually did "he spied on my pokemon!, i saw it baxter u wanted to snap pics of them did ya!", baxter nods no saying "No! I didn't! That was one time ago!", Riolu says "say whaaaaat?", Baxstar knows that lugiatwo can get baxter to learn his consenquences btw. Baxstar says "it aint gonna happen this time! Boy! Mewfour put him down Oh lugiatwo! We have a bad boy here!", baxter says "wait what!". Lugiatwo suddenly grabs him. The RP got confirmed to continue!


Baxter came in as Baxstar told him that they're planning to do Their Show.

March 15th, 2015 "The Crush"/"Smash Bros. Aftermath 2"Edit

(me and desi are gonna smash each other at 2PM, >:) gonna win this as my mii fighter and bring in some newer guys!)

Riolu and Baxter begin to look at each other saying things like "im gonna win smash" and all that, Baxstar came in and said "wut?", Riolu looks at baxstar and said "oh NOTTING!", Baxstar glares at him, but didn't mind that and says "okay riolu I thought u said something! I know baxter did, he one time ran up to a news reporter and said this" So a flash back occurs

-Flashback- Baxter runs up to a news reporter and grabs the mic and shouts in it "**** HER RIGHT IN THE *****!!!!". -Back-

"one time he did that!" baxstar tells him that. Riolu looks in shocked and baxter busts out laughing hard due to how funny it actually was and said "I remembered that! I was so bad after that, must grounded me by that!". Baxstar smiles at that and said this "well she does that cause ur a lot bad dude! one time u flirted Z and she never noticed it", Baxter told her in her ear that he has a crush on Z, Baxstar goes in shock and said "whoa what! imma tell Z!" Baxstar went running off finding Z. Riolu and Baxter look in shock as baxter says "Oh no...what will Z say to me now", Baxstar founds Z doing sit ups, Baxstar says "hey Z! guess what!", "what not at the moment I'm little busy" Z told her that, Baxstar responds with "hmm? how can u do a sit up with no hands? ur a zygarde, well anyways I just wanted to tell u that baxter has a crush on u was all" Riolu and Baxter saw that as Baxstar walks away angrily not in a mood Baxstar walks pass baxter saying " U got lucky ewers! just u wait for that moment!". The RP didn't end there it'll continue after Smash Bros.


Acutally Desi returned for more, Z keeps on doing situps while Riolu asks baxter "How can she do that with no hands or arms", he responds with "I have no idea, maybe zygarde's are snakes", Z gets done and yells out "OH YAAAA WHERE MY MONEY!" Riolu and Baxter look with a sweatdrop, baxter says "What did she say?", Z looks at him and told him that she couldn't handle the heat, Riolu told baxter that his mom made Z do it, Kawaii out of nowhere told them "I dared mewfour to do it before it so funny how she does it!", baxter gets in that smooth talk and says "yeah because shes a mewtwo and mewtwos are-" he got interrupted by Dialga who was covering his mouth. Mewfour says "that was fast!", Kawaii responded with "yep! never say another word about mewtwos! plush they are too powerful!", baxter moves away from dialga telling him to never put his paws on him again. Dialga responds with "Play time" grinning at him, Kawaii says to baxter she picks him over her shoulder and throws him outside saying "Alright have fun! with Dialga", baxter on the ground in fear says "NOT PLAY TIME!" in a freighting way. Baxter gets up and gets tackled down by Dialga and then he throws him up in the air, baxter screaming for his life is thrown in the air and falling back down on the ground. Dialga catches him by eating him and swallowing him in his belly burping out his shirt. Baxter is trapped inside of Dialga's belly as he screamed out "HELP ME". Dialga responds with "mmmm na hehe", Suddenly baxter sees digestion coming at him, baxter freaks out more as he gets out an escape rope and used it to get out, he teleports behind dialga and then jump kicks him in the Shiri and runs for it, Dialga turns and growls and tries to grab him. Dialga grabs him by the leg. Dialga looks at him and laughs and baxter is like "What are u gonna do to me!". Dialga gives back a guess about his next act, baxter takes guess about getting sat on. Dialga takes all of the escape rope baxter has and says "nope", baxter shouts out "NOT AGAIN!!!". Dialga eats him again this time tells him "and what happens if im bad?!", Dialga told him "well you see".

-1 Hour Later-

Baxter was out too early before he can complete his success, he actually got out of his belly and replaced it with a dummy, also he got all of his escape rope back secretly. Dialga spits out the dummy. baxter's plan worked! Dialga saw the dummy and screamed out "U little **** U". Riolu asks kawaii "mama why baxter alway get in mess", Kawaii told him "because its fun to mess with him hes human". Baxter tries to run but palkia was in his way and asks him "baxter what U doing here", baxter runs behind palkia and is on her tail saying "Blame Dialga!". Palkia looks at dialga and screams at him "mmmmm DIALGA WHAT THE ****!!!!", Dialga responds with "Man U always Mad".

(Skipping the Smash Part)

Baxter is in King and Queen's room shrunken trying to get revenge from earlier (He was in a tag-match with charizard and lost to king and queen ninja), King is sleeping while Queen is reading a book, baxter climbs up the bed and begins to attempt to get queen ninja, Queen looks as baxter is hiding on her feet, next thing baxter runs to queen between her legs and touches her lower area, mostly he heard queen say "u too slow", baxter actually touched a doll and he backs up in fear, Queen suddenly grabs him angrily and says "try touch me there Huh", baxter in fear says "Y-Yea?!". Baxter gets a sweatdrop and asks her "what are ya gonna do to me?!". The RP might continue cause desi went BRB.

March 30th, 2015 "Mewfour's Smash Debut Preview"/"Weird Hunt"Edit

  • WARNING: This Contains Language and Sexual Refrences

(We were talking about our Mewtwo DLC pack! :D)

Mewfour comes out and says "first headlock then shadow ball and whole lot other shit", baxter turns to mewfour while riolu says "this will be good for the video", baxter says "you always wrestle me!", mewfour smirks and says "it my job to hehe" baxter steps back in fear but then says "okay then uh...ya know what!, since ur in smash tomorrow!!...SHIRT!" baxter grabs her shirt and rips it off of her and makes a run for it. Mewfour yells out "U MOTHER FUCKER!!!" she starts to chase him, Mewfour grabbed his leg and holded him up saying "U lucky I'm going be topless in smash coz that fucking ass whole mario being bossy and shit", Riolu knew she was in a bad mood and mewfour said that wario steals her bras, baxter looks at her and begging her to let him go and called her a "female mewtwo". mewfour turns baxter into princess peach as Z comes in and says to baxter "peach what U doing here!". baxter said while turned into peach "uh....mewfour did it!" Z told baxter to go back to (her) city, Bowser comes out of nowhere and tries to steal baxter, mewfour starts to record then all of the sudden the transformation turns baxter back to normal as he yelped at bowser saying "Bowser!!!!! OH MY GOD!". Bowser saw this and threw baxter which he landed next to Z, he almost fell in Z's boobs again. Baxter gets afraid again now saying "dude! chill out!!!, here here!!!!" he gives her shirt back. Mewfour then says "hahah that right", Z asks what was going on baxter tells her Mewfour is gonna target him in smash. Mewfour laughs at bit and baxter had a feeling shes getting ready to hurt him, Suddenly mewfour grabs baxter by her tail and brings him toward to her. "Afraid of what? hehe?" mewfour says looking at him, "t-that! you're gonna be coming to get me!", Mewfour nods while grinning at him, baxter says "J-just go easy on me?! Lugiatwo went hard on me one time! SHES BEEN TRYING TO OBLIVION WING ME FOR CRYING OUT LOUD?!". The RP is gonna continue later.


Baxter is hiding from must in mewfours room and is under her bed hiding, Kawaii and Riolu watch which they try to watch however kawaii covers her eyes and riolu's eyes as well. Meanwhile Must is looking for her prey who comes into Mewfour's room and baxter accidently bursts out "i think im in the wrong room!", Must heard him and drags him out by his feet from under the bed, Baxter is scared at this point and Must grins at him and eats him again, Mewfour spotted Must in her room and says "what the hell U in my room for!", Must runs out grinning while baxter is begging badly in her stomache, Acid came in her belly as baxter begs and says "Must! Please let me out!!! i'll do anything!! I beg ya!! I'll be a good b-boy?!". Must spits him out later and tells him in her delphox language "Deal! be good boy!", Baxter gets up smelling bad in Must's saliva which must ordered him to go take a bath. Must later on falls asleep and baxter goes take a bath.

-Few hours later-

Baxter comes in his room tired and falls asleep in his Mario pants, Suddenly Zoroark walks around at night as she notices all of her friends are asleep, She encounters baxter in his room sleeping as she runs up to the window and looks through grinning having ideas in her head. The RP Ended there for the day.

March 31st, 2015 "Mewfour SSB4 Preview Part 2"Edit

Baxter was telling Riolu what hes been up to and told him "Nothing much, getting my fists ready to put it though Mewfour when she comes to smash and been uploading more for friends videos", Riolu nods in a different tone, Baxter is still bragging about Mewfour being all weak to him and never trying to beat his ass ever, he also said "ya...she thinks she can beat the seeds out of me! well I tell her what >:3 riolu! Mewfour looks like an easy opponent! for me to beat!, and why I say seeds is because she dared me to put bird seeds in my pants for lugiatwo!", Riolu asks "why?", He says to him "I don't know, I just had a bad dream last night were zoroark you know...wouldn't let me go and I got oblivion winged by lugiatwo who was a Giant!" Out of nowhere Baxstar comes and says "Mewfour dared u to have it so u can be good" She appears with Hermes, Mewfour and Zoroark. Mewfour looks at him and says " I'm so going kick your ass baxter!", Baxter being weird covers his ass in a weird fasional way laughing a bit Baxstar knew this and says to him "Whats the matter are u afraid of a cute mewtwo? or one of the best pranksters ever who can turn into stuff? or is it THE LIFE POKEMON! I HAVE HERE!!!". Somehow baxter is still acting abit weird saying "uh....neither! I think I found a Xerneas! it was hanging with lugiatwo!". The RP Ended there.

April 1st 2015 "April Fools Day Gone Wrong Part 1"Edit

(I failed to april fool him but he got me instead :( )

Baxter gets april fooled twice by Riolu as Baxstar comes in laughing along with riolu, Baxter after that vows and says "Hmmm...I know someone to april fool! dialga! or Hermes", Riolu does that sweatdrop making him nervous of what baxter is going to do he plans this and says "I'll go with Hermes first because dialga might catch me too early" he walks around "Were are you life pokemon!". He then spots Hermes asleep like always, he walks to hermes and puts a whoopee cusion underneath his head as he makes contact to it it farts on his face as baxter is laughing, Hermes woke up standing up saying "AHHH WHAT THE HELL" baxter is laughing harder. Hermes gets very angry and tries to catch him, Baxter runs off laughing from hermes and now plans to get dialga next. Riolu says that Dialga gets lucky because he can see time, Baxstar nods at this as baxter sees dialga and stands inches away from him. Dialga spots baxter and says "oh hey baxter I was looking for U", Baxter gets confused right now and says "Really? what do u mean? im hear to ya know!". Dialga gets off topic telling him to hold an egg as baxter holds it in his arms and asks him "this isn't a prank is it?". Dialga says no then baxter just holds it in his arms. After Watching Mewfour's trailer in SSB4, Baxter experienced to flip the table over on Riolu then sees Mewfour and tries to make a run for it, Mewfour stops him quickly and says "heheh no where to run", Baxter starts to panic rapidally in fear, Mewfour says to him "JUST WAIT TWLL THE 15 and what up with the egg?", Baxter stops panicing and says "Dialga give it to me!", Suddenly a voice out of nowhere says "WHERE MY EGG" as it blows through the wall and flying, Mewfour looks and says "hello mis dragon", It was a Female Dragon as it looks Pissed off, She shouts out "WHERE MY EGG!" She looks at baxter and says "UR SO MINE DINNER TONIGHT!" She grabs baxter in anger she looks, Baxter is scared as he shouts at her "WHAT! Ahh!!! It wasnt me who stole it!!!" He throws the egg, The Female Dragon freaks out! grabbing it by her tail and says "MY EGG GRRR", Mewfour informs baxter "dude everyone know don't ever throw a dragon egg". Suddenly The Dragon flies off holding Baxter, thus kidnapping him. Baxter panics a lot and says "were u taken me!", The Dragon looks at him and says "home SO I CAN COOK U" She growls "for throwing my egg!". She takes baxter into her home in a dark cave and throws him in a Steel Box and locks him up in there, She laughs abit then takes him into a place were a pool of lava is, She hangs it over a pool of lava and tells baxter "go ahead and get out U just fall into lava hehe", baxter opens the door in fear he looks at lava and says "Ah! Lava! Death to us humans!! uh...yah! About that!" Baxter walks out of the steel box instead he climbs ontop of it and runs ontop of the Dragon's back and makes a run for it, The Dragon sooned find out and begin to fly up and chase after baxter, Baxter is panicking a lot while running the dragon gets closer and closer and closer, She grabs baxter and puts him in her mouth and says "heheh now hold sill I hate it when they fight back!". Baxter was fighting back by hanging onto her tongue tightly says "IM NOT GONNA BE EATEN!" He climbs and squirms out of her lips and on the floor, Baxter starts to run again but now The Dragon blocks his way and says "NOW UR TRAP WITH ME!", Baxter stands back in fear and says "what are you gonna do to me!", The Dragon says to him in a evil tone "mmm eat U and spit out UR bones and use them clean my claws hehe why U ask", Baxter was shocked at this point and says "I was just afraid!", The Dragon founded out this and tries to grab baxter again but missed. Baxter jumps over her and accidently landed in between her boobs, she is mad at this point and says "oh U little BITCH UR so dead now", Baxter squirms out and runs again and now hides somewhere, The Dragon walks to find him she grins and says "come out where ever u are", baxter says in a quiet tone so she cant hear him says "oooh man I need help!", Out of nowhere The Dragon suddenly caught him again, Baxter shouts "AHHH!!! DRAGON!!!" The Dragon grins at him and says "heheh guess what happen next!" She licks her lips and grins "hehe", Baxter says in fear "No!! Not me getting eaten!!! I'm only 16!", The Dragon gets confused and says "wait UR 16?", Baxter responds "Yes! 16 years Old!", The Dragon glares at him and says "mmmm let make a deal then", Baxter asks her in fear "Uh..Okay whats the deal?!", The Dragon says "hehehe well U will work for me now on" She Grins "got it?", Baxter responds with "Uh..Okay!". The RP will pick up

April 2nd 2015 "April Fools Day Gone Wrong Part 2"Edit

"Wait, How long will I have to work with ya!" Baxter said in a confused way at the dragon. Back at Home, Baxstar is looking for baxter who she can't find him at all, this is only due to the fact that Baxter was kidnapped by The Female Dragon, Dialga laughs at this moment. The Dragon first commands baxter to spy on his friends, Baxter then steps back in fear and says "w-why?! im not gonna do that!" then says "You can't make me do that! One of them will beat my ass!", Baxstar after she freaked out the disappearance of baxter she smiled and said "Wow dialga he is gone! i hope he comes back or he might just be visiting his other friends!".

April 4th 2015 "Dragon Moves In"Edit

After Baxter's return home, Baxstar asks baxter this "Hey u back bax?", baxter said he actually tricked the dragon, however The Dragon came back and said "oh really hehe", Zoroark says "she moving in with me", Dialga laughs and says yep, Baxter is scared now again like all the time and says "What!", Baxstar sees this coming and says to him "Thats right enjoy having a new friend baxter hehehe!", baxter shocked and says "glad she isn't moving in my room!", The Dragon responds with "I'm not but" She shows her newborn baby dragon and says "my club is and your his baby sitter heheh". baxter shocked now looks, The Club said hi to him as he steps back from it, Riolu watches, Baxter accidenlty bumps zoroark from behind saying "Uh...h-hello?!". Zoroark tells everyone "and we all going to have fun heheheh", Baxter now figures out Zoroark has plans for him, Baxter says "not if i can get away first!", Baxstar watches and grins and says "watch this! Mewfour!", Out of Nowhere Mewfour grabs him from the shirt and says "no U don't if U do I mess U up hehe", baxter is afraid and says "Okay!!". Mewfour tells him "gooood hehe", Baxter is still being grabbed by mewfour who wouldn't let him down. Mewfour says to him "well da man", Zoroark tries to break them up, baxter looks at zoroark, Zoroark says no fighting when there a baby" Mewfour asks her "what name any ways?", The Dragon named him "Heat", Heat says rawr in a cute way, Baxter takes off shirt since Mewfour didn't let go and lands on the ground, Baxstar looks at him and says "baxter got chest hair! way to go u 16 year old kid!", Mewfour gives him his shirt and says "dude cover up man". Baxter puts back on his shirt and blushes, Mewfour glares at him and says "why U blushing?", baxter atemps to walk from them and says "uh.....uh....i don't know hehehe" he blushes more "i'll just find that bird! (Lugiatwo)". Desi had to brb cause he had a drawing idea

April 5th 2015 "Watchover Heat"Edit

Baxstar and Baxter are both hanging out in baxter's room as she says "so bax, ya find lugiatwo yet?", baxter said "Nah not really, shes been out with Apollo", Riolu and Mewfour step in as Riolu said "baxter suren't U being you be watching heat?" "yaa baxter where is he?" Mewfour said also, Baxter looks at the two of them "Heat? uh.....he apparently got nowhere to sleep so hes in my closet", Baxstar glares at him "Baxter u gotta watch heat otherwise that dragon's gonna get you". Riolu also said "And you going piss her off and what mama told me ever piss off a dragon", Baxter gives that shocked look again and walks to his closet, opens the door and holds Heat around his arms he says "Oh boy hes a heavy boy!". Heat was aparently asleep while baxter was holding him (Heat is about as big as a baby dragon is which is 5'6) and sets him down next to his bed, he also reminds them this "yeah just don't wake him up he'll sleep there! and i sleep in my bed", Baxstar then says next "right....well then make sure u take care of him, i got a text saying lugiatwo and apollo came back" She walks out with Mewfour. Mewfour sees lugiatwo and says "hey lugiatwo "hey guys" Lugiatwo responds with, Baxstar asks her if she met The Dragon (Elissa) and Heat?. Lugiatwo said "well yes we met yesterday she very nice but mess with her son she may bite your head clean off", baxstar laughs abit and says to explain that to baxter, Kawaii comes in saying "he's asleep", Lugiatwo tells them "I tell him later can't believe diagla got him real good on fool day", Baxstar laughs, Apollo says "I saw that it was funny".

-Next Morning-

Baxter awakens slowly and sitting up, he says "heat it time to wake up", he looks and notices heat wasn't there "Heat? HEAT?! WERE U GO!", Heat was on the roof "rawr". Baxter in shock says "Heat! get down from there! it's dangerous! baxter gets dressed in black shirt and shorts and climbs to get Heat down. Heat tilts head and looks as baxter is slowly walking to heat saying "Heat! don't move! the roof is too dangerous! to be on". Heat disobeyed and jumped off the roof, baxter tries to run and catch him but then saw Palkia who catches Heat and looks angrily at baxter saying "WHAT THE FUCK! baxter", Baxter looks at Palkia in fear and jumps down from the roof. He slowly walks to palkia afraid while saying "o..okay..palk-palkia! j-just put him and down and we'll b-be good!" he reaches his arms out, Palkia gives him back heat saying "be more careful next time!", Baxter looks at her angrily while walking away saying "seesh! i will then reptilian space girl", Palkia gets angry again and says "WHAT DID U JUST CALL ME!!!!" She growls and her eyes start glowing, Baxter turns around in fear and runs while holding Heat, Palkia begins to chase baxter again in rage, Heat looks as baxter is running again, He didn't run fast because he didn't want to lose Heat. He is still running as he went to the wrong way and now was cornered as he turns around and sees palkia coming at him. He sits down in fear holding Heat still and says to heat "heat, looks like i'm gonna get my ### kicked!". Palkia growls, however out of nowhere The Dragon flies next to baxter protecting him saying "u not going hurt my stuff are U?", Heat says "mama!", Palkia looks up in fear and says "oh FUCK! UR big", Dialga comes in and says "I get that a lot so were U!", "no" Palkia says, Baxter and Heat watch. Dragon says "great now boo!", Palkia runs off scared, The Dragon looks at her son and her slave asking if they're alright, Heat said "yes mama", baxter was like "yea...", The Dragon now looks over to baxter and says "what did u say any ways to that girl man", Baxter stands up full 5'9 tall to her and says "i-i-said..reptilian space girl!". "I sure rip apart and melt UR skin but you are my only babysitter for my club any ways just be Lucky baxter", Baxter looked scared now at her. The Dragon looks closely at him and says "hehe good!", She gazes up again, Baxter blushes and puts Heat around the back of his neck and shoulders. Dragon is still smiling still looking at her 2 guys, Baxter looks still scared and says "What Now?". The RP might continue later.

April 6th 2015 "Keeping You Safe"Edit

The Lion guy returns again and says "I had return! FUCKER!", Riolu looks and says "shit", Baxter turns and looks ready for a fight and says "Lion guy! I've taken u out so many times! now u gonna get ur ass beat more!", "hehe that what U think" The Lion guy responds with "what! ya got stronger or something?" baxter said. The Lion guy pulls out a master ball, baxter steps back a bit and says "Huh? master ball!" he steps back "what's in there?". The Lion Guy says "WHO KNOW HA" he throws the masterball as Goldeen comes out "COME ON EVERYTIME!", "tsk, tsk" baxter says as he does a strong straight punch to the lion guy. The Lion guy is sent flying shouting "I GET U FOR THIS!", baxter walks away laughing, suddenly he encounters must reading a book, he does the stupidest idea he could ever think of by trying to taunt her saying "Well well well u look so weak that I can beat you must! hehe". Must looks and says in her delphox language "ya right", Riolu reminds baxter "baxter don't fake a thing with heat", Baxter turns around he forgot about heat, he turns back at must and slaps her and runs. "DELPHOX!!!" Must screams out as she slams her book down and chases after baxter, He sees heat while hes running in fear. Must jumps and gets in his way in anger "DELPHOX!" she shouts at him, Baxter stops and falls on his ass on the ground in fear. Must grins and says in her delphox language "UR Mine", baxter tries to get away by crawling however must easily grabs his leg and grabbed by the shirt. Must was ready to play him, all of the sudden the dragon taps must on the shoulder "hello" she says in a grin, Must looks in fear and says in her language "shit". Baxter looks all terrified to the dragon and says to must "better run must!" he still looks afraid of both must and the dragon. "mmm I do love fox" The Dragon says evily, Must throws baxter at the dragon and runs, She catches him in her hand and asks him "what did u do anyways?" "I slapped her" Baxter says, The Dragon looks at him in anger and says "yet like I say U lucky Your my club baby sitter!", Baxter nods in fear saying "y-yes, yes I am" in fear he had. "better be careful i think she will wait at right time to get U!" The Dragon says in anger at him, baxter says "uh..yah!" his heart is pounding hard and a sweatdrop comes down. The Dragon rolls her eyes and says "stay by me I keep U safe", Baxter was staring at her boobs saying "Alright I'll stay by u", The Dragon notices that baxter was staring at her boobs and says "HEY EYES UP HERE", "Huh! oh!" Baxter looks up into her eyes. "GRRR now sit or I let U with fox" Baxter sits in her palm in fear. The Dragon smiles and says "good", Baxter gets scared more looking at her. Baxter looks at her, he literally got nothing to say. "now I'm going take nap" The Dragon says as she falls asleep, Heat goes "rawrr" again, baxter slowly got up and tries to walk away so that he wouldn't wake up the 150 ft dragon, after that baxter swipes off a sweat and walks away, out of nowhere must tackles him down. Must holds him down and says "DELPHOX!!", Heat pokes his mom as the Dragon used her tail to grab must and throws her then she uses it again to grab baxter and pulls him next to her and says "wake me up again I rip UR head off zzzz mmm zzz", heat smiles and says "rawrr", Must hits into a wall and almost got knocked out cold saying in her delphox language "ow so close". Baxter looks then looks to her boobs and walks to it and finally....TOUCHES IT!. The Dragon woke up in anger and says "does human want be part of them I am going eat something and I'm looking at it" She looks at baxter, Must thinks and looks "mmmm delpfox", Baxter in fear looks and runs in fear into the house and hides into his room. The Dragon sighs and falls asleep again, Baxter was hiding all of the sudden, Must turns on the light and is next to baxter, baxter turns at must and suddenly lets a loud yelp and Must grabs him and says in her language "MINE!". Must grabs a cook book and places baxter inside a pot, Must begins to read a book as baxter said "musts gonna burn me" with tears coming out of his eyes. Must turns on fire, Suddenly the dragon swapped pots with baxter in it and lion guy in it, Must removes the top, The Lion Guy suddenly punches must as she is sent flying while saying "FUCKER NO ONE PUT ME IN A POT", Must lands in the water and says in her language "when he get in there", Riolu clapping in joy saying "hehehe that was funny mama did u see", "I did son I did" kawaii said, The Dragon was sitting ontop of the pot doing her nails, the pot soon broke as she sat on baxter. The RP ended there tonight, but will go again tomorrow.

April 7th 2015 "Pokémon Tipping and Elissa"Edit

Baxter walks around holding heat around as usual of orders by the dragon. Heat was on his head as Riolu says to baxter "watching heat again" "imma teach him how to tip over pokemon!" Baxter says, Baxstar gets outraged and says " Oh u saw that movie now cow tipping and now pokemon tipping I see now!", Riolu asks her "what movie?", "Baxter was watching this "barnyard movie" and he knows how to tip over pokemon" she notices baxter got away with heat "huh! were did he go!". Baxter and Heat are both hiding in a bush near the pool as they encounter King and Queen Ninja distracted, he says to heat "ok heat! this is our first attempt it's gonna be funny", he quietly sneaks behind both king and queen ninja and says "...1....2...." he yells "THREE!!!" he pushes king and queen into the water, but King and Queen actually enjoyed it, Baxter freaks and says "What?! Oh right, their water pokemon....uh....oh theirs one!" they encounter mewfour as he quietly sneaks up behind her and attempts to push her down, he counts 1...2.. and shouts 3 at her to push her down and says "THAT'S CALLED POKEMON TIPPING!!! HA HA HAA!!!" he runs off laughing and afraid, Mewfour was still up and gets angry and begins to run after him. Baxter takes heat to the bathroom and hides, baxter is in his swimtrunks when he got in, he tries to hide but mewfour breaks down the door and jumps at him, she gets on him. Mewfour picks up heat and says "lookly I have hehe", Baxter freaks out and says "Mewfour!!! put him down", "heheh make me then", Suddenly baxter gets afraid as he points upwards at a window in the ceiling, which is a warning that the dragon....IS HERE! but her eye is looking from the window. Mewfour looks up and says "hey Lizzy", The Dragon's Name is Officially Elissa, "Mewfour seen like baxter fail the test!". "Test!", Baxter shouts in fear. "see U keep her baby safe right Elissa" Mewfour says "yep" Elissa responds with. Baxter looks afraid to Heat, Mewfour and Elissa. Elissa grabs baxter and says to him "U dare leave my son like that!" "I DIDN'T LEAVE HIM BEHIND?! I HOLDED HIM!" baxter shouts out, "then why I'm I holding him?" Mewfour asks, "MEWFOUR YOU TOOK HIM AWAY FROM ME! U MEWTWO!" Baxter says "I was watching the whole time baxter!" She glares at him. Baxter looks at Elissa in fear again "Please don't hurt me! I was doing my best to babysit him!". Elissa says "U were showing him bad thing LIKE TIPING POKEMON OVER!", Baxter was afraid even more saying "uh....hehehehe.....", "well aren't you going to tell me!", "what's my punishment elissa" baxter says in fear, "FOUR" she shouts out as she tosses him up and hits him with her tail sending him flying that he fell into the pool, luckily he has on his swimtrunks on as he swims back up for air. Elissa says "heheh and it's good", Baxter says that he is now scared more then turns to see King and Queen Ninja in the pool as well "s'up with u guys?" he says. King says "NOW" as Queen tips him over into underwater and says "and that what we call human tiping ha ha!" Riolu says "what come around go around", King and Queen both teleport back into their rooms, Baxter swims back up into the surface and says "Yea riolu is right!" he looks at elissa again in fear. Elissa laughs and says "heheh how did enjoy the water", "It warm! Heat come join! U sexy dragon are too big to come in!" Baxter says. Elissa starts to blush "what did u say", Mewfour comes along with a huge sweatdrop, Baxter repeats it in fear "". Elissa grabs him and looks down at him "you say that to all girls!", Mewfour also says "that so true!", Baxter is embarrassed with a sweatdrop and says "yes!". The RP might continue because desi's ipad needed charging.


Baxter went to grab something to eat for a midnight snack and returned to bed so he can begin his and Baxstar's new episode Friday at midnight on Adult Swim.

April 9th 2015 "Hangover"Edit

Mewfour Smash Comic

Mewfour Smash Comic

"fuck ya soon Baxter ur mine" Mewfour says looking at him ready to beat him up in smash, "Oh Yeah!!!! OH YEAHHH!!!!!! Well then Mewfour! How'bout be TOPLESS!!!" He runs up to her and rips off her shirt and makes a run for it to his room, were heat is and says to heat "I'm Back Heat!" baxter says. Suddenly Mewfour grabs him from behind shouting at him "FUCKER!" she pulls baxter out of his room while heat says "Bye bye!" he waves to him. Baxter gets pulled out as he was scared. "HEHEHEHE NOW UR MINE!" Mewfour says in a evil look in her, "W-Wait! can't we talk about this!" Baxter says in fear to her. Mewfour still looking evil to him says "oh yaa what us want talk about HUH!", baxter looks at her scared and says "How I can run smooch a Mewtwo and hide in Zorua's room!" (it meant like him gonna kiss a pokemon or something like btw then after that run and hide and said he was gonna hide in Zorua's room, he only kissed/smooched kawaii so far). Mewfour begins to put him in the headlock, "OH GOD!" baxter shouts out when he got headlocked, he tries to push her off of him but couldn't, thanks to her being 6'7 and about 269 lbs. Next she lets him out then shoots out shadow ball at him, baxter gets hit by it as he hits into a wall, then Mewfour transforms into Mega Evolution Y and says "HEHEHEH HERE COME ME!", Baxter saw this and runs for his life from Mega Mewfour Y. Baxter runs into his room to hide when he sees heat he says to him coming in "Heat Now....i'm back..." he falls exhausted and tired, Heat walks and sits on his back saying "yay I win!", While that happened Baxter and Heat talked to each other saying " hows ur mom heat...." baxter asks, "she went hunting" heat says, "Hunting? "baxter sits back up "for what?", "for food silly" Heat pats his back, "Oh alright then...hope it not humans.....that will be bad if she did" Baxter soon hears his door shaking, he thinks it was mewfour he gets scared and hides under his bed, however coming in was Zorua himself. "hey heat welcome to the house hahaha!" Zorua says cheerful with Heat, "Hight" Heat says, Baxter crawls out from under his bed to Zorua and Heat and says "Zorua...oh its u, heh i thought a minute their mewfour was gonna catch me hehehe...", " Oh she is u better watch out" Zorua says, "yeeea....good thing! she in that smash mood again!" baxter says, "She going get u u know that!" Heat says to baxter, "i know that already! She dosen't know were i am!" Baxter tells his dragon sitter, "how u know that?" Heat asks, "most mewtwos cant see the future, only dialga can...". Suddenly out of nowhere Mewfour says "BITCH!" She grabs baxter who she was still in her Mega Form Y at him who grabbed him from a wall, Baxter is now scared and says "How'd she do that!", She responds with "my powers heheheh" She pulls him out of his room to outside and blasts Psystrike at him, The move hits baxter which creates a mental shock to baxter and finishes off with a blow to baxter who gets blasted back into his room through his window and lays there hurt, Heat and Zorua walk to him and shouts at him "You got knock the fuck out" Mewfour laughs at him and turns back to normal and walks off, "at least i ripped her shirt off" he says holding her ripped shirt, Heat comes to him and says "yaa but u get ur but kick!" Baxter gets back up slowly since he's hurt from Psystrike Zorua says "if that was my mom she would have ate u" "she would have glad she isn't here right now hehehehe...or must" Baxter says as he sits back down with his 2 friends as kids, He's a kid too since he's 16 years old and mature enough to do what he wants to do. Heat begins to jump around in his room, Baxter says to Zorua "heh...heat lol, oh & if i did it to lugiatwo, she'd peck me with that beak & turn me to stone (Oblivion Winged him). Baxter turns around and thought he saw Elissa coming back as he said "she back!", Zorua and Heat look out in the window they see nothing, Baxter asks them if shes watching them, Heat responds saying "nu why?", baxter points at the window but heat saw nothing, "She not there", baxter gets confused as he walks to the window and looks out "odd? I thought i saw her a few minutes ago..." baxter laughs it off and says, "Ha! Ya right what now guys?" as he walks and sits with Zorua and Heat. Suddenly Elissa was back as she had her head over baxter looking down on him giggling, Baxter gets afraid as he slowly turns and hides behind Heat in fear, Elissa saw this and says "human" she grabs him "u sure know what thing ever hide behind my son like that". The RP will continue, Desi's ipad was dieing and needed charging.

April 10th 2015 "Girl Problem"Edit

Baxter told riolu something cool with Riolu wanting to check it out, Out of nowhere Palkia crashes in with anger and grabs baxter on the throat and strangles him and says "WHY YOU LITTLE!!!", "uuuuh palkia why u doing that" riolu asks with a sweatdrop and palkia responds with "I SAW HIM LOOKING AT MY ASS AGAIN!", Riolu looks at baxter glaring at him and says "were u Baxter", baxter looks at riolu in shock while being strangled and says "yes, earlier in smash today!" he sweatdropped in embarrassment. Riolu glares more, Palkia gets harder on choking on baxter, Suddenly Elissa came out of somewhere and says "stop doing that to my human Pokémon", Palkia didn't look but said "FUCK OFF IM B-" she looks and gets scared. "what did u JUST SAY!" Elissa says in anger. Baxter almost passes out, however he kicks palkia's boobs trying to escape. "drop now" Elissa says as Palkia drops him on the ground which baxter lands on his ass looking up "now RUN" Elissa says as Palkia runs away for her life as Elissa laughs. Baxter gets up and looks at elissa, Elissa looks down at baxter and says "now what do u say Baxter?", "what did I say? uh...I didn't say anything to her! I uh.....looked at her ass in smash today!" hes scared and embarrassed at the same time to her. "I mean by saying thank you Elissa for saving me" she looks angry at him, baxter fixes it saying "Oh, uh..thank u elissa", Elissa says "heheh good!" she smiles at him. Baxter turns around slowly and walks away from Elissa. Palkia looks angry as she sits next to mewfour saying "I'm so going GET THAT BAXTER!", "well you can wait tell Elissa go on a hunt and get him then!" Mewfour says to him. Baxter walks past must who didn't notice she was there. Must sees baxter saying "delphox". Baxter was focused on his Phone listening to music with headphones turned up loud, he was listening to Threw It On The Ground. Must laughs and turns giant, Baxter stops listening then puts phone away, he turns around and sees must who is giant, he gets scared and starts to run. Must looks down at him and chases him, Baxter runs faster in fear for his life. Must reaches and grabs him and grins at him, Baxter is scared and says "Ahh!!! Must!!" hes scared a lot. Must waves and grins at him scaring Baxter more, Must asks him while grinning in her delphox language "now guess what!", "W-What?!" baxter says in fear. Must puts him in her mouth and swallows him burping his clothes and stuff out, however baxter surprisingly holded onto her tongue tightly while nude. Riolu gets afraid as he now gets grabbed by must. She throws riolu in her mouth, Riolu shouts "MAMA" as he grabs onto baxter's back, "Aye!" baxter says since his clothes got burped out and blushes he and riolu get out of Must's mouth and falls on the ground and runs with Riolu on his back. Must has a hard time swallowing but then notices baxter and riolu escaped, Riolu thinks he was still in must's mouth and is crying out saying "mama HELP!", Kawaii appears and grabs riolu and says "uh...son, baxter got out with u...". Riolu looks and then hugs Kawaii, Must sees him and runs after him again, Baxter is running again from must being scared. Must tries to grab him, she successfully did after baxter trips over and falls, as he was grabbed he says in fear "Please don't eat me I already went into your mouth, ya got bad breath!" he says. Must takes a look at him while baxter is grabbed by her. Must grins more at him while looking at him, Baxter says in fear "what are ya gonna do to me ehhhh....." sweatdrop comes down on him. Must throws him around like a ball, next she throws him up and opens her mouth ready to eat him again, Baxter screaming for dear life as he falls, he angles it abit and then falls in Must's Boobs, Must looks around and says in her delphox language "where he go?". Baxter moves around in her boobs, "man why does must keep her bra on so tight! I can hardly move in here!" baxter says while in her boobs. Must starts to blush and feels him in there and shouts at him in her language "GET OUT THERE!!!", Baxter hugs her boob then slides out under her onto her dress and on her feet blushing. Must now tries to step on him, baxter starts running again. Palkia sees must running at baxter and shouts at her "HEY WATCH IT YOU MAKING THE GROUND MOVE TO MUCH!", Baxter runs past palkia. Must grabs Palkia and eats her, Palkia enraged says after being eaten "BAXTER U BETTER GET ME ###### OUT OF HERE!!" she shouts out in anger. "ELISSA!!!!" Baxter shouts out looking for her while running. Elissa was cleaning heat and says "what?", Baxter jumps into the water to hide from must, who was coming with palkia in her belly. "Really Baxter really...", Elissa says as Must runs up and she flies up saying "let dance fox girl!". baxter comes out of the water and says "cant believe must burped out my clothes...". Suddenly he looks at heat and says "I got this..." as he walks to heat and starts to clean him in the bath. Elissa easily knocks out must as Palkia came out as she grabs baxter and punches his face saying "THAT FOR LEAVING ME BEHIND!", baxter holds his face then sees must's panties from her dress and says "I can see her panties!". Elissa grabs baxter and says "two minutes in stomach for you" she ate him and sits down and takes a look at heat on how baxter did so far "mmm not bad but ahhh to much hair and I let u out in two minutes once tell u lean stop looking at women stuff", Palkia laughs and says "nice Elissa!", Elissa slaps palkia, while in Elissa's belly, baxter heard what she said and says "too much hair? oh...right my hair is she acting like my mom!", Elissa heard this and says "do u want 10 minutes then?" Elissa says in anger, "NO!" baxter shouts in fear. "then zip" Elissa says as she lays down "now tell me what happen", Baxter couldn't talk because Elissa said Zip it to him, 2 Minutes later she was reading a book and baxter comes out of her mouth and crawls to her belly. "there now did u learn not look at girl stuff now?" Elissa says "yea... what happens if I look again elissa?" baxter says to her. "don't touch or look at girls pantie" Elissa orders him, "yes ur dragoness!" baxter responds with. "mmm? Don't u have something to do?" Elissa asks him, "huh? like what?" baxter asks, "oh ever mind I just not use to some one staying around me this long before" she says, baxter gets up and walks but he tripped into Elissa's belly button the got back up and walks away alone. Elissa takes a look and says with a sweatdrop "uuuh u ok?", Baxter looks back and says "Yea? im fine just eh....going out for a walk" he says as he gets back going out for a walk. Elissa also says to him "ok then and also start mess again I make sure u get 10 minutes!", "right!" he says then turns around to walk then he sees his clothes, he runs to them and puts them back on in excitement and happiness he has. Riolu is asleep as baxter comes by and says "hmmm...maybe later on tomorrow night or so I can go to an Illegal bot fight or something..." he sees riolu sleeping "awww he asleep, not to bug him, he's my boy!" he walks away, Zoroark is jumping around and looking, Baxter walks past zoroark while singing swiggity swooty comin for tha booty silently so zoroark doesn't hear him. Zoroark's ears purk up wondering what baxter was up to. Baxter was on his phone listening to "Swiggity Swooty comin for tha booty" with his earphones in. Zoroark says "GOT U!" as she tackles him down as baxter gets scared again pulling out his earplugs and stopping the music as he looks at zoroark in fear. "what u doing out here huh!" Zoroark says to him, baxter scared says to her "Uh......walking around eeeee!!!!" baxter responds with. "oh how I know your not lieing huh" zoroark says in a cute tone, Baxter says "ZOROARK WHAT ARE U TALKING ABOUT?!". The RP Ended there when desi said brb ipad dieing.

April 12th 2015 "Baxter's Worse Day"Edit

(Me played Five Nights at Freddys 3 ;p, I got scared by springtrap ;p)

MewFour Strikes Back!
Baxter was walking around holding Heat after getting back from a Illegal Bot Fight saying "man that illegal bot fight was fun for meh..", He suddenly walks pass lugiatwo holding heat "uh...heat ehhhh how's the life man" he asks him as he didn't see Lugiatwo while walking, "BAXTER!" Lugiatwo says calling out his name baxter turns around in shock saying "yea". "zoroark told me u been u using heat to protect ur self" Lugiatwo says as baxter steps back and runs with heat in fear he says "AYE!!!!! THAT FOX WEREWOLF THING!!!!" he says running for his life, Lugiatwo chases him and says "Baxter is it true u been have Elissa take care of thing for u!", "Yes!" he says while running from her "lost her" he says and puts down heat "there u go heat hehehe, shes big so im scared of lugiatwo more than anyone else....except must im scared more too....crazy delphox...", "Rawer" Heat says, Baxter walks to elissa and gives her heat and walks out, Elissa asks him if he was alright, baxter turns and says hes okay and walks. Heat and Elissa give him the look, baxter gives a sweatdrop and says "uh...went to an illegal bot fight!" he runs. Baxter stops to take a breather then walks and says "phew....whats riolu up to", "weeeeeee" out of nowhere as Riolu is flying on Mewfour, Mewfour shouts out saying "SHIT GET DOWN FROM THERE!", Baxter watches and grins as he takes a picture of it and says "this is going on facebook!". he says as he walks & hides behind a tree and posts pic on facebook "heh....that's what she gonna get for stealing my chicken one time!" he says posting it on facebook. Mewfour grabs him and says at him "BAXTER NOT NOW help me get him down", Riolu is still enjoying it and baxter responds with "U just gotta stop flying!" baxter says in shock. baxter then says "fine" as he crawls on mewfour's body to get riolu off of her, he picks up riolu by the waist and side of his belly and says "c'mon little buddy time to get down!", Riolu accepts it as Mewfour lands on the ground, baxter gets off of her body as he layed on the ground on his stomach letting go of riou. Mewfour says "thanx for help and" he throws him "I SAW WHAT U POSTED", Baxter got thrown into king and queens room through the window & lays there. King Ninja and Queen Ninja looks at baxter on the floor, "WHAT THE!" King Shouts out as Queen looks, baxter gets up slowly and looks at them in a sweatdrop saying "hi" in shock. King Ninja growls and gets ready to use his final smash on him "Secret Ninja Attack", Baxter runs out of their room through the window before he could start and says "uh...hehe....guess alittle swim will calm me down!" he goes to the bathroom and gets out in his black skull swimtrunks to go for a swim, he gets in alone and he heard king ninja shout at him "AND STAY OUT!", baxter looks then swims around alone saying "just me hehe...". "BAXTER" Shouts out from Riolu, baxter turns around to see him and says "Yes Riolu?", "u ready for Mewfour to join in the battle?" Riolu says as Baxter gets shocked and says "uh...uh.... ehehehe" he says nervously, Suddenly he sees Mewfour's tail wrapping around his waist in the pool, "eee!!!!" he shouts in fear. "can't wait kick ur but" she says to baxter she grins at him with her tail wrapped around him, Baxter escapes out of her tail, she tries to dropkick her in the pool but as he did, mewfour didn't go down. Mewfour grabs him and says in anger "u drop kick me!", Baxter looked in shock at her. The RP Ended there

April 13th 2015 "Mewfour Smash Preview Final Part"Edit

Baxter is outside at night looking up into the skies and stars while chilling. Suddenly Riolu runs to him and says "Baxter mewfour is doing work out I think she getting ready to battle u!", Baxter blinks in shock as he sits up fast looking at him with a frightened look "W-WHAT?!" he says as Baxstar returns the favor "yup" with a grin on her face. "She wants me first" says baxter, Riolu has proof of holding a bag of his face which was blown up already, Baxter stands in shock, "so be ready for wednesday! MII BRAWLER!!!!" Baxstar says to his face, "Im only brawler in smash, human right now!" Baxter responds that to her face. "hehehe...good luck" she says to him as she walks up chuckling, Baxter then looks both ways with a sweatdrop coming down and says to riolu "Why does that mewtwo always get me! She does like must!", "Ur fuck" riolu says, Baxter still afraid and shocked walks and hides in a bush to see or actually, SPY on mewfour, he looks through and sees that mewfour has putted bags of his face around shooting them with shadow ball, She then suddenly shoots out Psystrike which it went through a wall, Baxter ducks down from the attack and back up from it and runs back into his house and hides in his room, "Baxter u ok?" Elissa was in his room ((She too big to be in his room lol XD)) Baxter looks at elissa shy and says "uh....yah?", "why are u sweating human? Is something the matter?", "N-no...i...uh....i fell out of bed had a nightmare!" baxter sweatdrops, "human I was here the whole time and I heard the door close!", Baxter looks then gets embarrassed as he walks out from his room then walks fast, Elissa saw this and said "Baxter" she glares at him "don't walk away from me what happen", Baxter was shy to say it as he turns back to her then runs off. "why do they run!" Elissa says as Heat is with her too, Baxstar helps her out explaining to her "he scared but, mewfours gonna destroy him in smash hehehe!" she says, Elissa looks at her nodding understanding what baxstar said, Baxter is in a tree he was too shy to say it when suddenly mewfour does her down smash on the bag, baxter watches in horror to her, then she throws shadow ball near him when she missed, she said "damn it miss the training doll". Baxter saw shadow ball near him as it hits into a tree, baxter loses his balance and fell out, Mewfour spots him shouting at him "BAXTER! YOUR SPYING ON ME !", Baxter jumps back up in fear and runs. The RP ended there when baxter went to sleep.

April 14th 2015 "Mewfour is Ready"Edit

((Mewtwo DLC Download codes tomorrow!!!))

Mewfour kicks down the wall with Mario getting headlocked and says at him "ur so mine now!", "MARIO!!!" Baxter says with mewfour having him in the headlock she grins at baxter ready to pass him out next. Mario was passed out as mewfour says "he was just light" she throws Mario and then looks at him saying "your mine", Baxter steps back in fear looking at her then says "she wanna hurt a 16 year old!" he starts to run from her again fleeing for his life from a female mewtwo.

April 15th 2015 "Smash Bros. Aftermath Part 3"Edit

Mewfour looking all pissed off at baxter says to him "why every time!" Baxter says"that's what u get for headlocking Mario!" "heheh hey I was kicking yo ass hahaha!!" mewfour responds with. Baxter crosses arms and says "Well...yea....but I was winning actually ya just stood there & I did my thing on ya!". "I saw what u did! u looked in her ass! how dare u look at my mewtwos ass u idiot!" Baxstar says coming in. "hey something made me freeze man and" she grabs him "U SHIT LOOKED UP MY SHIRT" She says pissed off. " wasn't my fault" Baxter says at her, Mewfour shouts at him saying "OH YES IT IS" she says growling at him, Baxter didn't know what to say as he gets embarrassed, "DONT WORRY I GO ALL OUT ON U!" She says in anger, "wait what!" he says, Baxstar responds "Get him Mewfour!", Baxter sees this happening as he slits out of his shirt since she was grabbing him there and runs. Mewfour chases after him while holding his shirt growling at him, Baxter keeps running so he doesn't get caught. Baxter turns at mewfour while running saying "Mewfour! Ur even worse when ur drunk!" suddenly he didn't look where he was going & crashes into a wall & fell over on the ground. Mewfour sees this as Baxter was laying on his belly as he looked up in fear at her. "now heheh where do u want it" she grins at him as baxter looks scared even more. Mewfour then transforms into her mega form and shoots out psystrike at him, he gets hit & gets launched & bounces off wall and then after another bounce he gets hit into mewfour & landed on her, he begins blushing since his shirt is off. However, Mewfour ducks down and looks at him as baxter hits the floor and a while baxter slowly gets up.

April 17th 2015 "Prank Gone Wrong"Edit

Baxter Recently got a new treehouse, He hangs out by himself in there. Riolu was with him as well saying "yaaa it fun up here", baxter smiles at riolu and looks at the window "hey look its mewfour! what she doing she messing with her tail" he laughs after the joke. "Well has she cleaning it from the battle" Riolu says, "oh heh...alrighty then ooo watch this!" baxter gets cold water from bucket & slowly walks to window & throws it at her then ducks down & hides. Mewfour gets hit by Cold Water and shouts out "AHHHH FUCK! WHO DID THIS!" she looks around in anger to see who did this. Baxter doesn't try to laugh trying to stay quiet while laying on the ground near the window. Mewfour looks at the treehouse and thinks, Baxter took alittle peek and then knew he saw this coming, Mewfour is coming to the treehouse he's at, Baxter sees this and says "Oh Shit! shes coming!" he runs to find a place to hide and hides somewhere in the treehouse. Mewfour runs into the treehouse and grabs him out of his hiding spot and looks at him and anger saying "YOU LITTLE!", Baxter looks at her afraid. "UR SO DEAD" Mewfour shouts in anger at him "Of what! Blame Zoroark! she does the pranks! and Lugiatwo with her huge birdy wings! eeeee!" Baxter says to her. Mewfour then says "oh really do tell" she commanded baxter to go up to them and tell proof about it, Baxter then says "alright i'll tell them!" baxter gets out of his treehouse and walks up to zoroark and says "uh...hey zoroark uh...they say u do the pranks hehehe...", Baxter turns around at mewfour who has skulls in her eyes ready to kill him, Baxter turns back and says "Zoroark! did ya hear what I said?" then tugs zoroarks hair couple of times trying to get her attention. Finally he pulls her hair, Zoroark looks and says "I hadn't did the prank yet why?", Mewfour heard this and starts to form Shadow Ball and throw it at baxter, Baxter saw this and grabs zoroark and drags her down with him on the ground which she misses, Baxter lets go of zoroark and says to her "Mewfour's forcing me to ask u and lugiatwo about what I said! I said u are the master of pranks and lugiatwo got big wings!". "what set her off this time!" he gets up and helps zoroark get back up and says "I threw cold water at her!, eeee!!! gotta see birdy next!" he runs off to find lugiatwo to find more proof or otherwise mewfour catches him.

April 23rd 2015 "He Peeked Again!"Edit

Mewfour and Baxter look down to each other getting ready for a smash fight, "mmmm oh yaa" Mewfour said as baxter growls at her.

((Smash Fight Yayz! Baxter wins 3-2))

After the smash fight, Mewfour grabs baxter by the shirt and says "heheheh u so done it, hey I just knewness something why is it every time we battle there alway a lag but every time I start kicking your but it lag up? But it doesn't do it to u?" Mewfour says "she have a good point" riolu coming out of nowhere walks to them. "I don't know" says baxter, "huh odd then and hey if I wasn't so light and wasn't for lag I would kick ur but like boss heheh" Mewfour grins at him saying that, "Uh huh but I won that what u get for headlocking Mario!", "oh please best 3 out 2" she grins "hehe". Baxter looks afraid at this point, he's been afraid and a coward because he doesn't like to be hurt and had a rough life after the war from Virginia City occurred and killed his parents. Baxter turns around and looks and spots Zoroark and Must in Bikinis and turns back at mewfour and says "uh...right hehehe whoa! Zoroark and must in bikinis!", "then later tomorrow we do it again and ZOROARK!", Zoroark saw what baxter did and then says "GRRR JUST LIKE THE LAST GUY", Mewfour letted baxter go and then Must tackles him down hard again, Baxter is on the ground, Must looking angry at him stares at him, "glad Elissa isn't here!" baxter said, "heheh why is that?" Zoroark said while grinning at him. "she'll grounded me for 10 minutes!!!", Zoroark had a good idea and shouts out Elissa's name and Must grins even more at him, Baxter gets scared more that his heart pumped fast, "oooooh busted!" Baxstar said walking in. Elissa was asleep as she heard it and woke up saying "uuuh what I was sleeping" she looks "BAXTER!!!!", Baxter looked at her and sees her coming "fuck!" baxter says, Elissa runs up and grabs him looking pissed off saying to him "what u doing!", Baxter couldn't think any ideas but said "n-nothing!! Uh... Must wanted to wrestle and she pinned me", Elissa didn't fell for it and she ate him saying "20 minute of grounded mr!", Zoroark, Must, Baxstar and Mewfour all laugh. "sorry girls about him", "that alright" Mewfour says while smiling and Zoroark is still laughing off. Baxter now looking all down waiting for 20 minutes.

-20 Minutes Later-

Baxter crawls out of Elissa's mouth while she was reading a book with his shirt off while holding it. Baxstar then looks and saw him and shouts out "SHIRTLESS GUY!!!!", "eee that was odd" Elissa says, Baxter hides behind the bird bath of Lugiatwo and puts back on his shirt and says "20 minutes up I'm free!!!!!!". The RP ended there that night.

April 24th 2015 "Baxter's Nightmare"Edit

"got the puppet join in Baxter hahaha!" Mewfour looks at him, Baxter gets up and looks around and sees mewfour and gets scared and says "puppet?!", "yes even Freddy and mike THEM SELF!", Freddy Fazbear and Mike Schmit had join mewfour, "even me is coming!" Out of nowhere a new character joins in known as Purple Guy, Mewfour then says "jake ass wanted to", baxter steps back in fear not wanting to join in, "YARRRRRR even me heheh" Foxy joined mewfour looking at him, "What's all this!!!" Baxter shouts out in fear, "ooooh just a deal heheh " Mewfour says grinning walking to him slowly, "yep u vs all of us" purple guy grins "HAHAHAHA", Mike rolls eyes wanting to join baxter's side. Baxter starts to run away,"heheh want to play tomorrow hehehe!" Mewfour says grinning, "ps I sand u a video of me haha" Purple Guy says, "Didn't know she was puppeteer!!!!" Baxter said hiding behind the bird bath, "hello there!" Chica comings in walking to baxter, baxter steps back in fear. "I got all them to join!" Mewfour grins that everyone from Five Nights at Freddys joined her, Even Riolu joined in and says "even me me will have pay back he got updated!", "what do u mean?! is it from last night?!" Baxter says a lot scared, "kinda and also the picture!". Baxter Steps back but bumps behind Baxstar who was blocking his way "there no whereto run!, welcome to the nightmare!" baxstar says grinning, Baxter turns around and looks in fear, "I be the last one u fight to by the way!!!" Mewfour says grinning, "come on join us!" Baxstar says now having Zoroark next to her "yaaa Baxter!!!" Zoroark grins at him. "I don't wanna join!!!" Baxter shouts out in fear, "heheh well... GET HIM!!!!" Baxter tries to run but gets grabbed easily by Mewfour, "TOO BAD", "are u ready for FREDDY!!!!" She says to him, Baxter nods no in fear "well TOO BAD!" Mewfour says as Freddy says "haha this be fun fun!!!", Baxter's heart pumps fast, Foxy notices this and says "pass out already boy!", baxter soon passes out in his nightmare. The RP will continue


Baxstar went onto the computer and went onto the Baxter and Desi page and wrote "Baxter is afraid >:3 he passed out now he gonna join us hehehe >:)".

April 26th 2015 "Land of The Delphoxes"Edit

Baxstar appears and looks at a spongebob picture by Riolu and baxter and laughs at it, Riolu attempts to explain about the pic when all of the sudden, Zoroark snuck up on Riolu and grabbed him and looked while laughing, Baxstar looks then Baxter comes for his help in a scared tone and grabbed her ear and pets the back of it thus knocking her out, he says "like that Delphox said, pet back of ear!", Zoroark passes out again, King Ninja makes a return and jumps in ready to fight, Elissa appears to watch and the Delphox ((that one with the fennekin)) appears and says to him "heheh I sill see u keep same old move my friend!", Baxter looks and smirks nodding yes, He then looks at King Ninja and the Delphox who face each other ready to battle, Baxter looks in confusion then picks up Zoroark and takes her to her room then comes back wondering what is going on, he comes back and sees King Ninja fighting the Delphox, Delphox threw King ninja into a tree, next he grabbed baxter and used him as a bat hurting him, King knocks down Delphox and he gets back up, King Ninja throws him away but baxter is thrown into a tree, It was king ninja's turn until the tree fell on him and screamed out "uuuh BAXTER! Grrr!!!!", Baxter looks at king ninja and says while smiling "hehe...that what ya get for messing with his wife", Delphox looks at him and says "Baxter is that u?", Baxter turns at him and says "yes? it's me", Delphox's tail wags for him and says "how it going and thanx for tree hahaha", King sees this and growls in anger "FUCK U!!!! GET IT OFF!!!!", Delphox and Baxter grin down on King and nodding no at him, Baxter then says "yaaaa king not gonna do it! stay there ninja frog....wait...." baxter looks around "Theres 2 ninja frogs! we got one then theres....QUEEN!". "yaaa but I have no pay meant on her only King here" Delphox says to him, King Ninja yells saying "Grrr BAXTER UR SO DEAD", Baxter looks at king with a look then back at delphox asking him "Oh hows your wife and fennekin", "she doing great and fennekin she not fennekin no more" Delphox smiles at him, "hmm? who is she then?" He looks up to the 9'10 Delphox, "no she evolved man" he sweatdropped, "whoa....don't tell me is it Braixen!" Baxter says. "she is haha" Delphox says now bringing out his daughter now evolved into Braixen, "DAD MY DRASS IS MESS UP AGAIN!" Braixen says to her dad, "and doesn't like getting mess mind watching her bit so I can go and do some stuff" Delphox walks off as baxter nods and looks at braixen and says "hi braixen, remember me?", Braixen looks at baxter "oh hey Baxter long time no see" she smiles at him Baxter smiles back and says "'ve grown girl how tall are ya?" he says. Braixen says "well" she walks up to baxter and is about his height up to 5'9 "about same size as u dad told me when I go delphox I sure be 15 feet hight", Baxter looks and smiles at her "whoa! cool dude" he smiles at her "man you're about my height 5'9". Braixen says "yep and I can do this to" She shrinks him and grabs him "ta da" she smiles, baxter looks around his height and back at braixen. Braixen rubs his head smiling and says "aww u so cute as tiny I could just eat u up", Riolu looks and says "that must job", "alright be good u two" Delphox says and leaves to work, Braixen looks and asks baxter "who must", Baxstar takes a peek abit to see whats going on, "She's a delphox but not as big as you guys", "Must!" Baxstar calls out must's name. Must walks into the room were braixen, baxter and baxstar are, "wait u mean this Delphox?" Braixen says as she pull picture of must out but it book cover and says "she made all the spell book even cook book", "Yep that's her...yes shes a witch! and a mage! she knows spells!", Must saw this and growls and looks at baxstar and says in her delphox language "baxster bring me Baxter" she grins as baxstar agrees and turns at braixen and slowly sneaks quietly so she couldn't be heard from them. Unfortunately Baxstar got spotted, Braixen shrinks baxstar and eats her, Must's jaw dropped and Baxter laughes hard at it. Braixen says "huh I hear her well she good as g-" Must teleported her out and licks all around her to clean her and asks her if she was okay in her delphox language, Baxstar turns normal sized and says "ya im fine". Braixen looks and says "hey she got out? How she do that? Meep oh well now Baxter h-" she looks "Baxter where he go?" Baxstar felt something in her boobs and looks and saw that she captured baxter and says "HA! WE GOT HIM!", Must grabs baxter from Baxstar's boobs and says in her language "YOUR MINE!", Baxter gets scared and says "AH!!!! BRAIXEN!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!" He shouts out for her help. Must giggles abit then saw a creature and it shouts out "MINE!", Must gets scared and runs off holding baxstar as she threw him, Baxter lands near braixen's feet and gets back up and looks at the thing and says "hey who that?", "oh no one" she makes it go away "it spell I made up I call it shadow girl got them good" baxter laughs and looks up at Braixen, She bends down and picks him up and looks at him and baxter looks at her. Braixen turns him back to his size and says "now I'm going read a book", Baxter said "ok" and smiles at her. Braixen went ahead and grabbed a book and read, Riolu looks up to baxter and glares at him and says "Baxter don't u dark shrink down and try look up her drass" that's giving him a warning to not do that, Baxter heard it and looked and said "oh no...not tonight...her dad put me in charge to look after her, dude! shes my height and she said to me that shes gonna be 15 ft as a Delphox wow" he smiles. Riolu looked confused then baxter had another idea he picked up riolu and made him look at elissa and said "look it elissa", "ok why sure I be looking at Elissa", "Darn...oh I know" he looks both ways & spots dialga and palkia & puts riolu down and gets out laser pointer and points at palkia's butt" shhhh it'll be funny!" he smirks, Dialga sees the laser pointer and looks at palkia's butt. "hehehe he gonna smack it!" baxter says grinning. Dialga smacks palkia in the butt, Palkia screams and looks at Dialga and growls.

-2 Hours Later-

Palkia cleans off her hands and looks at dialga in anger and says "now what did we learn!", "broken bones ow" Dialga says, Baxter came back were Braixen was and laughs hard while coming in after seeing that. Braixen looks and laughs and says "what happen to him", "Okay so I got a laser pointer and pointed it at palkia's butt and dialga smacked and he gets OWNED!" They both laugh as the RP ended there after desi said brb.

April 28th 2015 "Smash Bros. Aftermath Part 4"Edit

Riolu, Mewfour, Snowy, Zoroark, Purple Guy and Freddy were all talking about how the lag keeps on messing them up, Baxter has had enough of hearing it and attempts to sneak out from a window, Mewfour spotted him and grabbed his leg grinning at him, Purple Guy uses sword to point at baxter and says "wonder what I could stuff u in", mewfour saw this and said "nooo purple guy", baxter got scared and he said "Purple guy got my chest I just healed up!", Mewfour shrinks him and puts him on her head. Purple guy then says "mmm how about we go for round two but he fight more of my friends tomorrow mmmm?" baxter didn't even have choices, Mewfour responds with "mmmmmm it up to Baxter", Zoroark walks up behind mewfour and looks at baxter and says "yummy Baxter!" she grins wanting to eat him. "well what it be big man", baxter was busy getting scared and shrugged at zoroark and turns at purple guy and says "imam kick yo barney ass!" he then looks back at zoroark being scared. Purple Guy laughs and says "THEN WE DO IT TOMORROW YOU VS ALL BUT not Freddy he already got beat", Freddy gives him the finger "fine u get other go!" Purple Guy responds with, "why wait tomorrow if we can do it now?" Freddy says. The Purple Guy rolls his eyes and says "baxter want do this now or tomorrow?", baxter turns around and says "how'bout tomorrow!" he looks back to zoroark and shouts at her "IM NOT A CHEW TOY!". "to me you are" Zoroark says grinning at him, Purple Guy agrees and has to change up his moveset, same goes to Freddy and Riolu. Mewfour and Purple Guy have other allies that want to destroy baxter, Iron Man and now...Lion Guy joins in. Baxter keeps on rolling his mouth about how he can beat Lion guy which rages him as he hits a wall in anger. Baxstar said something to the shrunken baxter on mewfour's head "come on baxter! zoroark wants u badly! come off from mewfour's head and come to zoroark!", baxter shouted "NO!" at her, Lion Guy still gives mean look. Baxstar suddenly sees something behind Lion Guy coming up behind him and says "Oh uh....Lion Guy! uh....COBRA ATTACK!", The Lion Guy turns around revealing Z behind him as Z grabs him and snake squeezes him and tosses him out. The RP ended there.

April 29th 2015 "Moonlight Disaster"Edit

"He better than all of us how can he draw" baxstar said being jealous how baxter is very artistic, baxter gave her that respond with "Because im double jointed and talented on drawing" (OOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!). "huh I uh....uh....what? I forgot what I was gonna say! nice one bax" baxstar walks out, "It true im double jointed on my fingers and very artistic...." Baxter says walking out. "wait they saying he better at drawing then me?" Riolu tilts head "and artstic man those guy are awesome I hang out with them all time" Riolu says, Kawaii comes in to her son and says "Yea...although I can draw with aura" to her son nuzzling him, Baxter was walking around and says to himself "one day...I wanna ask out braixen". Riolu says to Kawaii "so he better then me at hand drawing?" Kawaii nods and says "Yep! probably!", Baxter comes across Mewfour who was sitting and having eyes close thinking, Baxter spots mewfour and stops and tilts head in weird way "huh?" he says as he walks slowly to her not to disturb her. "why don't I ever see it" Riolu says "Oh he told me hes always lazy trying to take pictures and posting it on facebook" Kawaii responds with, Baxter is close enough to mewfour and looks at her then he slowly reaches his arm out and slowly, very slowly pokes mewfour on her head. "hey I'm thinking here Baxter!" Mewfour says getting back thinking, "Oh errr...." he disguises his voice in a weird way "Er Kay!", Baxter walks back from her and walks to his room and goes in his room, Mewfour opened one eye and said "mmmm wonder who was that", she closes it back, Baxter is in his room as he shuts the door and walks over to his window and opens up which it was nighttime and Zoroark is mostly active at night. He looks around from the window outside "wait hold up! HOLD UP!" he saw Elissa and looks at her from the window "huh? what she up to?". Elissa and Braixen were chatting with each other "and that how my little heat was born", "huh go on". Baxter turns around from them from the window and says "theres braixen and that is true....although......yeeeaaahhh I wouldn't say it.....she find out and kill me if I say it....heh....." baxter closes the window and got in boxers then went to bed and sleeps "zzzzz...". "BOOO!!!!" Riolu shouts, baxter woke up fast and hitted head on wall "OW!" he says. "pika" riolu says to him, baxter looks at riolu and says "ya got me again...." he fell asleep again "Pikachu......". "nu it me" Riolu said, "Oh..." he sits up "what'cha doing here man? its like 11 at night..." "were u uh...." he smirked and giggled abit thinking of something funny "was lugiatwo needed help sleep again or something?" baxter says, "going crazy" Riolu responded to him "oh....wait what! Crazy! eee!!!! do it on Must or something!" baxter said holding back. "nu hiding from zoroark" Riolu says "snap! I know she crazy during this time!" Baxter said, Suddenly Zoroark bangs down his door and baxter had his lights off when riolu came in, Baxter Hides under his covers from her. Riolu hides too and baxter gets scared while hiding. Zoroark breaks down door and says "COME HERE!!!". Baxter and Riolu were both hiding in bed, Riolu under and Baxter in the covers. Baxter quietly whispers like a mouse so zoroark dosent hear him "she good at smelling! and...hearing". Riolu told him to shhh baxter nodded in fear, "I know ur here!" Zoroark says, Suddenly.........."MINE!" Zoroark snatches Riolu by his legs grinning at him, Baxter saw this and screamed "AH!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!" and was only in boxers at her. The RP ended there.

May 1st 2015 "Cops get owned"Edit

Baxter and Riolu are in the car when a cop came and said "license and registration please", Riolu smiles and attempts to do it but Baxter begins to blurt out "MAN DON'T GIVE THEM SHIT! WHAT THE FUCK U WANT!", The Cop begin to beat down Riolu and Baxter out of the car, Snowy and Baxstar watches as Snowy says "uuuuh sure we help", Baxstar nods and shoots a Fireball the cop runs away from them and saves Baxter and Riolu but Riolu is knocked out cold. They return home as Baxter places him on a couch, "lets not tell kawaii or anyone that what u said to that cop" "ooh yaaa" Baxstar and Snowy said, "yeah heh..." Baxter responded to the 2 Girls, Baxstar glares at him and says " Well u started it bax!" Baxter got that fear look in him again and walks away fast from them. Snowy stops him "where u going!", "uh....ehhh...... " Baxter runs from Snowy. "GET BACK HERE" Snowy shouts at him and begins to Chase him. Suddenly Baxter trips over something and shouts "AH! FUCK!" and hits the ground and turns over his back and looks at Snowy. Snowy runs up and pins him down and says "got u!", Baxter looks terrified at her. "Snowy I couldn't explain!!!" Baxter said to her in fear. "okay..EXPLAIN THEN!" Snowy said in anger to him, Baxter explained in fear that he was the one who did it, Snowy knew that already. "Uh.......I got nothing!" Baxter said to her "baxster let show him what happen to bad guys" "Oh hehe right" Baxstar punches her palm with her fist ready to beat him up "FUCK!" baxter said. Baxstar punches baxter straight hard in his face knocking him out cold. "guys" Baxstar and Snowy look as Riolu is up on his feet "Riolu! oh hey hehe...baxter ate something bad and he uh....sick!" she takes him to his room and puts him in bed "wake up soon bax bax". Riolu looks and says "mmmmm okay" " was uh....some pizza from under the fridge and he sick hehehe!"

-2 Hours Later-

Baxter wakes up from bed feeling his head. "u ate bad pizza" a voice came and it was Elissa, Baxter looks as he sees Elissa in his room who actually can fit in his room. "huh..... how can she fit in my room........wait.....NO! I DID NOT!" "what I just break one wall!" Elissa sweatdropped, Baxter looks at the wall. "yep so how u feeling?" Elissa asks him "feeling alright...." "that good know why" "yea" baxter says as he gets out from bed and looks at her. "good COZ U GET COPS PISS AGAIN I EAT UR EYES OUT!", Baxter got scared again as he looks and tries to run but hits into wall and falls over afterwards. Elissa grabs him and pulls him forward close up to her face and says "understand Baxter?", Baxter is still frightened and nodding slowly. Elissa drops him as baxter lands on the ground next to her claws looking down on him, Baxter slowly stands up and looks at her. RP Ended there

May 8th 2015 "The Lost Soul"Edit

A New character now officially Baxter's Villain named Lost Soul. He appears to him and says "I am just like him but I was made to fight the best fighter", "Nah, all I see is a headless piece of ass!" Baxter says giving him a Stone Cold Look. "I have hands" he shows his hands "i see one man ready to fall". "wow...I see now.... then how'bout I come at ya then!" baxter says, Lost Soul gets in fighting pose and runs at him, Baxter looks and sidesteps, Lost Soul slows down time and uses his crystal eye to shoot him into a tree and restart up time "not ready and your mine" Dark Mists start coming up on him and laughs and says "wonder how would you fit in". Baxter gets back up on his feet and runs at Lost Soul to an attack. Lost Soul catches him with an appearing giant hand and it throws him down hard on the ground as he stands in the air says "well Baxter can't keep up?", Baxter kips back up from the ground looks up at him in anger and says "No! I still keep going!!!". Riolu, Mewfour and Zoroark come for his aid as Riolu says "Baxter sand out Batista your delphox!", "more for me to fight SHUT UP CHILD" Lost Soul Says as Riolu begins crying, Mewfour and Zoroark walk back and both say "u really surent not done that!", "MAMA!!!" Riolu shouts out as Kawaii hears it from the house and runs out for her aid. Batista Roars in anger at Lost Soul, Lost Soul looks before he could attack, Batista jumped and grabbed his feet and starts to slam him around like that Cutscene were Hulk grabbed Loki and slammed him around. Kawaii appears and looks at riolu who was crying, He told her what happened and then Kawaii got so pissed off, She grabbed a mega mushroom and ate it, She grows huge as Batista letted him go and Kawaii violently stomps him down hard. "HE DEAD NOW!" Baxter says, "ENOUGH!" Lost Soul uses his power as he throws Kawaii off of him and then throws batista, However Batista landed inbetween kawaii's boobs saving him, Batista is knocked out at this point, Baxter looks and looked back at Lost soul in anger, Suddenly, he gets into a Violent/Killing mode at him as he shouts "IMMA KILL U NOW!!". Lost Soul saw this and said "mmm" he looks "3 vs one we are done mmmm for now" his crystal eye flashes and he's gone. Riolu says "he's gone", Baxter suddenly after the violent mode fell back unconscious. Riolu saw this and said "baxstar he passed out!", Baxstar saw what happened and said "Not again! probably he had to face his new villain!" Batista returns to his pokeball, then Kawaii turns normal sized again, Baxstar said "Don't worry we got this!" she tries to lift him up but he's heavy around 176 lbs. "Gah! he's heavy!", "DELPHOX!" Out from the house, Must shouted from her room, Zoroark heard it with her ears and said "that came from must room!" she runs to her room, Baxstar then said "Oh! Must knew he was knocked out!". Zoroark came in and looked and said "must she hurt!", "god damn" Mewfour said as Must looked hurt, Mewfour moves the bar off of her and said "that ass whole will pay!", "We'll get him another day! when he's brave enough!" Baxstar gives 1-up mushroom to Must, she dragged an Unconscious baxter to her room. Must looks at her and says in her language "thanks baxstar". The RP will continue after desi is done seeing a movie.

May 11th 2015 "Palkia Strikes Back"Edit

Palkia starts off as she runs in holding a giant bat and looking down at baxter angrily and says "sup #####, remember me!", Baxter looks up at her in fear and says "yes!", "Uh...why their a bat in ur hands!" Baxter steps back from her. "hehehehe....that flipnote ehhh...." He makes a run for it but palkia easily grabbed him on the leg. "YOUR SO MINE!" Palkia says at him, Baxter looks more scared at palkia while she is holding a bat.

Continue, May 12th 2015 "Palkia Strikes Back"Edit

Palkia throws him up and hits him with the bat, it sends Baxter flying into a wall as he made a hole and fell off on the ground. The RP ended quickly there due to no response from desi.

May 15th 2015 "The Comic"Edit

Mewfour and Riolu laugh to baxter because he made the most embarrassing comic ever of mewfour putting her butt on him and lugiatwo saying "MEWFOUR! REALLY N****". Lugiatwo makes a return and says "I remember that!", Baxter looks at her while blushing because he embarrassed himself. Lugiatwo laughs and says "sill can't believe she did that!", Baxter's face is now fully red in embarrassment and runs while saying to her "Lugiatwo! Stop!". Baxstar looks and laughs hard and says "WAIT BAXTER!!! LOL DONT YA WANT TO SEE MORE OF IT! lol!!!", Riolu looks at her confused and says "see what?", Baxstar told him the comic. Baxter runs into his room and walks in ferther and says "oh my god that comic, she might do it again!" he looks around "weres elissa". Suddenly Baxter was in his room but elissa was there as she closes up her mouth on baxter and says "GOT U NOW FOX GIRL!" "ELISSA!!! WRONG GUY YOU STUPID REPTILE!" Baxter shouts out in fear and anger at her. Elissa heard something in her mouth and spitted out baxter who was covered in saliva. "WHAT DID U CALL ME!" Elissa stoods up in anger at him, baxter slowly gets up in fear and said "reptile!", Baxter bursts open his door from his room and runs from her. "HEY GET BACK HERE!" Elissa roars out in anger, baxter is running for his life fast. The RP took an end there for the night.

May 16th 2015 "Almost Elissa's Birthday"Edit

Baxter was texting on his phone in his room while Elissa holding heat looks behind him and looks at what he was texting and says "who u texting?" she says as Heat was fast asleep, baxter turns around and says "braixen why?". Elissa said that she was checking since she treats like a mother to baxter, Baxter puts away his phone in his pocket and stands up and stretches. "BAXTER!!! come over here please" Out of a shout coming from Mewfour, baxter turns to mewfour with a frightened look as he slowly walks up to her. "it almost Elissa birthday and I need ur help", "uh huh... what do i need to do?" Baxter asks her. "well hehehe".

-1 hour later-

"the clown" mewfour dressed him up as a clown "u look good with red hair", baxter was blushing rapidally and said "way to go mewfour", "What it good" Mewfour grins at him, baxter was very speechless at this. Mewfour looked confused and said "uuuh u okey Baxter?", "ya i uh" Baxter runs to the nearest bathroom and gets back in his clothes and washes the make up off and comes back to her and said "there we go!". "now we need a red nose for u!" Mewfour grins as she takes one out since baxter took off the clown suit already and said "oh snap hehehe ya know i kinda got back and washed the make up off and got my clothes back on eheh! wait! No! wait! gah!" Baxter runs for it, "GET BACK HERE BAXTER!" Mewfour shouted out at him. Baxter runs fast from her but suddenly bumped into dialga. Dialga looked very suprised and excited to see him at his tail wags fast and says "hey it play toy", "uh oh" baxter standed back up and steps back from him. "heheh ur traped now Baxter" Mewfour and Dialga both surround baxter. "WEEEEE" Snowy swoopes down and grabs baxter and jumps up and shouts "YOLO" at both Dialga and Mewfour. The RP will pick up back later if possible.


The RP continued, Snowy lands on the ground saving baxter as baxter gets off of her and looks at her. "what did ya do any ways" Snowy asks as baxter told her that mewfour wanted to put a red nose on him. "wait why did Mewfour wanted u wear red nose?" Snowy asks him and baxter says "she trying to dress me up weirdly!". "mmmm that doesn't sound like her", Baxter stood up straight and tilts head in a weird way and says "what do u mean?!". Snowy glares now at him and says "is it someone birthday coming?", Baxter steps back in fear and says "Elissa!", Snowy gets close to him and says "really now!", "No! her birthdays coming up!" Baxter responds to her and then says "and mewfour is tryin to dress me up weirdly for her, it just so embarrassing". The RP ended there.

May 17th 2015 "Baxter's Punishment"Edit

After a gameplay of Five Nights In Anime, Baxter was on the bed curled up in fear like he just saw a horror film or something like that. Baxter then says "why did I play that game! at least no one else saw me playing it!", "I did" Riolu was in his room the whole time while he was playing the game, baxter looked at riolu as he got confused and anoxous and then shouted out for Kawaii and says "kawaii!!!  Why did ur son see me playing it", Kawaii peeked around the corner and said "I tried my best to not let him see but I gave up!", Riolu sweat dropped at this and said "I didn't look I just heard him", Kawaii then picks up riolu and looks at baxter and says "hmm okay then son,  Baxter STOP LOOKIN AT GIRLS ON THEIR!  ELISSA GROUNDED U TWICE U WANNA 3RD TIME!" "No! She will eat my brain out" Baxter replied back in fear, Kawaii then takes riolu with her as baxter took off his shirt and jeans and was in nothing but boxers and falls asleep, Suddenly out from under baxter's bed, Zoroark came out this whole time as she goes to his computer and says in a evil way "mmmm now I sure show Elissa this video" she grins after this.

-Next Day-

Baxter was fast asleep as he begins to wake up slowly, "BAXTER!!!!!!" a shout comes from Elissa, baxter sits up fast and looks at her "I SAW WHAT U DID!" Elissa roared out at him, Baxter begins to look terrified and tired at the same time and says "VIDEO?!  OH NO ZOROARK!!!", Elissa growls at him and begins to tower her head down at baxter and eats him by her mouth and says "U STAYING THERE FOR A DAY!" Elissa says as she grins and thinks.

-Next Day-

Elissa looks at time as she says "oh time for him come out" Elissa spits out baxter's bones and corpse since he got digested in there and shes uses her neckless to light up to heal him and get him back to life, Baxter comes back to life and looks at her as Elissa says to him "now what did we learn?", "N-not to look at girls", "Good" Elissa told him as baxter walks away without a shirt on, Elissa throws a shirt at him and says "dont forget this!", Baxter looks as he picks up his shirt and puts it on and walks around. After a while he encounters must reading her spell book, baxter had an evil plan in him on her as he looks both ways then picks up a rock and threw it at her spell book, knocking it off her hands, Must looks at saw him laughing at her she stops him by using her spellbook. The RP ended there.

May 18th 2015 "Baxter vs. Sonic, Eggman and Purple Guy"Edit

"hey check ur game later I had left u a gift haha" Purple guy walks up to baxter stating that he had made another new video for baxter to challenge him, baxter looks at purple guy and says "oh I will! I saw a blue hedgehog beat up sheik and then I saw my boy Mario use that cape on little mac!" He says as he walks away from Purple Guy. "hehe yep!" Purple guy chuckles as baxter stops and turns around and says "After that Imma put u in that suit!" he points at springtrap suit and grins at him "ya gotta need it, MURDERER!!!!" Baxter jumps off from roof to the ground of the house. "heheh please you didn't beat me in smash!" "Cause of the Lag!" Baxter shouts back at the purple guy. "I can say same for you and others" Purple guy says. Suddenly a new character makes his official cameo...SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!. "Yaa man it does suck" Sonic says, baxter looks and sees one of his arch-enemies in as he says "SONIC!" as Baxter jumps back at him. "what oh Yaa haha after all time I kicked in" "PINGASSSSS" Dr. Eggman appears then sonic says "even lag or not" "yaaa it suck when lag happen" Purple guy said. "Oh please, even if 3 of u here! Im more stronger...especially! YOU SONIC! I SAW U FIGHTING SHIEK! I BET U CANT BEAT ME!" Baxter shouts at sonic, Sonic replied with "later", "3 vs One sound fun" Purple Guy says as Eggman said "I was here to be funny but Yaa u making sound like 3 vs one hehe". Baxter steps back in that mood and says "ya right! imma prove that im better! im gonna fight tomorrow against all 3 of you! so! ya!" Baxter steps back some more and walks off. "hes so done for specially against me!" Sonic says "Yaa but even I lose u can show him thing or two" Purple Guy responds to Sonic. " not scared of a little blue hedgehog trying to beat me! what could go wrong tomorrow" "a whole lot" Riolu responded to him as baxter stepped back in that weird look again and says "Riolu! Im like 2 times bigger than him at 5'9!!!". The RP will pick up later.

May 20th 2015 "Kawaii's Name"Edit

Kawaii's name was being racist after baxter said to a pic "It so "kawaii"". Kawaii runs up angry at Baxter and punches him hard knocking him out cold and says to him "WHAT DID U SAY NIGGA!!!!", Riolu just looks at his mom. "Heh! Got em! Hahaha Got em!" Kawaii shouted at baxter pointing at him. Riolu looks at his mom and then asks her "why he saying that mama?", "he messing with my name!" Kawaii yelps. Baxstar saw this coming then says "Ya she don't like it when someone taunts her name to other things riolu", Baxter gets up fast but out of nowhere Elissa grabs him and looks at him in anger and says "I heard what u been doing!" She says as Kawaii says at her "Elissa! He mocked my name!", "ELISSA!!! eee" Baxter was afraid again as usual. "so he had well guess what that means?" Elissa says to kawaii as she looks at her and says "hmm?". Desi's internet was bad so it ended there.

May 27th 2015 "Zoroark's Payback"Edit

Baxter was walking around outside in his back yard until he heard a voice saying "weeeeee!!", Baxter turns around and notices Riolu jumps at his face and covers his eyes, Baxter begins to freak out when riolu was blocking his view, Mewfour teleports in and looks at them wondering what baxter is up to. Baxter keeps on panicking and running with riolu on his face until baxter ran to a tree and fell down from it, Riolu gets off as Mewfour looks and laughs, Baxter stands back up looking like he just went to see a horror movie, "mmm I wonder where baxstar at any ways" Mewfour says as she sees her master in a bikini taking a sun bathe, She walks over to her master and asks her "baxstar why u wearing that?", Baxstar looks at mewfour and says "wanted some tan", Mewfour looks then nods and says "same here" Mewfour lays down next to her taking a sun bathe as well. Baxter watches until Zoroark grabs him, baxter screams. "Hi Baxter" Zoroark says grinning evily at him baxter looked all afraid up at the Illusion Pokémon, Baxstar begins to pet mewfour on her back while sunbathing, "I remember something about hammer and u now IT PAY BACK TIME!" Zoroark grins evily more, this was because baxter hitted her with the hammer when she was gonna get out from the pipe to eat Mario and baxter ran up and banged her with it and shoved her back in the pipe. "HAMMER?!" Baxter freaks out saying it, Baxstar looks at him and says "Ya! U hurted her head when she tried to eat Mario!". "yep and now" Zoroark grabs him on the shirt "UR SO DEAD!" "Zoroark! What are u thinking!" Baxter says to her in fear. Baxstar looks and grins and says "hehe! zoroark knows what she gonna do to u! u just see it!" Baxter looks at her and gives that pervy look and back at zoroark in fear.

May 29th 2015 "Zoroark's Failure"Edit

Mewfour busts through a wall and shouts "FUCK YA". Baxter turns and looks at her and said "not u!", "yes me!" Mewfour responds back grinning, baxter takes a step back from her. Riolu poked his nose with his tail as it actually attracts Elissa "RAWR" she bites a hold on riolu's tail. Riolu screams out "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW HOLY fucking of shit!!!!" "ooooo he drop the f bomb" Heat saw it and said. "heheh come here" Mewfour does that finger come here thing as baxter slowly walks up to her shaking in fear. Suddenly Mewfour was actually ZOROARK! Zoroark used the Illusions to turn herself back as she grabs baxter and says "HA U FALL FOR IT" Baxter screamed in fear at her as Zoroark just chuckles at him, Baxter in fear says "What are ya gonna do to me! help!". "KICK UR BUT!" Zoroark says, Baxter freaks out and bites her hand and hides behind Elissa. "I EASILY FALL FOR THE ILLUSIONS ZOROARK DISGUISED AS!" Baxter yells out behind elissa. Zoroark growls in anger, "no no he my human and every one know u don't hurt dragon pet" Elissa says. Baxter didn't noticed that for a long time by now he was a pet to elissa "well yaa" Elissa looks back at her little human pet. "eh..okay then" Baxter says as he peeks from elissa's tail and spits his tongue out at zoroark, "HEY GRRR!!!!" Zoroark growls even more as she had enough and runs at him and tackled him down on the ground. Zoroark growls at him again when suddenly Elissa ate Zoroark and burps and said "mmmm fox" baxter stands back up. Baxter swipes sweat from head. The RP might continue later on if possible.

May 31st 2015 "Mid and Mr. Tug/Baxter's Failure/White"Edit

Mid makes her official rp debut and says "DIE ######" at both Riolu and Baxter, "run man!" Riolu says as Baxter begins to run for his life. Baxter runs into the room were Baxstar, Snowy, and some pokemons and yells out at them saying "OKAY WHO LETTED IN A KILLER SOUL IN THE HOUSE!", Baxstar responds saying "what? she and mr. tug are visiting? we letted them in", "who's mr. tug" Baxter asks. Mr. Tug comes in as another character in his official debut, He grabs baxter and says "pay up", "What do u want! money!" Baxter says back to Mr. Tug. The Rp will continue later


Baxter throws money at Mr. Tug as Mr. Tug says "thank u" as he releases baxter, Mid giggles abit and Riolu looks and says "what the ####". Baxstar missed out as she looks back at them then looks back at her phone while texting her closest BFF Snowy. Baxter walks off into his room as he enters in. Baxter comes out of his room and took a peek into snowy's room from her door. Snowy was texting, Baxter had a plan in his head as he walks away. Snowy still texting says "mmmm let see ah ha!" Baxter shrunk down to size and walks into snowy's room, baxter says quietly while walking into her room "were is she?". Suddenly Baxter spots her on the wall screaming he says "there she is!". Snowy begins to jump around while being a real sheep and goat, Snowy ran out from her room to another room. Elissa was watching the whole thing and says "well sheeps whole lot them!" "darn it! well guessing someone else later on tonight we'll get..." baxter turns normal size and walks into his room again. Elissa was watching the sheep and says "that odd looking sheep" she wasn't paying close attention to baxter who just walked up behind her foot closely. Elissa turns and looks at baxter and says "baxter what up", "whoa uh..nothing" baxter smiles and blushes and shockinly he just had it long inbetween his legs after trying to get snowy while shrunken. Elissa screams at him "AHHHH BAXTER PUT THAT DOWN AT ONCE!!!!" Elissa ordered her pet it, Baxter looked down and saw it he freaked out and trying to cover it with his shirt over his pants. Elissa just shrugs, "sorry elissa! blame snowy! she was the one who made me get one!" baxter told her it was snowy who did it. "why is that" Elissa asks him nealing her head down to him. "Did u ever seen that comic with that midnight girl or whoever, i was trying to do that to snowy!". "mmm i see" Elissa says as baxter takes a step back still having a boner. Baxter takes a seat on a chair in his room. "well ever do that again" Elissa reminds him to not do that, "yes mom..." baxter stands up and atempts to walk out from room, "mom? AHHH what ever!" Elissa says, Snowy walked out from a pack of sheep and says "man sheep side alway take over", Baxter begins walking around minding his own business. Snowy looks at baxter and says "dude u ok?", "yah? im fine!" Baxter responds back. Snowy nods as she walks around, baxter smiles back and walks around as well. Snowy walks away, Baxter continues to walk around until he spotted palkia. Palkia was laying back on tree relaxing, Baxter walks up to her foot. Palkia had in headphones listening to her music, baxter walks slowly in between her legs and looks up at her breasts. Palkia looks down and sees him and says "uuuh can I help u?" "uh...nah?" Baxter putted a hand on her leg, Palkia puts headphones back in her ear. Baxter takes his hand off from her leg and begins climbing on her and putted his hand on her boob.

Continue 2Edit

Baxter was just recently done with a huge comic he worked on 2 hours, he falls over knocked out cold after telling riolu how much hard he worked on it. Riolu says "Ha best ending!", Baxstar appears as she says "Yep! That is a best ending! They deserved it!" she also looks at baxter and says "Oh he knocked out man! But he could agree!" she begins to drag baxter away off to his room. "At less doesn't do that to me!" Riolu says to her " yeah! Riolu yeah!" Baxstar responds back as she makes it into baxter's room and puts him in bed and says to him "Sweet Dreams peaker!". "I know comic are hard to make" Riolu says to baxstar, baxstar walks to him and chats with him "I know right I mean he passed out literally because he always does too much artwork... " "I do too baxstar" "yep u too I gotta say u and white are awesome in ur own series!" while they were chatting, baxter secretly walks past them to up a hallway. Suddenly White makes his official RP debut into the series. "who call" White says as Riolu looks at him and says "u teleporting power!" Riolu says "no one but a human in a red shirt!" Baxstar says as she referenced baxter. Meanwhile with Baxter, Baxter was secretly spying on Lugiatwo when all of the sudden, "Baxter what u looking at?" Baxter suddenly turns around and then suddenly, White's gear formed in his hand and he throws it at him, grabbing it onto his hands and holds him up on the ground "no no" White says to him. "What the?!" he looks at white "Uh! Riolu I was looking for lugiatwo!!! and WHITE! It's u!" Baxter says to the main cast in White and Desi the snow cat gamer artist. "in the furr" White says as Riolu reminds baxter "U surent be spying on her" Riolu says and White says "why u think I did that!". "Why? Riolu! And ur friend whites crazy! yes I saw ur shows but u seen mines??". The RP ended there because desi went to see a movie.

June 5th 2015 "Baxter's Punishment 2"Edit

Baxstar walks into were Baxter and Riolu were just talking about smash bros. Riolu then says "ninja!", Heat flies in and says "where!" "I saw queen over there!" Heat looks as he spots Queen Ninja hanging upsidedown with her web feet on a branch. Elissa was out cold and asleep as baxter approaches her "hmmm...." baxter smirks "ahhh i know what to do!" Baxter evily grins ready for this all along, Baxter slowly approaches her breasts. Queen sensed King ninja throws stars at her and Queen cuts them in half doing training with her husband. Meanwhile Elissa moves abit while sleeeping, Baxter gets in her breasts. Elissa wakes up abit, baxter knew this and kept still in her boobs, "Whaaat! Queen and King are too OP like that!" Baxstar said. King and Queen both bow saying "why thank u!" She slowly looks at Elissa and noticed that baxter got into her boobs "uhh...hey heat! ur pet is in love with boobs!". "what me have no boom boom?" Riolu shouts at baxter saying "BAXTER!", Elissa fully wakes up and saw him and got angry and said "BAXTERRRRRRR". Baxter now scared looks up and says "Oh shit!" He gets off and runs for his life from Elissa. Elissa flies up and says "COME BACK HERE!", "YOU GOT A DAMAGED WING AND U STILL FLY!" Baxter shouted at her. "Hey king, queen good idea!" Baxstar whispers her plan in both King and Queen's ear. Elissa figured it out that her wing was damaged as she fell down and hit the ground and said "I forget I can't fly!", Baxter stops running and walks to her and says "HA! told ya! even u can't beat lugiatwo in a flying contest" Baxter was walking away when suddenly her tail grabbed him and said "but digging I can!", "Shit!" Baxter spoke too soon about her not flying but she can dig. Baxter looked terrified and said "ehehehe it was uh.....musts idea!" he tells a lie to elissa. "ur so dead" Elissa glares in anger at him ready to do something bad to him, Elissa sets him down and Sits on him for his punishment, Baxter screams in pain under her butt. Baxstar and Heat begin to laugh at him while Elissa said "hehe no use!" She keeps grinning at baxter while baxter was being sat on. Baxstar came up with an idea saying "Hahaha!!! WE GOT TO SIT ON HIM MORE OFTEN!!!". The RP ended their for the night.

June 8th 2015 "Elissa's Playtime"Edit

Riolu or Desi as the name was to him. He was trapped in Elissa's mouth as he was holding up her mouth in fear "####! SOMEONE HELP!", "HOLD STILL" Elissa says with her mouth wide open trying to say it, Baxter saw this and jumps back in fear, Out of nowhere Kawaii comes in and grabbed Desi's save as she falls to the ground holding him and asks him "u alright son?" "yaaa" Desi replies back "hey that mine!" Elissa said. "heh! ya gotta be fast to catch a pink lucario like me!" Kawaii says to her as she runs, Baxter didn't know what to do as he just runs the other way from them. Elissa gets angry she gave up on attempting to eat desi, She now takes her focus on Baxter as she grabs him and says "fine I have u then", Baxter screams in fear after being grabbed. "Elissa! What are ya doing?!" Baxter was asking in shock "Help!" Baxter said.

June 14th 2015 "Meeting Roy and Ryu"Edit

Riolu, Mewfour, Kawaii, Baxstar and Baxter were all having a quite interesting chat together about Ryu and Roy, Kawaii said she cannot wait to see Lucario and Riolu tells baxter that She and Lucario are Furries, Baxter soon heard enough about this and dashed off as he was dashing from them he says "Can't have my ass kicked by Ryu and Roy! But sure as hell can kick ass with Lucas!", Suddenly Ryu appears in and tries to do his Shoryuken at Baxter, however baxter ducks and grabbed Ryu and threw him into a wall. Baxstar saw Ryu and said "Mewfour! I think your "Man" is here". "very funny" Mewfour said, Suddenly Roy appears and throws Baxter. "well this sure be go" Mewfour said as Ryu walks up to baxter and says "Baxter u are mine mmm", Baxter was looking into Ryu's eyes, Suddenly coming for Baxter's aid was..."PK FIRE!" Shot from Ryu's back was one of baxter's brawl mains, LUCAS!. Ryu gets hit and jumps back and got mad, Roy looked and said "oh great that kid", Lucas used PK Freeze at Roy and hitted Ryu with his stick, Baxter stands up and dashes off. "Oh no! One of Baxter's Mains from Brawl! Lucas!" Baxstar said looking at the fight, Baxter already got away when suddenly. Ryu then does Tatsumaki Senpukyaku at Lucas which Lucas is hit, but Baxter comes up from behind and slams a Wooden Chair behind his back, "HEY THAT MY CHAIR" Mewfour transforms into her Y form and shoots Psystrike, Baxter turned and saw it coming as he grabbed Lucas and ducked down saving himself and lucas, but Ryu and Roy were both hit by Psystrike, Baxter gets back up with Lucas and waves at them telling them "bye bye!" as he smiles. "Oooo u aint getting away this time baxter!" Baxstar says in anger. Baxter and Lucas now look at a Terrible Pissed off Mewfour as she sends Him and Lucas both flying out of the house, Baxter broke through the window and landed outside on the ground as Lucas did the same then he teleported away. Baxter slowly gets up while saying "man....she hit hard!" Baxter fully stands up. The RP ended there because desi needed to see a movie.

June 15th 2015 "Baxter Gets Pwned Again"Edit

Elissa drawing fail
Baxter had made an inappropriate joke about Elissa's tongue being long because of Riolu's question about that image baxter had posted online. When suddenly Baxter obtained a Shoryuken from Ryu and Zoroark, baxter gets knocked back from the ground and hits the ground as well. "uuuh can someone help me this pink wolf is holding my leg" Roy said as Mewfour was holding his leg, Baxstar looks and says "Mewfour is a cat not a wolf" "I'm not cat well maybe but GIVE ME THAT SWORD" Mewfour said begging for Roy's sword "NO!" he replied. Baxter got up defencless toward both Ryu and Zoroark, Riolu was wearing a purple sweater and said "uuuuh haha mama made me wear this" Mewfour and Roy were both fighting over the sword when suddenly Mewfour won and grabbed it and ran off, Baxter runs off as well, Ryu encountered this and went after him, Baxter says while running "Ryu isn't fast to catch me! Wait! ZOROARK!" Baxter figured out that Zoroark can teleport, She grabbed Ryu and threw him behind baxter as Ryu made contact to him with another Shoryuken this time at his back, Mewfour and Zoroark watch as Baxter is sent flying near Mewfour, "Roy!" Ryu said, Roy walks up infront of Baxter and finishes him off with Critical Hit, this launches Baxter through the door into his room as he hits into a wall and falls off and hits the ground on his back "baaaa what happen to u?" Snowy was on Baxter's bed looking at him, baxter was slowly getting up on his feet "Snowy my ass is being kicked by both ryu and roy and now zoroark wants to claw me again". Snowy said "ow" "DLC Buddy" as Both Mewfour and Ryu said to him, "sweet friend now but kicking" Roy says to him. "

No!!!! I'm already a Train Wreck!" baxter said begging to not be hurt again. "heheh what about ur boy Baxter" Ryu grinned at him. "Mario?! he's doing his own thing!" Baxter said back to Ryu, Baxstar looked and noticed the marks on Baxter and says "Wow, Baxter! Zoroark ripped half of your shirt off thanks to her claws". Zoraork grinned at him, Mewfour, Roy and Ryu turn their attention at baxter as they run at him, Baxter being so afraid tried to defend himself, when suddenly he was saved by Little Mac with a KO Uppercut from behind both Ryu and Roy. Roy hits into a wall and Ryu lands from being hit and looks at Little Mac and said "u are no match for me", Baxter was kneeing down trying to be protective when suddenly Mewfour stands him up again and grabs him "hehehe well he busy with him ur mine", Baxter was afraid all the way at Mewfour, Little Mac wasn't paying any attention while he was dealing with Ryu and Roy. Ryu blocks all of Little Mac's attacks, Roy was being pwned too much, Mewfour throws him up in the air and jumps and hits him with her tail, Baxter is launched out of his room and hits the ground. Ryu throws Little Mac out of Baxter's Room who lands next to him and already has his KO meter ready and he pretends to be down, Baxter just gets up and runs. Mewfour said "careful of that KO hit", Baxter was already making a run for it. Mewfour suddenly catched up and Jumped at him, Ryu did the same with Little Mac. A Smash ball appeared as Mewfour saw and said "SHIT BALL RYU GET IT" Ryu looked in confusion, baxter was trying to push mewfour off of him and Little Mac grabbed it with a KO Uppercut, "OH SHIT! RUN BITCH RUN!" Mewfour said getting off of Baxter, Ryu ran off as well, "I'm back what I miss?" Little Mac transforms into Giga Mac infront of Roy and shouts at him "MAC SMASH YOU!" Roy runs for his life as Little Mac grins and chuckles as he turns normal as baxter walks to him and says "That was awesome mac!" "oh yeah it was, I must go!" Little Mac said smiling as he runs off, "u know they be back" Riolu was watching them, "what! so they're not giving up, gosh I feel like Must made friends". Riolu looked pail, Out of nowhere Must tackles Baxter hard as usual and grins at him, Baxter is afraid more then all of the sudden Must drags him off taking him to somewhere. Must shrinks him down to size which makes baxter a lot more scared. "Must! NO!" Baxter said in fear at her. Must picks him up and attempts to eat him but Baxter lifted up her mouth and jumped out and run from her, Must chases him down. "GRRRR DELPOX!" "NO GO AWAY! AHHH!!!!" Baxter said back to her. Must was now reaching out at him which Baxter noticed and ran to his room small making a turn and he hides under his bed. "DELPHOX! (HOLD STILL)" Must said in her language as she is looking under his bed, Baxter was hiding at the left corner of it so he couldn't be seen he said "I must do one thing to her!" It was too late, Must spotted him and said "DELPHOX (No where to run!)" She grins at him more, Baxter was cornered and didn't have anywhere to run. Baxter was saved again by Elissa who just pulled Must's Tail from behind, Baxter saw Elissa, Elissa growls at Must which makes Must afraid of her. "Baxter tell what happen now!" Elissa commanded her pet to do so, Baxter turned normal size and said "It was Must she shrank me down and tried to kill me" "delphox! (he lieing!)" Must said in her language, Elissa thinked about it at what really happened "Don't listen to must! SHE DID IT!" Baxter told her. "DELPHOX (no he did!)" Must said at elissa, This Stressed out Elissa as she ate both of them "2 hours then I let u out!", While in Elissa's belly, Must looks at Baxter and grins at him ready to give him more trouble "this ain't good!" baxter said in fear. Must grins a lot more, She grabs Baxter and begins to open her mouth, "NO MUST! AH!" Baxter kicks must but must did not feel a thing as she puts his head in her mouth and eats him whole, Must's Belly Bulges outwards since she has baxter in her belly. "uuuuh what was that?" Elissa said. Must chuckles

-2 Hours Later-

Elissa spits out Must "there now Baxter turn" Elissa tries to spit out Baxter but baxter was nowhere to be found "huh he not in there", Must walks away and spits out Baxter's Bones and Corpse on the floor and walks away, Surprisingly his Glasses were apart of his Corpse and Bones. Must just chuckles at his body, Ryu comes along and see's Baxter's Bones and said "bones? Mmmm 1P" Baxstar came in and saw his dead body she says "Baxter! NO!!!!" Baxstar was shocked to see that her toy was dead, loosely she did not want that to happen she gave baxter a 1-up Mushroom which brought Baxter back to life again, Baxter was so afraid now as he just walks into his room and locks the door with just him and elissa, "Great! Must is gonna give me nightmares tonight!". The RP Ended there.

June 16th 2015 "Watchover Heat Part 2"Edit

Zoroark accidently ate a Ghost Pepper which it burned her mouth which she was in pain in her mouth. "ZOROARK! THAT'S HOT!" Baxstar shouted out and baxter just watched "NOW I KNOW WHY U GUYS SHOT FIRE OUT!" Zoroark said "told u" Mewfour responded to Zoroark. "Well he don't have fire" Baxstar points at Baxter who just looks at them. The RP might pick up later on tonight.


"WELL HELP ME OUT HOT HOT HOT!" Zoroark shouts in pain on her mouth, Baxstar said to baxter "ahh thank u!" "no prob" Baxter said as he walked out. "man that was close" mewfour said to her master, "i know right" Baxstar said looking at her pokemon, Baxter was walking around again as usual when suddenly Elissa grabs him "got ya" she says, Baxter looked more terrified at her. "what happen to u yesterday" "I...I think that answer is to that naughty fox!" Baxter replied back to her. "mmmm Why do I" Elissa asked him "She ate me in ur belly she spitted out my bones!" Baxter answered "ooooh ow" Elissa replied to him "Y-yea! she did! didn't u see her fat, that was because she ate me!" baxter asked her. "no she was the same she could have use spell" Elissa said to him "She uses spells all the time" Baxter replied back. "well sorry for the... Yaa" Elissa said "uh...okay" Baxter said, Both of them had made a sweatmark on each other. "now watch heat so I can go hunting" Elissa puts him down as Baxter looks at her and nods and looks at Heat. Heat was in his nest as Baxter walks over to him and pokes him to make sure he wakes up. Heat wakes up and blows fire at his face and giggles, Elissa says to Baxter before going "be good and if u lose him" Elissa's eyes goes red and uses demon voice" UR FUCKING DEAD! "Her eyes and voice turn back" k? She smiles, Baxter and Heat both look all terrified at her "uh..okay go hunting byez!" Baxter said in shock and waves at her, Elissa flies off, Suddenly Must appears as she grins and hided in a shadow, Heat looks at baxter which baxter gets in nest with him "your mom is so harsh on me heat!" baxter says to heat "mama is alway harsh on people coz of that day" Heat said to him "Yea...well I guess i'll be watching u until she comes back I just hope no one else is coming just u and me in a nest"\ Baxter said wondering if no one else is there with them, There was someone with them but they can't see her, Must herself was there all a long. "don't u even want to know what I mean that day?" heat said to him, Must was sneaking around in the room "Huh? what day heat?" "is it that day today or something" Baxter said to him.

June 22nd 2015 "The Hidden Gaming Layer"/"Jurassic World Jobs"Edit

Mewfour and Riolu looked into a photo of Mewfour glitched while Wario looks, Mewfour said "in freaking the #### out!" "u have tiny head" Riolu said "####### wario!" Mewfour responded to Riolu. Baxter and Baxstar looks at the photo as well "it's just a photo!" Baxter said to them "Wario built baxter his own gam-" Baxstar got her mouth covered by Baxter to not reveal his own...GAMING LAYER. "sshhhh! It's mine now!" Baxter said quietly walking out from the room and into a Shed were his Secret Gaming Layer lies at.


"#### ya now" Riolu said as he did a better job in Jurassic World than Baxter did, "hey what u to d-" Elissa was turned into a Raptor by Riolu "get him!" Riolu ordered Elissa as Elissa looks at baxter she roars and starts to run at baxter, Baxter starts to run for his life. Riolu also reminded Elissa that she is 40 miles per second to catch him, Elissa jumps at him and drags him over back to Riolu who transforms her back to normal "don't do that again!" "now go herd those herbivore" Riolu ordered Baxter to do his job, Baxter was nervous and afraid at the same time as he walks off going to go to his job as a Herbivore Herder. "do good job this time!" Riolu gave baxter a reminder, Baxter nods in a weird way and goes to where the othr Herbivore Herder workers which were Must and Roy "uh..hey guys im here for that job Herbivore Herder", "Delphox!" Must said while grinning at him "nooooo he with us! I hate this job" Roy says in anger "Oh hey Roy....WHAT'S SHE DOING HERE!" Baxter points at Must "coz we in same job as u, ryu got T-Rex" Roy said "uh....alright and who am i working with?" "us" "delphox" Both Roy and Must said to him "uh...okay" "come on we got move them!" Roy ordered baxter to get to work as Roy, Must and Baxter walk together to their job, Baxter just stayed behind them while walking due to the fact Must had walked too close next to him a few times. Roy jumps in car with Must and Baxter "alright start her up Baxter" "I can't drive I don't have drivers license yet" Baxter reminded Roy that he doesn't have a drivers license. "FOX!" Must shouted at him for not having a driver's license. Roy drives the car instead, Must looks at Baxter as she puts BBQ in his head as Baxter looks at her afraid. "so who sand u here any ways?" Roy asked him as baxter said "That website did Riolu...that boss who gave us job assigned me here" He answered to Roy "mama boy great!" "delphox delphox" Must said in her language "man ryu is mean even t rex is running from him" "yaa he like that!" Roy said as he stops the car and said "everything looks good" "uh...I guess we should start now" Baxter said about starting the job. "you get west me and must get north oh and carefully of ryu he been making that T. rex do weird stuff" Roy said as an Order to baxter "HAHA! AWAY FROM YOU, DELPHOX!" he points at must "but okay i'll watch out Roy" Baxter gets out of the car and walks to the west. "he going be dead in hour" Roy looks at Must, Must nods as they walk north, Baxter walks to the Dinosaurs and T-Rex as he nervously said "uh...hey guys uh...i'll be here for job" Baxter says as he sees most of them Eating a lot and some in the water, Roy begins to call baxter as baxter picks up his phone and says "sup?" "just make sure they eatting well and drinking well ok to just make sure u know" Roy hangs up, "Sure....i'll make sure they're fine" Baxter hangs up as well and watches the Dinos Eating and Drinking and being careful with each other. "HIGHT DO KNEEEEE!" Ryu was trying to attack a Poor T-Rex "RYU OH MY GOD! YOU SUCK AT THIS JOB!" Baxter yelled out at Ryu, "mmmmm! What did u say!" Ryu looked at Baxter in anger, This startled baxter as he said "i said nothing". "u said I suck then WE FIGHT!" Ryu tries to use Tatsumaki Senpukyaku at baxter who just moves out of the way and Baxter puts Ryu in the sleeper hold. "ahhh please I been many sleeper hold AHHH!" Ryu throws him off of him "now u w-" the T-rex that Ryu was trying to do roars scaring Ryu, Baxter gets up on his two feet and looks at Ryu "He gonna get u ryu!" he says to Ryu. Ryu and the T-Rex ran at each other with Ryu doing Shoryuken to the T-rex knocking it out cold "Ryu is so getting fired later" Baxter says as he walks off. Ryu drags T-Rex back to it's cage, Baxter's phone was ringing again this time calling him was Riolu, Baxter picks up his phone and answers "hello?" "Baxter did u let T. rex out it cage I hear roaring over there?" Riolu said in anger "No it was Ryu!" Baxter said "oh great where is it?" "back in it's cage" Baxter walked into an area of more dinosaurs were at. "good make sure they ok and not freaking out" "okay" Baxter hangs up and looks at more of the dinos "damn, what am I suppost to do here..." a Dino just ran off as Baxter looks "Huh? Hey what the? Where you going?" He chases it. The RP might pick up later.

Continue 2Edit

Most of the Dinosaurs run the other way while baxter didn't know what was going on he looks both ways to see what was going on "hmm? what's going on" curious as he looks he heard a roar somewhere. Out came was the Indominus Rex which walked up behind him growling ready to kill him, Baxter slowly turns around before he did turn around he said "####", as he turned around he shouts "WHAT THE ####!" Baxter starts to run from the Rex, It roars and chases after him. It catches up to him and it bites him up his his pants. The Indominus Rex bit his pants as it raises him up, Baxter is terrified "What ever u do! Don't Bite it Off!" The Rex through him up in the air, Baxter knew he was the next meal of the T-Rex, he grabs onto a branch and stays up in the tree and says to the Indominus Rex "I KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING!". The Indominus Rex now roars in anger and starts to hit the tree, Roy begins to call baxter as baxter picks up the phone and answers "Baxter we done where are u sure of been here by now" Roy was calling him again, Baxter said "Did anyone tell me a monster got unleashed?! Well!" Baxter throws a branch at the Indominus Rex "On my way!" he runs fast to them and jumps in the car "HURRY DRIVE RED HAIR!" "Wha-" Roy and Must now encounter the Indominus Rex "BAXTER WHERE #### THAT CAME FROM!" "FROM THE WOODS MAN!" Roy begins to drive off fast from the Indominus Rex, Must was afraid too "U LEAD HIM TO US!" Roy said at Baxter, As they were driving fast Riolu calls in from the car as Roy, Baxter and Must scream for help at him, Riolu told them to call down and Baxter explains what happened, After the Call Roy asks him where was Ryu, Baxter said that Ryu last time was at a cage, Suddenly the Indominus Rex broke through the car and takes out Roy, Baxter and Must are now having a lot of trouble, Must takes the wheel to back up. "HURRY!!" Roy shouts for help "Never Mind! DRIVE BACK U CRAZY FOX!!" Baxter shouts at Must in hurry. Must slaps him out of car and drives away as Roy shouts "OH ####!" Indominus Rex drops both Roy and Baxter and he roars, Roy yells "BAXTER!" out at him. Baxter was getting up slowly "Roy! she took the car!", Roy was already gone shouting "RUN ##### RUN!!!!!", Baxter looked and noticed the Indominus Rex was ready to eat his head off, Baxter ducks down and runs to make it out of Jurassic World, Baxter was catching up as he made a Huge Leap towards the gate as he makes it out, Roy makes it out and closes the gate on the Indominus Rex, Elissa looks at the two and said "what happen to u two?" Baxter was panting hard after running pretty fast "theres.......a...rex.....killer rex.......wanting us....." Elissa looks "no one there" "huh?" Baxter looks inbetween the gate with one eye "hmm? your right elissa...but we were chased by one" Elissa still doesn't see anything "I don't see anything" Riolu ran to a Tired Baxter and Roy "where is it" Baxter points at the gate "It was in there". Riolu opens the gate but saw nothing and growls "baxter Roy must u joking right!" Riolu says as Must runs to the gate and looks around and shouted in her language "WHERE IS IT!", Baxter looks as well and says "What! I was serious! we were chased by it! Now it's trying to fool us!" Riolu shot water at baxter's face while saying "notting". The RP Ended there

June 25th 2015 "Dark The Overlord"Edit

"mind control u? Na I don't do that I break mind" The quote was none other than Dark himself making a debut, Baxter was looking at him confused, Dark's tail goes around him and his arms grow long "i can even copy your shadow" he turns into his OC and chuckles "heheh I'm the super Baxter!" fire come out of his hands "fire burn good!" Dark Said to baxter "you copied my own OC" Baxter said as dark actually turned into his own OC, "Nya I copy the forms" "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!" Baxter said at Dark "I am dark the overlord I can break people mind make them go insane and also I can also take any form of any one", Baxter looked all weird and just said "wow" Dark Drops down and said "baxstar THERE A COPY OF ME HELP U KICKING ME IN THE NUTS", Baxstar looked and sees Dark "Dark ahhh hello glad to see u!" Baxstar said, Dark was suprised and turned normal and said "how did u know it me?" "I saw photos on that White page" Baxstar said "ahhh shit" Dark said, Baxter wasn't afraid only confused "uh...why is he here for?" Baxter said scratching the back of his head. Dark grins evily and said "to break u! and eat your soul" Darks eyes go crazy "heheh", Baxter was now startled as he steps back, Riolu watches then comes in Kawaii who shot him on the back passing him out. Dark passed out as Kawaii picks him up and takes him somewhere around the house. Dark however wasn't down as he takes the form of kawaii and said "i have boobies he he he he" Dark plays with in his form's boobies of Kawaii, Kawaii looked and saw this which made her blush "Us Girls get bad during the Summer! NOW U FACE THE WRATH OF A REAL LUCARIO!!!!" Kawaii transforms into her Mega form and attacks Dark, Baxter watches with Riolu and said "she's right". Dark escaped after being beaten up and hides in the shadow, Riolu looks as Kawaii is rapidally barking at him "and stay away!!!! U WOLF!" Kawaii looks at both Baxter and Riolu and said "No one saw that" she also blushed and smiled. Dark came out from shadow and licked kawaii's ear "mmmmmm baby hehe!" he hides, Kawaii blushes, then dark atempted to do it again but Kawaii grabbed him from the shadow and said "u seriously wanna know something!" Kawaii grabbed Dark's face and puts it in her Breasts "HA!" Kawaii trapped him good. "AHHH LET ME GO!!!!" Dark was screaming for dear life with Kawaii placing his face in her chest. "nu nu!" Kawaii said grinning "Come on Riolu, U too young to see this!" Baxter picks up Riolu and places him over his back neck and walks away from Kawaii. Dark gets out and says "why u little!" Dark atempts to hurt Kawaii but Kawaii catched him at the right time "i heard u were perverts to girls! thats why i saw u mind controlling that girl on DA!" Kawaii force palms him out from a window, Baxter and Riolu walk around they pass Lugiatwo, Baxter says to Riolu "i hope this year i don't get the boob and panties! like last year!". Lugiatwo heard it and said "what was that?", Dark began to be in a fight with Kawaii, Kawaii was easily winning it. Baxter turns at lugiatwo and said to her "okay i tell the truth, i said i hope this year i don't get the boob and panties this year!" "really now" Lugiatwo bothered at this thing that happened last year. Dark transforms into Kawaii in her Mega form, but he keeps on getting beaten. Kawaii was in her mega form easily beating him. The RP might continue later.


"everyone don't go in that room" Mewfour letted Riolu, Baxstar and Baxter know that Kawaii was actually still fighting Dark. "why?" "kawaii i" The door bursts open with both Dark and Kawaii still fighting "ha fucker!" Dark said outloud into kawaii "they still play fighting" Mewfour says to her friends "heh! u so weak shadow man!" Kawaii said to Dark calling him "Shadow Man". "wow! they did this for 2 hours!" Baxter said "wow!" Baxstar also said it as well. Kawaii atempted to headbutt but her head went through dark then dark flips her over "COME HERE!!!!" Dark grabs Baxter and slams his head into Kawaii's butt "like that wolf?" Dark said with a grin on his face. Baxter was in pain on his skull when suddenly he nosebleeded when his face hitted straight into Kawaii's butt "GET OFF!!!!" Kawaii said in embarrasement as she grabs baxter and throws him outside, not having him apart of the fight. Dark and Kawaii begin to roll around on each other, Mewfour says to herself "huh wonder how long this going last"

-2 Days Later-

Dark and Kawaii looked alot all worn out to each other, Dark does a baby push to Kawaii, Kawaii uses a breast bounce attack at him suprisenly Kawaii wasn't even tired thanks to her Aura keeping her awake for battle. Mewfour and Baxstar were eating popcorn together watching, Baxter was just lefted outside for 2 days, Suprisenly for him he went out to a city while Kawaii and Dark were fighting to get food for himself which it went great for him. Kawaii and Dark now keep using there Aura sphere attacks on each other. When suddenly Kawaii uses Double team which surrounded Dark, Dark washed out all the fakes and grabbed the real kawaii "u want me sweety?" Kawaii suprisenly used Attract by kissing Dark on the head, "mama used attract on dark" Riolu said while watching, Dark was now in love "Wait! she know attract!" Mewfour asked riolu "yep!". Baxter took off his shirt which night had fall so for the rest of the night he just messed around without anyone but him, Even Zoroark wasn't there which shes mostly active at night but partly in the day due to her being a Dark Type. Kawaii then used her aura to look into Dark's eyes probably calming his mind. Then finally Kawaii used Disable on Dark so dark could finally stop. Kawaii Wins!!!. The RP ended there for the night

June 26th 2015 "Kawaii vs. Dark"Edit

Kawaii and Dark were still fighting with Dark putting Kawaii in the headlock "mama still play fighting" Riolu said while Kawaii looks at her son while play fighting she smiles and nods and puts Dark in the choke hold. Baxter came back inside and said "what i miss fellas?" Suddenly Baxter is tackled by Lugiatwo, Dark goes in the shadow again and tickles kawaii like shark, Kawaii laughs hard at it. "the play fighting looks fun so!" Lugiatwo puts baxter in the headlock and grins at him, baxter was suffering hardly getting headlocked by a 19 feet tall destruction pokemon. Baxter ran off from her again "ooooh u so in for it!" Lugiatwo said, suprisenly she runs for the first time at baxter. Dark and Kawaii still are play fighting, Baxter is still running for his life he looked back while running and saw Lugiatwo running he turns back suprised and says "HOLY CRAP! SHE CAN RUN! now i know what yveltals run like!", Lugiatwo suddenly uses fly at him which it hits him, Baxter is hit hard as he hits the ground. Dark ducks down from Kawaii's attract and then dark sits and Kawaii looks down at him with tail wagging. Dark pains kawaii with his tail which it later spins her around, Lugiatwo looks at baxter who was on the ground and then she suddenly sits on him, Baxter was in pain being sat on by Lugiatwo, he was also screaming for help but Lugiatwo was like "hehehe nope!", Dark keeps on getting Kawaii but Kawaii wasn't down yet she grins at dark and said "nope! my aura knows when im about to go down keep hitting me more aaaand! my aura gets stronger!", Baxter passes out after getting sat on for so long by Lugiatwo. "oh like ur attract and why did u call me sweety any ways" Dark said as Kawaii responded to "coz i can" Dark transforms into kawaii and uses attract on Kawaii which dosen't effect kawaii as she says "eww how lesbian", Dark transforms into a male version of Kawaii which kawaii grabs him and places his head in her cleavage again. Lugiatwo moves out the way on baxter and picks him up she thinks for a bit she grins "meep everyone else do it!" she eats baxter and baxter is placed in her belly, baxter woke up and looked around and notices hes in lugiatwo's belly, he freaks out and yells to let him out. Dark was screaming in pain with his face in kawaii's cleavage, "na I think I'm going digested u!" Lugiatwo fell asleep "DIGEST!!!!! eee!!!! ESCAPE ROPE!" Baxter uses the escape rope to escape as he is out of Lugiatwo's belly. kawaii squeezes harder on Dark's face, Kawaii releases Dark from her cleavage making him take a breather "good thing she didn't shrink him" Mewfour said to the Kawaii and Dark fight, Baxter was out as he walks around. Dark was in his shadow form which made him alot...yea you know what he is, "mmmmm BRING ME THAT ###!" Dark said "RUN KAWAII HE CANT CONTROL WHEN HE IN THAT SHADOW FORM!" Mewfour said as Kawaii saw this coming and she runs, She runs past baxter, baxter just stops and looks in that weird look "ever turning into lucario again now GET BACK HERE!" Dark uses a shadow to grab kawaii but kawaii grabbed the shadow first and said "Nuuuu!!!!! honey!!!!" she slaps the shadow, Baxter runs from the fight so he dosen't get used as a weapon again. Dark tackles kawaii and pains her "OW! DAMN IT!" Kawaii yelled out at him, Baxter was walking around again "Can't believe lugiatwo was getting ready to playfight me!". Dark asks her if she gives up, Kawaii says no not yet, Baxstar gave dark a reminder that kawaii "never gives up". "man I want play with Apollo!" Dialga says while with baxter who was peeking through the door to see dialga. "this is gonna be a long week" "maybe for you!" "mmmm maybe I sure mess with Baxter" Dialga thought this one out, baxter heard this and stepped back quietly so he dosen't hear him. Dark and Kawaii keep arguing at each other. "THEN BRING IT!" Dark said as Kawaii grabbed him and threw him out of a window and Kawaii jumps out as well to fight. Baxter sneaks pass and makes a run for it. The fight has been taken outside as Dialga heard baxter and chases him down, Mewfour asked baxstar about kawaii dating dark, Baxstar says "not sure mewfour", Dialga was still looking for baxter who was hiding under his bed in his room. Now both Kawaii and Dark were farting at each other. Dark grabs his nose back which it got farted on by Kawaii herself. Dark was "getting laid" by kawaii, Dialga was still looking for baxter which he was in his room, Dialga looks at baxter's bed, Dialga throws baxter's bed off and said "FOUND U" with a grin on his face, Baxter was scared alot to dialga, now dialga's playtime was starting, Kawaii grins and uses Aura storm down at Dark. Dark moves out of the way "nu nu! i can move it too!" Kawaii moves the Aura storm around at Dark, Baxter stands up at diagla and is afraid. Baxstar makes a cheating move which she tries to shoot dark, Dark had enough with this and he transforms into his Super dark rage mode, Kawaii was like "who can stop him?" Dialga grabbed baxter and got a good hold of him, Baxter was afraid alot to Dialga. "notting beside my wife night sky eve mmmm she fine lady of them all now time to pay!" "night sky still alive but she's in a wolf pack" Baxstar said "well I am part wolf but she mine senpia love that girl!" Dark said "Im full hedgehog and baxter knows night sky well" Baxstar also said that, Dark turns back to normal and is calm down, Dialga launched baxter into the sky and played Space ball at him again, Baxter falls from the sky infront of dark "Baxter!" Dark said as Baxter was getting back up on his feet. The RP ended there

June 27th 2015 "Smash Bros. Aftermath Part 5"Edit

A smash battle was done as King Ninja had won against baxter, Zoroark and Queen Ninja come around his arms and said "M' Ladies", Baxter walks into his room critically injuried especially his arm king hitted it there baxter lays in bed and looks out window to see King with Queen and Zoroark meaning King Ninja is a ladies man. Baxter ate a 1-up mushroom to heal up as he just stays in his room saying "wooh man... at least I won against him today". "only coz I fall but meep sill kick ur but like a boss" King suddenly came in his room with Zoroark and Queen Ninja, baxter looks at them, Riolu and Sonic come in as Riolu says "even sonic did", Sonic just responded of a mockery with "your too slow" he runs off fast, "I didn't even fight sonic! Mario did!" "he meant Mario" "oh okay then...." baxter gets off of bed "ooh man..." he walks around "at least that 1-up mushroom can heal me up anytime" Baxter said "how many do u have" Riolu asks him "many got it from a store", Outside was Mario chasing Sonic around which Mario wanted revenge after losing to Sonic the second time today as Mario actually won earlier today in the battle "GET BACK HERE U HEDGEHOG!!!" Mario shouts angrily at Sonic. Sonic stops and spin dashes him out which it KO's him, Mario screams out Baxter saw this and shouted "MARIO!!!!" Roy comes up behind him and throws him "NO!" Baxter shouted as he gets thrown. Ryu now attempts to kick him but Baxter ducks and back up and hits ryu inbetween his legs and dashes off. Ryu blocks and Roy hits baxter on the back which baxter is trapped in a 2 on 1 fight, Mario sees this and says "BAXTER!! HOLD ON I'LL SAVE YOU!!!" Mario says as he's running to come for Baxter's aid but was soon interrupted by King Ninja who kicks him, Baxter soon runs for it. Mario is soon hit by both King and Queen Ninja in the face "GET BACK HERE!" Roy said "u can't fight me hahah" Ryu also said, but Ryu lost all 3 rounds against baxter in smash today, Baxter is running to save Mario now but King and Queen gets in the way. Roy came up behind baxter and hits his back which it pained him bad, Baxter hits the ground, King Ninja throws Mario to the ground next to baxter and suddenly King Ninja shrinks Baxter and Mario down. Mario and Baxter were unaware as they slowly know they were small. "bye bye" King Ninja grinned evily at both Mario and Baxter as they look and see Zoroark coming and she says "yummy" She grabs both Mario and Baxter and eats them. Mario and Baxter fall in Zoroark's belly, they are screaming in fear. 'ahhh that was good" Zoroark said smiling, "OH NO! ZOROARK ATE US!" Mario said in fear, "WERE DEAD!" Baxter replied in fear as well. "ahhh they to easy" "Mario is bit hard but easy if u play against him to many time" Ryu and Roy both said while chatting with each other, Mario was yelling out "LET US OUT U FOX!!!!" Mario yelled in Zoroark's belly "I feel like shes ready to digest us!" Baxter said in fear "winner Baxter is right heheh!" Zoroark's digestion process starts coming in her stomache as Mario and Baxter both saw it coming, "OH NO!!! GET AWAY FROM IT!!! I GOTTA FIND MY ESCAPE ROPE!!!" Baxter begins to climb on the walls in Zoroark's belly, Mario does same which both of them are scared a lot to be digest. "oh u looking for escape rope?" Zoroark grins as she has it in her finger, Baxter knew this was coming "Me and my big fat mouth!" Mario gets afraid even more but said "wait! peach gave me something!" Mario gets out a teleporter peach gave him as he uses it on him and baxter as they make it out without even zoroark noticing, They make it back in baxter's room. "DELPHOX!" Must was in baxter's room which she noticed that she saw pictures of herself in baxter's room, Mario and Baxter look at her in fear. Must growls at him and says in her language "YOU'RE DEAD". The RP ended there because of Desi's ipad dieing.

July 1st 2015 "Smash Bros. Aftermath Part 6"Edit

"na u had ur three u lost Haha it little Mac one getting rematch!" Bowser was talking to Baxter since Baxter had won 2 to 3, Little Mac atempts to KO Uppercut Bowser which Bowser moves out of the way and says "and I know how Mac works now" Bowser Grins "just wait little man" Bowser jumps into his Car and took off. Riolu looks at Little Mac and says "if wondering why it was so easy mac is coz well ur fast and he huge and ur hit box can hit long way so on way it hard bowser unless he in stage that jumps a lot" "yah i knew that" Little Mac replied to Riolu as he Dashes off, Mario gets up dizzy after he and baxter were actually both Knocked out by Bowser at the same time "Mario we lost to bowser today!" Baxter said upsetitly to Mario "hard core too and Mario u beat bowser all time what happen" Riolu said to Mario which he was Shamming Mario, Mewfour came up and said "he piss bowser doesn't like to lose so this will be a great match" Mario looks at Mewfour and steps back and remember he was headlocked hard as he Runs off, "I just got 3 bowsercides today" Baxter said looking abit embarrassed after getting another Bowsercide "more than 3" Riolu told him he got more than 3 Bowsercides "15 but he own the 3 match he needed and beat Mario in one them" Zoroark said coming to them "Ah i see" Baxter said he looks behind him and sees Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic walks up to baxter with a smile on his face and says "Baxter u did good man" Sonic brofists him "at less u beat him one in best out 3 and other time when didn't see little Mac but sill great job" Baxter looked all confused at Sonic which he weirdly brofists back in confusion "uhh thanks sonic" Baxter says to him "one more thing" Sonic wacks him with a Baseball bat "that for that one YouTube video!" Sonic said at him "oh yaaa I saw that one Mario game call Mario uuuuh I forgot other part to name" Riolu said but he forgot what the rest of the name was, Baxter was already hit down as he got back up on his feet. Baxstar was in her Giant form sitting on Roy "U lost fare and square to me Roy!" "ahh come on grrr" Roy said as he is getting sat on by Baxstar "he did but that was really close" Riolu said to Roy "if wasn't for that guy tag teaming me I would of won" "na part of rules man in smash ANY THING GO but not lags" "hehe" Roy, baxstar and Riolu chatting with each other, Baxter shouts "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!" "just what ever u do don't even think of eating me baxstar" Roy says to Baxstar "well at less u get yo ass kick when I'm in ha" Sonic grins at baxter after Sonic had actually beaten him few times "I only eat who I eat! Maybe bra playing too" Baxstar Grins "idk I chose!" Baxstar replied to Roy grinning at him. Baxter tackles Sonic and holds him up by his Chest Fur "YA LISTEN HERE! IM THE MAIN GAME IN SMASH! IM THE BEST ONE!!!" Baxter throws Sonic which a voice behind him said "wrong sonic!" Baxter turns and saw Sonic was behind him "What?!" Baxter turns and noticed he threw a Mii, The Mii exploded which Baxter gets screwed again as he gets KO'd by Sonic, Baxter gets launched through a Window "heheh he alway been easy!" Sonic grins and dashes off "let me go" Roy says to Baxstar "hmmm ookaayyy!!!" Baxstar said getting off and returning the favor with a Exploding Kick at Roy in between his legs, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO shit!" Roy yelled in pain, Baxter gets up again "I wanna hurt sonic so BAAAAD!!!!" "he to fast for u Baxter" Riolu said "AHH PHOWE! He's always too fast for me! That blue brat thinks he's better than I am but he's weak too" Baxter said, Baxstar heard this and was shocked "NO HE'S NOT!" Baxstar said in anger at Baxter "He's weak! I'm strong! There's no way he can outrun me!" "bro he beat u in every match in smash even Mario lost to him and Mac also shulk" Riolu said to him which was true because Baxter lost many matches against Sonic "he right u got ass handed to he even higher tear character then Mario" Mewfour said to him, This upsetted Baxter about Tier Lists "Ugh! THIS IS WHY IM IN THE D PLACEMENT!" Baxter kicks the ground in rage, Sonic was in the A rank ranked #4 and Baxter was at the bottom in the D ranks at #32, Riolu tells baxter to calm down, Baxter tries to calm down as he does "sadly I feel like mewfour will beat me in the next tear" Mewfour came up to him and responded "I would of if I wasn't light" "I'm hight then baxstar" "same here mmmm" Roy and Ryu said "Shad ap before I bra play u!" Baxstar said to both Roy and Ryu. The RP ended there because Baxter needed to sleep.

July 2nd 2015 "The Smashing Show"Edit

Riolu and Ryu sneak up behind baxter who wasn't even looking, Riolu came closer behind him grinning and shouts "SHORYUKEN" He shoryukens baxter in the jaw which baxter is knocked over, Roy was being chased by Baxstar which is still in that mood again. "MMMM! HADOUKEN" Ryu shot out a Hadoken at Baxstar, Baxstar saw the Hadoken and ran pass it and said "Heh! I'm too quick!", Baxter suddenly sneaks away so he doesn't get another Hadoken or Shoryuken from Ryu, "Come on!" Ryu does his Focus Attack at Baxstar which she gets defenseless, Ryu then does the Shin Shoryuken on Baxstar and taunts as he stomps the ground, Baxstar is knocked out, while she hit the ground she said "never hit.... A girl....." She gets KO'd. Baxter makes to his room as he locks the door so Ryu doesn't catch him again "baxter!" a dark voice has heard as baxter starts to get frightened as he looks around "who there?". Suddenly baxter turns around and noticed Ryu and Roy got in without notice "SHINKU HADOKEN" Ryu shoots the Shinku Hadoken at Baxter which Knocked him out "dammmmn he knock u two the fuck out!". Baxter and Baxstar are both knocked out by Ryu.

-1 hour later-

Baxter begins to wake up as Ryu was drinking tea "mmm ur up good" Ryu looks at baxter which he was trying to get up, Baxter gets up on his two feet, Baxstar already had lefted. "I have something say to u" Ryu said to him "Yea?" Baxter responded, Ryu walked to him and places his hand on his shoulder "Baxter I have some thing to tell and it important" Ryu close eyes "will u not tell any one" "I won't tell Ryu" baxter responded to ryu "come closer" baxter was told to come closer to Ryu as he does "closer" Baxter comes more closer to ryu "closer" baxter does so "closer" baxter is now close to ryu which he is up to his face since Baxter is about 5'10 and Ryu is 5'9. "now Shin" Ryu tricks Baxter by getting a Shin Shoryuken "SHORYUKEN!", Baxter gets launched up too high "OOOOOOOOO got it all on video!" Roy got everything on video, Ryu puts on MLG Glasses "bitch gonna hate!", Baxter lands hard on the ground and gets Knocked out again quickly "Ha Ha!" Mewfour does the Nelson laugh from the simpsons, Baxstar does the same thing.

-1 hour later-

Baxter wakes up again in his room "yaaa go go go go!" Baxter heard someone as he came out from his room and looked as he saw both Zoroark and Mewfour watching Ryu fight Mario on TV which Ryu was beating Mario, Mario couldn't fight back after being injuried too much by Ryu, Baxter saw this in fear as he grabbed a TV remote and began to troll Zoroark and Mewfour by turning off the TV and hiding, Zoroark saw this "BAXTER!" Zoroark shouted "we not lazy COME ON END HIM!" Mewfour turned TV back on "OOOOOOOOO" Zoroark was cheering on for Ryu "your no match for my shoryuken Mario AHHHH" Ryu does his Focus Attack on Mario which leaves Mario defenseless, "MARIO!" Baxter turned off TV again and ran off from Zoroark and Mewfour, Zoroark saw that and Chases Baxter and tackles him down "KNOCK IT OFF!" Mewfour said as she turned back on the TV which she missed the ending "oh what match man" "I just feel bad who ever missed the ending it was out this world" the Commentators were saying that Ryu won, Mewfour gets pissed off and comes out at were Zoroark and Baxter were which Zoroark holded him down "YOUR DEAD BAXTER!" Mewfour said as she runs to him and picks him up by the shirt and then Zoroark and Mewfour begin to beat up Baxter "all have to say break is he was no match like he say mammia" Ryu said on TV as Mario is crawling away while he was injured "I won Mario WHERE MY REWARD!" Ryu said at Mario, "this!" Mario said when suddenly Little Mac came up behind Ryu and KO Uppercuts him "AHH!!! Where he come from" Ryu said as he got hurt, "oh shit Mac!" Zoroark said "that little fucker got him" Mewfour said, Baxter snuck up behind Mewfour and grabbed her shirt and tries to Rip it off of her, Mewfour saw him trying to rip her shirt off as she grabbed his arm "no u don't" Mewfour breaks Baxter's arm this pains baxter, "ow!" Zoroark said taunting him, Baxter screamed in pain holding his arm "Remember she's legendary" Baxstar grinned at him "oh yaa now" Mewfour throws him out "elissa" Mewfour turns Baxter to pig "i found u food" Mewfour closes door. Elissa walks to Baxter "ooooh yummy what I was just looking for!" Elissa grabs baxter and ate him. Baxter falls in Elissa's belly as he transforms back "I'M scared?!" Baxter said in fear "YOU!" Baxter turns and sees a Old man in her belly "there only one way out!" baxter looks curious "and that is?" "THE BACK WAY OUT HAHHAHAH she ate me for stealing her candy HAHAHAHAH we going to die!" The Old man laughed as Baxter gets out his Escape rope and got out as he returns back to his room "phew... That was close!" "that was awesome match" Mewfour got done watching Smash TV "join us next week for bowser and littllllllllllle Mac fight here bowser with his word". Bowser gets infront of the Camera and said "bring your little but in that stage and you be deader then dead little Mac oh may I say little boy" Bowser laughs "hahaha!" Bowser says as he grins and moves out from the TV "well bowser think he can beat Mac", Baxter came out and walked around "man who u think will win" Zoroark said turning to Roy and Mewfour, Roy saw a figure behind Zoroark "guys!" "what?" "don't turn around", Mewfour looked confused as she turned around to see none other than Little Mac himself with a mean look "oh shit" "he here kick our ass isn't he?" Zoroark said Roy nods "RUN BITCH RUN!!!" Zoroark, Mewfour and Roy make a run for it as Little Mac chases them, Baxter pops out of nowhere and jumps at Zoroark which he wrestles down Zoroark and grabbed her ear and petted the back of it "AHHH!!! shit" Zoroark feels it as she lays and purrs as Baxter puts her to sleep, Roy grabbed Baxstar and ran with her "remind of cartoon I watched!" Roy said, Baxstar just looked was all, Little Mac catched up behind Mewfour and grabbed her tail "AHHH why u doing this!" "imma win! BITCH!" Little Mac KO Uppercuts Mewfour, Roy atempts to attack Little Mac on his back, Mac turned around quickly and used Slip Counter at Roy. Baxter drags Zoroark to her room and puts her in her bed "Bed Bed" baxter said. The RP ended there because Baxter went to sleep around 1:30 AM.

July 3rd 2015 "3 vs. 1"Edit

"ooooooo ahhhh" "Yahhhz!" Riolu and Baxter were both hanging out with each other spending time together since they know they are close friends with each other, and somehow abit of brothers but not really brothers. "bra" Riolu looks at Baxter "yea?" Baxter looks at him. "DUCK!" Riolu saw Ryu atempting to kick the back of Baxter's head, Baxter ducks down and looks at Ryu "THAT FOR LITTLE MAC!" "And this is for Mario!" Baxter dashes at Ryu and tackles him out from a Window. Both of them fall down "AHH GRR" Ryu growled at Baxter as baxter gets off and Baxter stomps Ryu's face hard. Baxter gets out a Sticky Note and writes the words "I suck" and after that he looks down at ryu "Tell your friends i said hi" he places it on his head and walks off. Ryu gets up and charges at Baxter getting ready to tackle him but Baxter sidesteps out of the way, Ryu almost crashes when he stops and looks at baxter "U lost ur date with Chun-Li?" "no!" Ryu gets angry as he runs at baxter, Baxter picks up Home Run Bat and hits him with it. Ryu grabbed the bat "u.are.dead!" Ryu breaks the bat with one fist this frightened baxter, then he makes a run for it. Baxter was faster than ryu "I CAN RUN FASTER THAN U!!!" Baxter said to Ryu, Ryu stops and laughs abit, Roy stopped baxter as Baxter gets fliped over and lands on the ground. Baxter is on the ground looking up into the sky at Roy and Ryu "Can't we just talk about this?!" Roy and Ryu grinned at each other and looks down at Baxter "no haha", "huh?" Baxter looked when suddenly a Crash Bomber got shot out of nowhere at Ryu, Roy screamed as Ryu looked, a leaf shield came out of nowhere as it hits Roy. The Crash Bomber blew up on Ryu. Roy gets hit as Ryu jumps and says "MEGA MAN!", Out comes from the bushes was Mega Man, Mega Man does Hard Knuckle at Ryu's head and Charge Shot at Roy. Roy Jumps and Ryu blocks the attack, Suddenly Mega Man gets screwed already after getting Grabbed by Bowser and getting a Body Slam from him, thus Mega Man turns into a Ball of Light and teleported out. "Uh oh!" Baxter said looking at them. Roy runs at baxter and kicks him, Ryu laughed, "u weak mega man!" Bowser said grinning as he walks to baxter close up to him "haha! now baxter!" He grabs him and gets ready to body slam him. The RP ended there for the night

July 4th 2015 "Birthday Dog"Edit

"wait u can't tell what it is" Riolu was suprised that Baxter dosen't know what gender Birthday Dog is, "no" baxter replied he dosen't know what gender birthday dog really is. "uh oh!" Riolu noticed Birthday Dog grabbed Baxter on the shirt "what you say #####! I sure #### you up!", Riolu runs and hides, Baxter gets scared at this "now we going play but ball and ur the ball!" Birthday Dog grins at him, Baxter "oh no NOT ME!" Baxter makes a run for it. "run man run!" Riolu said to Baxter who was running fast "This guys on the hood! i think it guy!" Baxter said believing it that Birthday Dog might be a Dude. Birthday dog holds up the Weed Logo she uses as it hits baxter, baxter is hit by the Weed Logo "hater gonna hate!" Birthday dog said "and he like Mario when he hang out with that 64 guy so RUN LIKE HELL" Riolu said refrencing SMG4 himself. Baxter gets up and runs fast as he makes it to his room and locks the window and his door "he can't get in!" Baxter said "Plus I'm MLG in Mario Kart 8! Coz I drift well", Birthday Dog got in "only u can stop RAPE!" Baxter runs and stays back, Mewfour opens the door to baxter's room "NOT HE IT SHE she just have no boobs!" "shut the #### up!" Birthday Dog said, Birthday Dog is actually a She. "ITS SHE! OH GOD!" Baxter finally knew that as he runs and hides behind Mewfour, "#### THIS!" Mewfour screamed outloud as Birthday dog got out a Pingas Launcher, She shoots out Eggman at Both Mewfour and Baxter which both of them get launched after that Birthday Dog putted on MLG Glasses "#####!", Mewfour hits the ground first since shes more heavier than baxter, Baxter falls down on her butt and tail, "off my ###" Mewfour said as she is almost knocked out, baxter was almost knocked out too as he licked mewfour's butt and gets up and looks at her "u okay?" Baxter asks her. Baxter walks to her and helps her get back up. "uuuh thanx now DONT DO THAT AGAIN!" Mewfour said growling at him for landing on her ass, Baxter steps back with hands up "uhhh...sure!" "u like boobs huh then get load of these!" Birthday Dog grinned at him as he clapped for Snowy to come out, Snowy comes out "what the how did I get here?" Birthday Dog took off her Shirt and Bra off, "BAAAAA!", Mewfour, Zoroark and Baxter's jaw dropped at Snowy. "WHAT THE HELL!" Snowy said pulling her shirt down, "heheh party hats" Birthday Dog said grinning as she pulls out a giant one, Baxter runs hides behind mewfour again. "ooo mmmmmm" Birthday Dog claps as Pac-Man comes out of hat "FIRE!" Birthday Dog goes King Dedede's Old Final Smash. "eek! she too gangster" Baxter runs and hides in Zoroark's Long Hair. Zoroark said "where all these party stuff coming from!" Zoroark jumps around trying to avoid each party hat, Mewfour keeps getting hit "hahahaha na na na na na na na oh look at me!" Birthday Dog moons baxter, "AHHH MY EYES THEY BURN!" Zoroark screams in pain. "Baxter Do Something!" Riolu said, Mewfour had idea and punches Riolu, Riolu cries "MAMA" Riolu cried out for Kawaii, Kawaii came for her son's rescue "MY SON!" Kawaii said. "she did it" Mewfour points at Birthday Dog, Birthday dog looks at kawaii and said "mmmmm sup then doc" Kawaii turns into her Mega form "Never! HIT MY SON!" Kawaii got angry "Never hit my son Naaaa hahah" She flies up in the air "nya Nya u can't touch me!", Kawaii growls and chases her, Baxter gets out of Zoroark's hair and says to her "do u always have to keep Zorua in there?!" "yep" Zoroark responded to him, Zorua pops his head out from Zoroark's hair "stay out my room!" "hink kawaii will ever catch her" Mewfour asks him "Not sure girl...." Baxter said looking up at her since he's only 5'10 and Mewfour is as tall as other Mewtwos are at 6'7. "so how did u piss this one off?" Mewfour asks him "i didn't do anything mewfour, she grabbed my shirt and dropped the N word" Baxter replied to her, Mewfour looks more at him "really?" "yup!" Baxter replied "alright then" Mewfour said to him "phew..." baxter turns to snowy "welcome back snowy" Baxter said. "thanx and now WHAT GOING ON" Snowy runs up to him "birthday dog moved in!" baxter said at them, Mewfour and Zoroark were behind him. "who?" "Birthday dog! the one who took ur bra and shirt off, glad i didn't nosebleed", Snowy glares at Baxter as he looks at her while Mewfour and Zoroark were behind him.

July 5th 2015 "More Birthday Dog"Edit

"STHAP RIGHT THERE!" Birthday Dog appears again infront of baxter, "Ah Crap!" Baxter runs for it as he says. Birthday Dog gets in car and drives at Baxter "STOP RIGHT THERE!!!!!" Birthday Dog said, Baxter keeps on running and jumps over a fence. "oh ####!" Birthday Dog hits into fence with car, baxter stops and looks at her and points at her and says "HA HA! U are so slow! it's funny to me!". Birthday Dog kicks down the door of the fence "now going kick your ### mmm okey!" She grins at him, Baxter climbs back over the fence and runs the way he was running. "Baxter~ heheheh!" Birthday dog grins at him, Baxter stops and turns around at Birthday Dog "look behind u" she grins as baxter slowly turns around to encounter Bowser, "bye!" Bowser drop kicks him hard making baxter sent flying hard, he was launched so far he landed into the woods. "haha!" Bowser said grinning as he walked away, Birthday Dog was by him eating cake "how did it go?" "I think bowser almost broke my bones abit! big fat turtle" He gets up and looks at birthday dog. "hehehe nice to hear" Birthday dog said as she keeps on eating the cake "don't kick her cake" Riolu said "why riolu?" "coz look" Riolu shows him a video of a guy kicking Birthday Dog's cake which she turns into rage mode "want that be you!" Baxter saw that and stays back "N-No?! Not at all!" baxter said "good now eat some!" Birthday dog gave him a cake "Uh oh! Bye!" Riolu runs for it, baxter looks very confused but eats some cake. "well" "what does it taste like?" Baxter asked her "u just ate it how u not know how it test!" Birthday Dog said.


(We back :3)

"It taste like chocolate" Baxter said to Birthday Dog. "good" "I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!" Baxter puts his face in the cake and starts to munching down on it. "hey don't eat it all!" Birthday Dog said to him telling him to don't eat it all, Baxter stops and looks and had cake all over his face, baxter smiles and sweated abit and says "i wont" "go ahead" Birthday Dog dares him to eat it all, baxter went to nearby river and washed the cake off his face and glasses and came back "do what?" he says "guess what baxter?" Birthday Dog smiles at him, baxter looks at birthday dog "what?" he says, "TNT #####" Birthday dog placed a TNT as it explodes on him she smiles and says "bye bye!", Baxter screams as he is launched through the roof of the house to his room. Birthday Dog was having a party in his room "s'up" she says, Baxter gets too confused and looks out from the window and back to Birthday Dog "HOW DID U GET IN HERE QUICKLY!" "uuuuuuh Magic and not telling u" Baxter looks around and noticed mostly everyone he knew was in his room "u invited Zoroark!" "no she right there" Birthday Dog points at Zoroark who was passed "to much" Baxter looks and says "she's drunk isn't she" he looks and notices mostly everyone he knows are in his room partying. Must hiccuped and fell over drunk, Mewfour was sleeping on baxter's bed "zzzz NO!" she punched him hard out of the room as baxter hits into wall making a crack and fell down from it "she grumpy", baxter crawls back in his room but mewfour wakes up mad "I SAID NU!" Mewfour throws baxter out and closes door and locks it, Birthday Dog had earphones in "na na na na mmmm mmm mmm!" "Mewfour That's MY ROOM!!!! ugh!!! gotta find a way back in!" Mewfour teleported out of his room and teleported holding must and zoroark, "good luck with mess byeeeee!" Birthday Dog walks out, Baxter looks at his room and freaked out with the mess then he starts to clean it up after a good minutes he gets tired and was done. Wario breaks a hole "PARTY Uh? u lie to me!" Wario walks away "I forgot he was coming!" Birthday Dog reminded him that Wario was coming and Wario missed it. "hmmm ya know what, someday at my own tree house imma make my own party and invite humans" "not if I have something say about it" Birthday Dog said to him "and No Pokemon or Furries allowed! but it'll happen someday! we gonna have loud music and mosh pits there even imma invite Kenny" "WHAT U SAY #####! FALCON" Birthday Dog hits his Side waist "PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Baxter gets sent flying out of his room "or gonna do it tonight!". Birthday Dog holded onto his Escape rope "mmmmmmm! Forgot something look where going land at big boy!" She grins at baxter "Huh?! Hey thats mine! and wh-what" baxter slowly looks at who he landed on as he knew it was Birthday Dog who grew giant and ate him in mouth "mmm not bad" she grins "oh how u going get out!", Baxter was screaming in fear as he was holding onto Birthday Dog's tongue. "now now" Her tongue turns into candy "yummy" she swallows baxter and the candy "enjoy your stay it fun house in there!" She grins as Baxter falls in the stomach and encounters Kawaii, Riolu and Zorua in as well "mama how we going get o-" Riolu sees baxter "baxter how u get in here "how is her tummy a fun house where does food good" Zorua says "ooo candy Riolu eats candy "it like whole other world in here" "hey hey came join party! welcome to my tummy heheh better find way out of u turn out be like last people haha" "what p- WE NEED LEAVE!" Riolu sees Bones "I KNOW NOW HOW DO WE GET OUT" he looks "ONE FUN HOUSE GO GO GO!!!" Zorua, Baxter, Kawaii and Riolu go in Fun balls which Riolu went into a blue one, Zorua in a Black one, Baxter in a Red one and Kawaii in a Pink one. "welcome to ball room keep all hands and paw in ride and hold on!" Riolu, Kawaii, Zorua and Baxter looked under and noticed the bottom was open as they all fall in the ride. "eeee stop this crazy thing" Riolu was heavily scared, Zorua saw a whole that can take him out, Birthday Dog throws up Zorua out of her mouth as Zorua runs for it, Kawaii was next as she saw riolu making it out and catches him "well u all win and bye!" Birthday Dog runs off, Baxter was out as well "ooo all of us need shower!" Kawaii runs back in to the bathroom with Riolu as they both take a shower. "it safe come out" Zorua looked at Baxter as baxter gets up and comes to Zorua. "I'm going home" Zorua said "okay dude! have fun in Zoroark's hair" "Baxter Baxter where are u?" Heat was calling out for baxter "Heat?" Baxter said. The RP ended there

July 8th 2015 "Hard Rockin Club House"Edit

"birthday dog gave u that mama?" Riolu walked in on Kawaii who saw a pic of Lucario and was holding the Really N*gga button. "She did" Kawaii said, Baxter was in his treehouse again this time with a whole lot of Teenagers he invited over with loud music. "Oh no! Baxter said he make party in his treehouse and none of us pokemon or furries are invited plus, some of them fell asleep!" "Okey" Riolu said to his mom, Baxter and mostly his friends from School he hangs out with were partying hard with loud music "TURN THAT MUSIC LOUDER DJ!" The DJ gave a thumbs up and turned it up louder, the song that was playing was this Fyat Rave. "heeeey" The Music stopped at bit as All Teenagers look at the girl as Baxter did, The girl was actually Zoroark in disguise "OMG! SHE HAS LONG HAIR!!!!" "what can't girl have long hair" One Teen jumped on her as she made a squeak toy sound, everyone looks at her "oh hehe nevermind it's just a toy!" The Teen said, baxter turned around "MOSHPIT!" He shouted out loud as he gets into a moshpit, most of the teens were drunk too which baxter kinda drinked abit of beer as well but not alot because he don't drink "Ha Ha this is were all da teens hang! Heh I got games to mess with friends!" He said meaning that mostly on the pokemon, Zoroark was just sitting and watching, Baxter looks through the window and sees Palkia coming out "Haaa!!! Yes! Let shoot marshmallows at her" "HEY WHAT DID U SAY!" Palkia said as she got angry, Zoroark took the cup full of marshmellows, He goes to the cup but it was gone "Oh no!" "were dead" Palkia shakes the tree which baxter and alot of teens fell from the tree. Palkia looks at all of baxter's friends and himself and grins "now who first!" Palkia's claws begin to show, "WHOOOOa this best drink" Zoroark said almost drunk, one kid pushes zoroark "Her first!" "hahaha heeeeeeeeey" Palkia didn't hurt Zoroark and had her focus on the teens and baxter "she old enough u guys not" "RUN FOR IT!" Baxter shouted as all of his friends and himself run to hide everywhere, "GET BACK HERE!" Palkia said yelling she runs after them. One kid said "Ah! Boobies!", Alot of teens and baxter hide in different places. Palkia stopped and looks everywhere looking for them. Palkia keeps on looking around and she begins to Growl meaning that she getting angry, She spots one teen who was peeing the bush and she grabs him "FOUND U!" She says, the teen gets afraid alot at Palkia. The RP ended there due to the fact of Crossover RP.

July 9th 2015 "Swag Birthday Dog / Little Mac Amiibo / Trapped in Five Nights in Anime"Edit

"ahhhhh run Baxter run!!!!" Riolu was running for his life, Baxter gets confused and looks at Riolu "huh? what's going on dude?" Baxter looks at him. "Is it Must again?" Baxter said at him in fear thinking it would be Must "no" Riolu replied "then who?" Baxter said "me #####!" Baxter turns and notices it was Birthday Dog, Baxter starts to run as well. King Ninja jumps infront of Baxter as he grins "hello!" he says, Brithday Dog grinned and said "I had palkia blow up a shcool" "U BLEW UP A SCHOOL!" Baxter runs for his life to the other way. King Ninja jumps in his way "where are u going?" "yaaa bax~" Birthday Dog grinned at him "i was running cause im scared", "falcon! PUNCH!" Birthday Dog falcon punches baxter through his tree were his treehouse was. "hehehe show me move" "really" King Ninja screws up "WHAT U SAY #####!" Birthday Dog knocks King Ninja into the Tree, baxter looks at King Ninja "imagine jaw could knock him out easier someday!" Baxter jumps off from the tree and runs back inside the house. "smoke weed everyday" Birthday Dog targets the door with a canon she was also humming, Baxter was hiding behind the couch. Birthday Dog blows door open and comes in "oh Baxter where are u!", Baxter shrunk down and hided under the couch. Birthday Dog begins to smell around for him, Similar to how Zoroark smells around catching his scent. Baxter sees her smelling around. "found u!" Birthday Dog grabs him and grins at him, Baxter is scared and afraid of her now "What are u gonna do to me?!" Baxter says to her who she was chuckling at him "take guess" Baxter was afraid as he points at her pink spot inbetween her legs "uhhh uhhhh going in there" he says "in where" He points at it again. "I may be dog but I ever go that low" She grins at him, Riolu walks to baxter and says "question bax does sonikku ever did that to u?" "n-no?" Baxter said to him, "now little homie!" Birthday Dog grins at him this make Baxter afraid to Birthday Dog more. "mmmmm" She grins more as throws baxter in a box and keeps him in there she chuckles abit as baxter is stuck in the box. "save u for later haha" She grins trapping baxter in the box saving him for later torture play. Birthday Dog eats him in the box "mmmm now if he try get out he dead" She smiles in joy as Baxter is inside Birthday Dog's belly while in a box "well at least i can't get digested in a box hehehe".

-Hours later-

Birthday Dog spits out the Box and opens it which Baxter suprisenly jumps out of it and turns normal size and runs for his life from her "HEY!" Birthday Dog gets mad again, Baxter keeps on running as he runs pass Palkia "BAXTER WHAT HELL U DOING HERE" She runs after him "I SILL NEED PAY BACK!" Palkia runs after him due to the fact she crashed his party. Baxter turns around and sees that Palkia is running after him, Baxter runs for his life fast from her. Baxter runs to his room and locks the door on her.


"ooooooooo it so on!" Birthday Dog is challenged by Baxter to find the rare Little mac amiibo, "Oh yah wanna race to it? oh yeah!" Baxter ran off as he tied up Birthday Dog's legs and Riolu's legs as well so he can win, He comes back home with a Little Mac amiibo but there was one last one "Ha Haaa!!!! finally i got the mac amiibo!!" Baxter said as he obtained the Mac Amiibo.

Continue 2Edit

Baxter was done playing Five Nights in Anime again with the update as seen here [2], Baxstar walks in on him "Baxter?! Did u play that game again?!" She asked him "Aye!!!! Don't tell anyone!!!!" Baxter gets frightened about it, Baxstar looked both ways and nods at him as she walks away, she was actually tricking him. "Wait I just thought of something that foxy girl u hang out with wouldn't she try do same thing?" Riolu asks him about him hanging out with Fantacy, "I don't know riolu?" "Elissa!" Baxstar walks to her "yes?" Elissa asks "Baxter played that game again with the FNAF cast but they were girls" Baxstar tricked baxter into thinking she won't tell "I hope they're not real..." "but foxy sister she kinda look like that girl" Riolu said to him, Elissa gets very angry as she breaks keys and turns her head in a creepy way "whaaaaaaaat" She tilts her head with her eyes turning red and next thing she makes a Snapping Sound, Riolu, Mewfour and Zoroark look at her as Elissa turned her way to baxter in anger "BAXTER!!!!", Baxter turned to her in fear "IT'S PLAY TIME BOY!" She said as She snaps her claws as the game "Five Nights in Anime" turns on and she teleports baxter into the game, "GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!!" "Ooooo what game is this?" Baxstar asks her "the game he played but Baxter edition hahaha" Elissa grinned to the game as Baxstar watches "I'm in the five nights in anime game!" Baxter looks around in the office in fear "funny he have to beat it to get out if game over he have to start all over from night one HAHAHA!!" Elissa laughs evily which baxter is trapped in the game until he can beat all nights without getting caught by the girls, "and do how he say how bad he is he going be in there for long long long LOOOOOONG time" Elissa grins more watching baxter. Baxter looks in the cameras "Hope Bon Bon isnt near" Baxter said as he's actually scared of Bon Bon in Five Nights in Anime. Baxter heard a giggle from the door as he looks at the left door as he saw Bon Bon "AHHHHH!!! BON BON!" Baxter shuts the door on her in fear, "golden going get him so many times" Elissa said in a cute smirk meaning that Golden Girl. Baxter sat back down in fear in the office and looks in the cameras and saw Chica close by, Baxter looked and saw her as he runs to the door and presses the light as Chica giggles as she sees her, Baxter closes the door as both doors are closed. Losing power more on him in fear "night 2 is waiting for him" Elissa said to him in grinning from the outside "Oh phew... She's gone" Baxter opens the left door and looks in the right, Suddenly Bon Bon came back and peeked into the room, Baxter turns around and saw Bon Bon "AH!" Baxter runs to the door and closes when suddenly, The Power went off on him now completely dark on him, Baxter was afraid now he was standing up and looking around "OOOHH NOOO!!!!!!", Elissa and Baxstar were both laughing evily at him "AH! Oh no power went off!" Baxter looks around in fear in the office. Suddenly he hears slow stomping coming from the left he turns and sees Freddy Girl giggling at him, Baxter ran out from the office cheating death "there no where to go but the darkness he can't get out" Elissa grins but Baxter ran out from the office from her he's scared as he hides in a box "like I said he get start over" Elissa starts the game over as Baxter tries again for the second time in the office, Baxter looked into the cameras and noticed Bon Bon was gone, he tries to look around for her again and finally founded her on the camera. The RP ended there for the night.

July 10th 2015 "Desi's B-day"Edit

(Happy Birthday to Desi)

July 11th 2015 "The Parasite"Edit

"bitch please I will feed off your inside or make u jump a ship with water full of shark!" evil laughs "I am parasite my name say it all!" Parasite makes his debut, Baxter saw this and runs from Parasite "he didn't really read picture~ hahaha very well I am good for now but how ever I will break him!" Parasite grins to himself, Baxter stops running and walks "runing from little old me" Baxter turns to his side and jumps back in fear "I KNOW WHO U ARE Please Don't Touch me!" "mmmmm u wish u know me but I'm what they say oh yaaa fear it self" Parasite grins at his next victim as Baxter steps back from him a lot more "heheh it not ur time boy just be lucky!" Parasite disappears in the Wind, Baxter looks and walks back inside "he's right I got more years to live" Baxter said going back in the house. As soon as he got in dark was there "oh hehehe ur wrong he just see u to easy haha" "Dark! Im like in my teenager years still before I die" Baxter said to him in fear "bax bax he don't care he just like what he want but ur time not yet ready u see sooooooon" Dark was reminding him that baxter has a lot to live for before Parasite kills him "oh alright then I-I guess I should probably see what up with pokemon" baxter was afraid as he just said but he just shrugged it off and went to what up is with all of the Pokémon around his house. Kawaii was playing with her aura joking about how fans say that "Lucario is on Steroids because of Aura rage". Riolu was with Kawaii as he asked her about it, She replies saying "it's true, when u evolve to lucario, u have aura" Kawaii stated that to Riolu that one day he will grow up into a Lucario. Baxter was walking around until Dark screamed out "BAX GET BACK HERE!" Baxter turn around as Dark was running at him as he looks at him running at him "time to pay for peeking on my wife SKY!" Dark jumps up as baxter moves out of the way and runs for it, Dark turns around and chases him, Baxter runs to riolu as he looks both ways "Uhhh uhhh sorry riolu!" Baxter punches riolu hard and runs for it, Riolu is hit and starts to cry, Dark was running but stopped infront of a Pissed off Kawaii, "never...NEVER!!! HIT MY SON" her aura is all around her body as she gets ready to fight him when suddenly Dark showed pics that it was baxter that punched him, Kawaii looks and suddenly gets angry "Grrrrr!!!!!!! BAXTER!!!!!" Kawaii growls "grrr he hitted my son! U know what!" Kawaii turns into her mega evolution form "he met a terrible fate!" "Parasite is more deadly then her" kawaii walks off to find baxter, Baxter was walking around until Parasite appears infront of him grinning a lot evily "UR TIME IS NOW!" Baxter stepped back from Parasite and runs for it until he met up with Mega Kawaii, She grabs him and says "it's beat up time!" She grins as baxter tries to run for it as now Kawaii walks to somewhere while grabbing a good hold of him, she does it infront of riolu as she begins to beat up baxter for an hour.

-1 hour later-

"haha! now don't hit my son!" Kawaii glares at him as she transforms back to normal. "no but it soon I just want see u get beat up heheh u only one can see me any ways" "that was good but night sky fight in sexy way mmmmm" Dark and Parasite said separately to baxter, Baxter gets up and walks away to his room "more he show it haha", Baxter makes it to his room and shivers in fear, Riolu peeks in from his door and chuckles, baxter looks at him "what?" he said, Riolu went back down as baxter encountered Palkia rocking out with headphones in, Riolu grins more as he actually putted something owned by baxter on her chair, Palkia was walking to her chair to sit when suddenly she sits and felt it she screams then saw baxter "BAXTER!" Palkia gets angry as she runs at him, baxter closes door on her and hides under the bed, she peeked in through the door and back to the wall "I BREAK THIS WALL DOWN BAXTER!" Palkia said angrily growling she walks into his room "Baxter!" She throws his bed off and growls at him, baxter stands up at the height of her knee since palkia is about 13'9" and baxter is about 5'10" "Uh...hi there palkia".

July 12th 2015 "Arceus is Bored and Hungry Reaction"Edit

"BRAAAAAAAAAAA RUN!!" Riolu points at Palkia standing behind baxter "arceus is hungry AHHHHHHH!" Palkia gets angry that she was ordered to get food for Arceus, Baxter turns around scared and runs for it from palkia "COME BACK HERE NOW!!!!!!!!!!" "why she get mad when arceus get hungry" Riolu said while watching Baxter running from Palkia. "Go away!!! AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" baxter said, Palkia was so strong enough she picked up a Train and threw it at baxter, Baxter turned around and saw that palkia threw a train at him, Baxter ducks down as the train avoids him, Palkia was right behind him with her foot over him "AHHHH DIE HUMAN!" baxter turns around fast at her scared as she gets ready to step on him, Baxter runs underneath her through her tail and runs, Palkia yells out "GET BACK HERE AHHHHHH" She goes into rage mode at him, Baxter hides. The RP ended there because desi's ipad needed charging and baxter went to sleep since they both live in different time zones (9PM at California and 12AM at Virginia).

July 13th 2015 "Palkia is angry and bored"Edit

"WHAT VIDEO!" Palkia said at Baxter this startled him, Baxter looks at her "WELL!" "Uh this one!" Baxter runs to his computer in his room and find the video of Arceus is bored and hungry and shows it to her, Also baxter was shirtless. So now he pulls up the video and he and palkia both watch it with each other "damn" she says as baxter keeps watching. The video ends later baxter had to hold his laughter in because palkia was there "nice" Palkia said she was impressed on the vid, Baxter was confused and said "i didn't make that vid" "I didn't knew I was in it" Palkia didn't even know she stared in that video "yea, that's why u tried to kill me cause arceus was hungry" baxter said to her. "HE IS AHHHH" "OH NO!" Baxter tries to run but gets grabbed by Palkia again.

July 14th 2015Edit

Elissa walks up behind baxter "BAXTER" She says as baxter jumped and turned around to see her "y-yep?!" he says "where my neckless?" She growls at him, baxter looks both ways and back to elissa "I haven't seen it? i didn't even touch it!" Baxter said to her, Elissa walks close to him angrily "then why does this said u did" She gives him the note and he reads it and finded out that....Must got him "MUST!!!! SHE DID THIS! oh shit!" Baxter notices elissa is angry at him "really then why is it u on pictures" Elissa showed him pics "Uh...i mean AHHH!!!!!" Baxter runs from Elissa, Elissa easily grabs him by her tail "u know I have tail now where is it!" She yells at him angirly "I don't have it!" Baxter actually has it as a prank but he blamed it on Must instead "don't let me pop ur head open" Elissa said to her pet, Baxter gave up and got afraid as he takes out her neckless and throws it at her "don't ever do that again!" "i wont eeee!!!!" Baxter replied to her in fear also he told her this "it was a prank elissa i was with acouple of my friends last night and we did that to prank u" He said to her in fear. "THIS WAS FROM MY MOM!" She gets in his face more and growls at him more, baxter is too startled at this alot he didnt know her mom after she died gave it to her.

July 18th 2015 "Pac-Man is a Glitch God"Edit

"####### pac man being a glitch God!" Mewfour growled walking back in from her smash bros fight against Pac-Man, " awww come on kitty cat!" baxter walked in on her "##### I'm not cat!" Mewfour threw a shadow ball at him which baxter ducks down and got back up "just be happy I miss". Kawaii and Riolu walk in as Riolu said to her "mama saw whole thing" "I know", Mewfour, Kawaii and now Baxstar chat with each other as baxter was noming on pizza watching them. "yaa but then be come more broken!" "Like you!" Baxter replied to her "baxter! bad boy" baxstar hits him with a stick. Mewfour also grabbed a stick and hitted him too "#### u!" she said to him, Baxter told him mewfour got better "yep like Roy he can kill ya with just dash attack" Mewfour told him "yaa yaaa I know already!" Baxter said to her, Baxstar looked cute at him "what wrong? did palkia mess with u again? or did queen ninja put a water shruiken in your pants again" She chuckled on that one "no but ya palkia did mess with me again" "palkia is crazy" Mewfour said to him "Dialga is too, so as Apollo" Apollo was at the window watching. The RP continued later


"I said let fuck him up Apollo!" Dialga said beside his best friend Apollo, Apollo giggled a bit then he broke in the window and grabbed baxter from his claws "I need him for a moment" Apollo flies out of the house and drops baxter infront of Dialga, Baxter hits the ground and slowly gets up. "hey baxter" Dialga had a huge grin on his face as baxter looks at him "AH! DIALGA" "yep!" Baxter runs for his life from Dialga. "get him Apollo!" Apollo nods and flies up and chases after him, Baxter keeps on running as he turns around and sees his own pokemon Apollo chasing him "UR NOT GOIN ANYWHERE MOTHERF***ER!" Dialga heard that and laughed about it "Hmmm Hey bax! I got back up!" "WHAT BACKUP!" Baxter looked at him as he sees Dialga running at him and jumps up with a Body slam and he starts to sit on top of him, Baxter was completely covered underneath Dialga's butt, Apollo flies down "HAHA! He just got sat on!" Apollo said grinning. "He to soft" Dialga said blushing that baxter was actually soft and was sat on for good "yeah my master is soft and comftable to sit on" Apollo said to him "My wife sat on him before she said he feels good!" Apollo said because he remembered Lugiatwo telling him that she play fighted Baxter. Dialga did a face, Baxter begins to squirm underneath Dialga's butt. His hand makes it out of his butt "He trying to squirm!" Apollo saw his hand coming out of his butt. Dialga lays on him resting, Apollo heard his wife calling as he reminded dialga he'll be right back later as he flies off, Baxter was underneath Dialga suddenly he can breath under him for some odd reason. "ur not getting way!" Dialga grinned as baxter was underneath him still "Because you're heavy and im trapped under you're belly!" Baxter reminded him "just wait tell Apollo return!" Dialga said to him grinning Baxter crawls lower underneath him. "sorry not going work HAHAHAH!" "UGH!!!! HES HEAVY!" Apollo came back to Dialga and brought Lugiatwo along with him "Alright im back!" Dialga looks at Lugiatwo then back at Apollo "Why bring her with u?" "uhhhh she wanted some fun, us Yveltals have fun sometimes together, yes yes we dark types but Dark Types love to be that way" Apollo reminded his best friend "yep" "now were is he, were is my master". Dialga got off as baxter was stuck flat on dialga's belly, Baxter fell off of his belly and breathed for fresh air "OMG!!! AIR!!!" Baxter turns to look and sees Apollo and Lugiatwo "uh oh!" "hello there!" Lugiatwo said at him as Baxter gets up on his feet and looks up at her "not her!" "Yeeees her!" Apollo replied "yes me now u going make it easy or hard" Lugiatwo said in a nice tone, Baxter just ran for it "he said hard! lets get him the Yveltal way!" Apollo said to her. Lugiatwo flies up and flys after him, Apollo did the same as he told dialga to come too Baxter keeps on running. The RP ended there

July 19th 2015 "Baxter's Shrunken Punishmet"Edit

Baxter and Riolu were both arguing in the fun way "mmm I'm best mmm in best" Riolu puts on mlg glasses until baxter had enough and punched him hard on the face breaking his MLG Glasses, Riolu sits up and starts to cry "MAMA!". Kawaii breaks down the door "WHO HIT MY SON!" "bax and break my glasses" Riolu said, Baxter looks at her as Kawaii growls at him scaring him, Baxter steps back as Kawaii growls even more as she grabs him by the shirt "Mmmm!!! i know what ur punishment is! tomorrow u will stay shrunken for the whole day now!" She grins at him saying that baxter will be small tomorrow for whole day, next thing Kawaii throws baxter out of the window and walks to her son picking him up and making sure that he is fine. Baxter was terrified "oooohhhh why did she say that?! being tiny for 1 whole day!" Baxter climbs up in his treehouse. Just by the time baxter went in, Zoroark throws him out "Pokemon only!" "yaaaaa it" "ooooo party" Mewfour was with Mew enjoying the party. Baxter gets up and walks to the window and take a peek. Mawhile while in her Mega Form was blocking the windows "GET ON UP HAHAHA" Queen Ninja and King Ninja were having fun too as King was fighting a bag "what the?! MAWHILE! oh wait...i was invited to another of my friends party tonight" Suddenly Batista broke his head through the wall "DELPHOX!!!!!" which he was saying "YAAAA", Baxter backs away "AHHHHH YAAA" Palkia said, Must was watching this while laughing at her boyfriend, Dialga was enjoying it too.


Baxter was at a party with a lot of teenagers attended, Baxter was also a teenager since he's aged 16 and allowed to join any time with his friends "WOOOO POKEMON CAN'T RUIN THIS ONE!!!!", Someone knocks the door "hmm that should be Mario" Baxter said "I got this" A teenager said walking to the door as he opens it with Bowser showing up "u been keeping us up and now we here cash the party haha" A lot of Koopas come in ruining the party as Bowser actually threw out a Teen. Bowser grabs him by the leg and holds him upside down "koopa get them out here" "come on u heard the man leave", The Teens walk out of the house as Baxter is left as he looks at Bowser. Bowser smashes all around the living room as he used baxter as a bat, sooner or later as bowser knocks him out "bye" bowser said as he walked home leaving baxter knocked out.

-hours later-

King Dedede walks in house "hahah what a day" King Dedede sits on baxter "holdibg this hammer can be tirer some" "ACK!!!! GET OFF OF ME!!!!!" King dedede gets off of him and asks him what was he doing here, baxter responded that he had a party, King Dedede inhale on him and walks out of the door and spits him out far that baxter was shot too near the treehouse. "hey Baxter we made a mess of this place! so bye" King Ninja said grinning as he leaves to go inside "What the?! i ain't cleaing that up!" baxter turns around and notices kawaii "time for punishment" Kawaii points shrink ray at him and shrinks him down and picks him up "hehe! now stay alive" Kawaii walks back holding riolu as kawaii walks back inside and lets him go "now go!" Kawaii told him, Baxter runs for it from kawaii shrunken. "heheh only he knew what he was runing into" Kawaii said as Baxter was running into Mawhile "hello there tiny little thing" Baxter turns around and sees mawhile "M-Mawhile?!" Baxter said "look mama best friend came over!" "yaaa she did", Baxter was scared to see Mawhile "Tina the name and may I say" She grabs him as baxter is still afraid "uhhh hey Tina". "hehe ya guess what I'm going do with u" She smiles at him "W-what?!" Baxter with "guess!" Tina smiles more at him "E-eat me?!" "nope" she still smiles "I don't know" baxter responded to her "I'm going use u as a pet hheheheh" Tina said to him "uuuhhhhh okay hehehe" baxter said blushing abit. Tina starts to throw him around like a toy, Riolu and Kawaii smiles as they go take care of the treehouse "Think it not working kawaii what sure I try next" Kawaii walks to him and looks that baxter was smiling abit "eh he smiling its working, do more fun with him" She walks to treehouse. "but aren't we gonna make him sad?" "nah we mess with him" Kawaii responded back as Tina dresses baxter up as a girl, baxter looks at the dress he was wearing and blushes more. The RP might continue later if possible.

July 20th 2015 "Snowy's return"Edit

Riolu was running around with more swag in him, Baxter just looks is all. Suddenly out from over him, Z falls down on Baxter from a portal "how did I get here" Z looks up "where that portal come from" Z says as she is confused she kinda felt baxter underneath her then she teleports out as Baxter gets up and says "was that Z?" "yep" Baxter turns around and sees Mewfour who was giggling "glad she's back" Baxter said glad that Z is back for him "well yaa she been around just in Pokemon with snowy" Mewfour reminding him that Z was still around alongside Charizard "Oh yeah, that's right snowy kept her in a pokeball" Baxter said smiling to Mewfour "yep even charizard is with her" Baxstar walks in holding Zorua "Charizard was a cool girl" "She was too u but must kicked her ### One time" Baxter's eyes go wide "I remember that! King and queen didn't help cuz they lazy" Mewfour walks up to him and fixes his answer "no coz she was after u remember" Mewfour said looking down to baxter as baxter looks up at her "Wow Mewtwos are smart" "hmmm she's legendary too" Baxtstar pets zorua around his neck fur "aren't u proud legendaries are here" She asks baxter that if he's proud that Legendaries live with him "uhhh yeah", Zorua purs at being petted "GO Z & CHARIZARD!" Snowy sends out both Z and Charizard behind baxter as he turns around and looks to see one of his 2 friends and bodyguards were there "Ahhh my bff is here" Baxstar said smiling to see Snowy "yep!" Charizard yawns in tiredness "hey I'm back here again?" Z said confused "Yep Z ur here" Baxter said walking to his 2 close pokemon friends "Hey baxter" "sup baxter" Charizard and Z said to him greeting there protector back "Hey girls how ya up to?" "been gym battling" Charizard said to him "That's cool to hear" "man ur fur is soft like zoroark" Baxstar said to one of her pokemon "heheh thanx" Zorua smiles widely loving her master "ur welcome zorua" "yes and we won" "it was easy battle" Z and Charizard were chatting with baxter "Nice" Baxstar smiles as she puts down Zorua after petting him.

July 22nd 2015 "Elissa Joins the battle (Smash Bros.)"Edit

Elissa walks to baxter "I joined the battle", Baxter puts down the game and looks at elissa "WHAT!" he shouts at her "heheh what wrong" Baxter looks at her scared and steps back noticing that elissa joined smash and is a big character "so ur big and ur in Smash... I CANT FIGHT U!" Baxter tries to run for it but is easily grabbed by Elissa, Elissa grins at him "hehehe" she chuckles abit at him as Baxter shivers abit in fear to her, Elissa slowly licks his face and smiles "tast good hehe" Baxter blushes heavily as Elissa eats him again and burps out his only chance of escaping alive is Escape Rope she smiled abit as baxter is in her belly "How long do I HAVE TO BE IN HERE?!" "heheh when I want to let u out mmm" Elissa yawns and says "heheh enjoy ur stay" Elissa reads a book. The RP ended there.

July 23rd 2015 "Tina vs. Charizard"Edit

Riolu falcon punches out from the window crazily, Baxter looks at the window weirdly "he broke the window again!" Mewfour walked in the room and saw the broken window "dude isn't this Elissa window and isn't she going kill you when she see this" Mewfour asked him, baxter looks at her "WHAT?! YES!" Baxter said, Mewfour glares at him as she gives him money "go get it fix!" Mewfour ordered him to do it since she's a legendary pokemon. Baxter nods and walks out to a store and buys a new window for elissa as baxter walks back home afraid as he fixes window. "see there u go" Mewfour said crossing her arms looking at him, Baxter looks at her "yeah okay its all fixed mewfour". "there was time u were nice" Tina walks in at Mewfour "I'm alway been like this" Mewfour replies to her "well mewfour messes with me sometimes, one time we wrestled each other to the ground" Baxter said to Tina. Charizard walks in "what going on here?" She asks as Baxter walks to her "Riolu went crazy again and mewfour told me to fix it". "but I gave him the money" "alright" Charizard replied to her "Well yaa that was nice thing for mewfour to do for her" baxter said to mewfour and charizard. "but mind telling why he went crazy" Charizard asks him "uuhhh im not sure he just did it for fun I guess" Baxter replied to her. "mmmmm ok then" Tina looks "CHARIZARD!" She says as Charizard gets into her mean look and did a deep voice "Mawhile!". Baxter steps back and sees this "what's going on here?" "charizard mawile don't get along didn't u know that already" Mewfour said to him, baxter was close to her "I didn't know that, though I know that Jaw and King don't get along as well" Baxter said remembering the fight between Jaw and King Ninja, Baxter and Mewfour watch Charizard and Tina fight. Charizard and Tina growl at each other Mewfour asks him "who is jaw" "he is a 9ft delphox" Baxter replied to her "oh yah?" mewfour said to him "yeah" Baxter looks back at Charizard and Tina. Charizard uses flamethrower but Tina jumps out of the way, baxter sits in chair and watches "u aren't going stop them?" Mewfour asks him "No, I don't wanna get burned by Charizard or have Tina's other mouth chomp my leg" Baxter replied back, also he actually have saved a seat for mewfour "why?" Mewfour asks "like I said charizard could accidently burn me and tinas other mouth got a mind on it's own" "oh yaa" mewfour asks him, Charizard roars at Tina, Tina just said "hehehehe ur no match", Baxter just keeps on watching "it does mewfour" baxter said abit afraid but not too afraid "uhhh what?" Mewfour said "n-nothing let keep watching!" Baxter said as Tina grabs charizard and throws her, Charizard gets thrown and comes back and growls at Tina who just stopped herself. "well coz she type dude" "she's a steel and fairy type, and charizard is strong too btw" Baxter said. "ooooh I see Oh god look out!" Baxter grabs mewfour and they both duck down together on the ground since Tina threw charizard to baxter and mewfour's direction. "that was close" Mewfour said as baxter blushes and lets go of her, baxter stands up and helps mewfour back up which it was heavy "dang mewfour you're heavy!" baxter said to her. "hey!", Tina won her match against charizard as Charizard growls and just admits it "GRRR" She grabs baxter "GET IN THERE" She runs to Tina and opens up the maw as she laughs abit "NO DONT IT HAVE MIND OF IT OWN!" The Maw closes up on Baxter and Mewfour which they're both tight together "AHHH LET ME OUT" Mewfour was screaming she didn't know baxter was underneath her. "really! AHHH" she kicks baxter down to the neck "heheh there the nick bye bye!" She kicks him harder making Tina spit out Him and Mewfour, Mewfour stands up and punches him in the face, "wow u made her mad" "ow....yea I did" baxter said, Tina was passed out as her neck was hurting giving her a sore throat, Charizard sweatdrops, "Mewfour almost crushed my bones" baxter said, he was meaning that Mewtwos are around 200 lbs., "mmmm alright then sorry hear that" Charizard said carring for her friend, Baxter was getting back up on his feet which he was covered in saliva "she like 200 pounds" "well coz we Pokemon could be more heavier then we look" Charizard said reminding baxter about that Pokémon are heavier than humans are "yeah...although I only weigh 184 pounds is all" Baxter said which it was true "well sill it how Pokemon look" "yeah".

August 1st 2015 "Date goes Wrong"Edit

Elissa was holding her mouth open as Baxter was struggling to use his strength to lift it up "ever again" she says as she is trying to close her mouth, Baxter was scared as he was trying to use his muscles to hold it up but suddenly Baxter wasnt strong enough in a few minutes as Elissa closes up her mouth, Baxter was scared as he is in her mouth on her tongue, She moves her tongue to her Teeth and begins to chew Baxter for a bit then she swallows him "ahhh that hit the spot" Elissa said she now looks at Riolu as she grabs him "u join too!" "HELP!!!" Riolu was screaming for help as Kawaii rushes in Super Sonic speed catching Riolu and running back to the house, Baxter used the escape rope as he escapes Elissa for the 10th time in a row into his Closet, "oh shit she fast" Elissa said as Riolu smiles, Baxter comes out with only shorts on and no shirt on, "hope no one sees ME like this" "Baxter put shirt on" Baxter looks and he sees Mewfour reading a book, Mewfour actually said that to him, Baxter walks up to her and shouts in her face "U ATE A MII!" He grabs her book and throws it, Baxter atempts to get away with it but Mewfour used the Psychic Powers to stop him "hehehe coz he looked good and he was hahah" Baxter was scared alot to her as Mewfour walks up close to him in his face and thinks about what she wants to do to him. The RP ended there due to no responses from Desi.

August 2nd 2015 "Baxter the Mii"Edit

"BITCHS I WON THE MII CUP! BEST MII FIGHTER" Elissa came back home after winning a tournament in smash bros, Baxter looked at this and began to get jealous, "holy shit" Riolu said as Elissa holds it up, Baxter knees down and slams his fist on the ground "DAMN IT!" He said "Oh well, at least im in the WWE Championship Tourney i made" Baxter said as he actually made himself a tourney mode for himself which it had 25 people in it, " It's true he made his own tourney called "WWE Championship"" Baxstar walks in saying that, Elissa looks to baxter and says "I saw that but no one not in the battle", Riolu looked at baxter with that look, Baxter actually has people joined in "25 People JOINED ELISSA!!!!!", Elissa snaps her neck stretching it, this makes Baxter squimish "Ooooh man that neck though, But" Baxter walks up to her "I WILL WIN A TOURNAMENT ONE DAY! YOU SEE HOW TRUE A MII FIGHTER I AM IN SMASH!" He points at her "It'll happen u big boob dragon" Baxter said pwning Elissa with that word "Big Boob Dragon". Baxstar gasped hearing this as Baxter walks outside "whoa! Elissa he got u burnt" Baxstar said to Elissa, Elissa just ignored that and said "well yaaa I know he will win one but what suck those damn tournament that kick u off even u win" Elissa said as she hoped her pet will win a match one day "Yeah, but did u know he saw ur boobs and called u Big Boob?" "yaaaa but heheh who holding the MII cup?" "Oooh i thought u were gonna like get him for calling u that was all", Baxter was outside jealous "Oooh i show them" baxter takes his shirt off "Time to be shirtless like a awesome Sayian" Baxter smiles happily walking around outside as he walks to his treehouse forgetting about that tourney Elissa won in, Baxter climbs up in his treehouse and stays up there "Heh, but im secretly a Champion in Mario Kart 8 and POKEMON GAMES! hehehehehe" "yaaa but mewfour try get senpai cup" Elissa said as Mewfour heard this and came in "heheh hey at less I saw hot guys" "u ate 10 miis back there" "what they were good" Elissa glares at Mewfour for eating Miis "Heh Her new favorite food is Mii Fighters now" Baxstar said as Mewfour now has a new food chain, She now loves to Eat poor little Mii fighters who are weak to her, Mewfour's cellphone was ringing "oh hold on" She picks up "yellow" " Oh hey is there a guy name "Big" last name "Ass"?" "no sorry I think u got wrong number" "DAMN IT MEWFOUR" Baxter hangs up failing the prank in anger "who was that" Elissa asked her "I don't know looking for some one name big ass", Elissa almost busts out laughing at this but holded it in "what some one n- wait sec WHAT THE FUCK!" Mewfour calls back baxter's phone number "Hello?" Baxter said "UR DEAD WHEN I FIND OUT WHO U ARE!" Baxter laughs very hard at this as he hears this falling back laughing hard "wait I know that laughs BAXTER!" Mewfour said while Fire comes out of her mouth "he fucked" Elissa said as Mewfour teleports "Man im such a bad kid" Baxter gets up laughing then stops, Mewfour teleports behind baxter as she growls, Baxter heard her and turns around and sees her, Mewfour grins as she turns baxter into his Mii "it dinner time COME HERE!", Baxter gets scared and runs out of the treehouse as Mewfour runs after him "AAAHHHH OH wait now I got this form IN my blood AAHHHH", Baxter runs to a bush and hides from Mewfour as he looks through a little hole to see Mewfour looking for him "Baxter come out heheh" Mewfour said looking for him everywhere in the forest "Baxterrrrrr come out and play" Mewfour said alot more evily, She turns and sees him in the bust in a little hole Mewfour acts like she didn't see him, Baxter backs away from the hole scaredly "I think she saw me" Baxter said quietly so she don't hear him, Mewfour suprise grabs him by the arm "hello little mii" Mewfour grinned alot more at him, Baxter was afraid alot more at her, Mewfour shrinks him down and grins alot more evily ready to eat her latest meal on another Mii, "can't believe now she's eating poor Miis, Miis are for friends, She eating them". The RP ended there for unknown reasons.

August 3rd 2015 "Palkia's Revenge"Edit

King Ninja was drinking alot of Alcohol after winning a trophy in tourney mode, Baxter becomes alot more jealous "oh mamamia" Baxter fell over, Elissa was there too smiling for Kings victory, Baxter gets up and talks to elissa "I hope no one else got a trophy too" Baxter said crossing his arms "don't worry we taking break" Elissa smiled to him, Riolu come in saying "mama tried winning trophy" "i tried but i failed" Kawaii said "Okay cool" baxter sees palkia "hmm is she in that arceus mood still?" "na she better" "what happened" Elissa and Riolu said to baxter "Arceus was hungry, she was mad but she got nice ass" Baxter covered his mouth embarrassed "what ever ur thinking, don't" Kawaii told him to don't do something to Palkia, Palkia heard this and turned around "WHAT DID U SAY BAXTER!" Palkia turns full body to him angirly "N-nothing" Baxter said in fear, "He said u got nice ass" Kawaii told on baxter, Palkia gets furious again and begins to Run at baxter, Baxter begins to run from Palkia as Palkia begins to chase him again "GET OVER HERE" Palkia yelled, Baxter keeps running then all of the sudden he was cornered to a wall and palkia. "So, u say i have nice ass huh?, THEN! EAT SOME OF THIS!" Palkia walks over and sits on him, Baxter was underneath Palkia's butt again. Palkia evily laughs as Baxter nosebleeds under her butt, Palkia stands up letting baxter go, Palkia didn't notice but she has a Blood stain on her butt, Baxter begins to breath again "next time keep it to ur self" Palkia said as she walks away from him, Baxter looks and sees that Palkia lefted a Blood stain on her butt while baxter was sat his "thing" accidently went long since Palkia was bigger than baxter and sat on him, it happens to him a lot he looks at it and hides it and walks. However Palkia noticed baxter was walking as her tail hits like a baseball bat "FOUR!", Baxter gets launched into a wall and he falls off. "heheh better" Palkia goes to her room, "BAXTER MY WALL!" Baxter takes a look and sees that he crashed into Elissa's Room and he gets off looking at her "I couldn't explain" "really" Elissa said walking to him, Baxter steps back and is cornered "Blame Palkia!"

August 4th 2015 "The Fight/Zoroark Watch"Edit

Riolu and Baxter were having a fight over of "Tacos" and "Pizza" for a while which it was a play fight, Chica jumps in saying "Pizza" as well while FNAF 2 Chica, Nightmare Chica and Phantom Chica come in saying it, which it later ended up with all Chicas Attacking Baxter, "Mama Baxter is getting but kick", Kawaii rushes in "Oh no not again?!" Kawaii throws a Aura Sphere at the Chicas, All of the Chicas run away leaving baxter on the ground "Baxter ur pizza is gone" Riolu eats Taco "num" "oh man! my pizza is gone" Baxter looks as his Pizza is gone "like they say when there one chica there all them" Riolu told him as Baxter stands up straight stretching his back "Y-yea?! theres like a lot of them" "yep" Riolu said, Baxstar walks in "I just saw a Flock of Chica's running outside" "that was bax" Riolu told on baxter "baxter! don't let another pokemon notice this!" "why not?" "they think bax did it" "uhhh hehe yea those flock of chicas kinda destroyed some stuff" Baxter said to Baxstar and Riolu, Baxstar looks out of the window "oh they're gone" she smiles. The RP will pick up later if possible.


Baxstar nods at Riolu and looks at baxter "did u leave a stain on Palkia's butt?" She says glaring at him, "Y-yea?!" Baxter said to her "cuz u nosebleeded!" Baxstar walked up to him glaring more into his eyes "really baxter really" Riolu walks to him as well, Baxter makes a run for it while blushing, Baxstar saw this "there he goes again", Baxter then stops as he now walk around "how did she know" baxter said to himself. Baxter walks around until he stops "is someone watching me?! I feel like im watched!" Baxter said looking around, He looks over to the tree someone was watching him as he walks over to it and looks up "huh? thought someone was here?" Baxter said looking up abit afraid, Baxter looks at the apple up there but turned around "boo" Baxter heard a voice as he jumps in fear and turns at the tree "haha got u good" The apple turned back to normal as to reveal...It was Zoroark all along, Baxter walks back to the tree and looks up seeing Zoroark "Zoroark!" "yesssss" "why u watching me fox!" Baxter yelled to Zoroark as he climbed up in that tree to her "Are u stalking me Zoroark?!" Baxter asks her while on the treebranch to her "no but palkia pay me to watch u" Zoroark said being paid by Palkia to watch him "uhh alright" baxter climbs down from the tree and walks around "hey where u think ur going!" Zoroark said looking at him, baxter turns around at her "I don't know" baxter said abit scared to her, Zoroark jumps down from the tree "well think of something bra" She says to him "uhhh..getting watched by u so I don't go near palkia's butt again" Baxter said "yaa I heard about that" Zoroark crosses arms, Baxter steps back and runs again from Zoroark. Zoroark easily grabs him by the Shirt Collar "no no" she says as baxter looks at her scared think of what Zoroark is going to do to him "Z-Zoroark?! what are you doing!" "u not runing from me" Zoroark said getting a good hold of him not letting go, "well u got me" Baxter said sacredly "yep come on let go home!" Zoroark drags baxter back home with her, Baxter gets scared getting dragged home. Zoroark drags baxter in the house "We Home" Zoroark said "About time", Baxter looked at the new character "Who that!" "he friends of snowy" Zoroark said, The Character's name was Lepidus, Zoroark drags baxter with her in the house "were u taking me Zoroark" Zoroark keeps dragging him somewhere "Some Where" Zoroark said "Uhhh alright" Zoroark drags baxter into her room. Zoroark locks Baxter in her own room "U gonna just lock me in here?! in ur room!" Baxter shouted in fear. "no it ur room hehehe" Zoroark locked him in his own room, "Oh, what am I doing in my room then" Baxter said. The RP ended there.

August 5th 2015 "Sylveon the Killer"Edit

Sylveon jumps on baxter's back while he is asleep, After jumping a while on his back, Baxter gets annoyed and wakes up "Ow" Baxter wakes up and then next he gets tickled, this tickles baxter happily "hehe stop it", Zoroark wakes up in her room "huh what the hell?" Zoroark gets out of bed from her room and walks to baxter's room as she unlocks it and walks in seeing Baxter with Sylveon, "A SYLVEON HOW DID IT GET IN HERE!". Sylveon keeps on tickling baxter as baxter looks at his chest and sees that sylveon places a Bomb on him, Baxter freaks out and throws it out of the window, Sylveon looks at him with a mean look "BAXTER COME ON THIS POKEMON BAD NEWS RUN ##### RUN" Zoroark runs, Baxter looks as Sylveon does a cute face, Baxter gets out of bed and runs for it as well catching up with Zoroark, Riolu sees both Zoroark and Baxter "what u two runing from?" "MOVE OUT WAY A CRAZY KILLER IS HERE!" Zoroark said keeps running "what u guys crazy" Riolu said to zoroark "SYLVEON RIOLU!" Baxter said as he keeps running, Riolu looks as he sees a very sad Sylveon, Riolu walks over to sylveon and hugs it, Zoroark and Baxter both stop "wait what the hell it doing" Zoroark is using Baxter as a human shield too by the way. "clam down guy geez it not doing nothing" Riolu was holding sylveon as he keeps petting it's back, Sylveon pulls out knife at both Baxter and Zoroark and puts it away "KILLER!" Zoraork yells at the Sylveon "Mama" Riolu calls in Kawaii as she walks in the living room "WHAT U TWO DOING?! RIOLU FOUND A FRIEND AND U THINK IT KILLS?!" This startles baxter as he hugs zoroark tightly "yaa mama said we can keep him" "WHAT!" Zoroark hugs back on Baxter trying to be protective as well, "yaaa we trying find talk Barry by way mama did u found one" "yep" Kawaii responded smiling at her son "also keep it down u know what happens when dialga and palkia don't get good sleep right? " Kawaii said to both Baxter and Zoroark "Uhh yeah" Baxter smiles weirdly "okay" Kawaii walks back to her room and goes back to bed and sleeps, "well sylveon have fun" Riolu puts down Sylveon as Sylveon looks at Baxter as it gives him the Villager death look, Baxter was scared more as Zoroark asks him "Baxter let sleep with Elissa for the night yaa?" "yea" Baxter and Zoroark go to Elissa's room as they enter Elissa was fully asleep with Heat, Baxter walks in as he slowly sleeps next to his owner, Zoroark slepted somewhere in the room as well.


Elissa and Heat wake up slowly when Elissa notices that she sees her Pet and Zoroark in the room too "WHAT THE!" "baxter? zoroark?" Heat wakes up as well, Baxter wakes up as well slowly "what u doing sleep next to me" Elissa growls at her pet for sleeping next to her "5 more minutes" Zoroark said she was tired too much, Baxter looks at "it" as it was long then back at Elissa "uhhh pet want to" "then why zoroark here" "she wanted to come" Baxter and Elissa said to each other, Zoroark fully waked up and yelled out "BAXTER JUST TELL HER" "tell me what" Zoroark yelled to Baxter but Elissa didn't noticed what was going on, "Sylveon wants to kill me and zoroark" "WHATWHERE" "ARE U TRYING GET US KILL!" Elissa yells out "no but I feel like it watching us" Zoroark said, "yeah!" Baxter hides in her wing. The RP will continue today since it took place in midnight, baxter went to bed.


"ly" Baxter heard a voice as he turns around slowly in his room to see the same Sylveon from last night "AH! SYLVEON!" Baxter jumps back at it, Sylveon loads up a shot gun as Baxter heard it and raises his hands up. "eon eon" Sylveon smiles as it points the gun at the Money sign wanting Money "WHY DOES PEOPLE WANT MAH MONEY FOR!" Baxter said getting out his wallet and throwing some money but not all of it at Sylveon and runs out of his room. Sylveon picks all the money up and then sets a bomb on Baxter's bed, "heheh this prank going work so good on ba-" She opens the door and looks at baxter "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO U?" "Palkia?!" Baxter looks seeing Palkia "why are ur pants and shirt burn off and why is there a A GINAT HOLE IN UR ROOM WHERE your bed use to be at?!" Palkia shouted at him, Baxter points at Sylveon about it "BAXTER DID U PISS IT OFF OR BRING IT HOME!" Palkia gets mad "It came to me" Baxter said "I have one thing to say, RUN FOR UR LIFE!" Palkia runs as Baxter follows her, The RP will be back shortly

Continue 2Edit

The RP Continues again, Palkia teleports out, Baxter looks and turns around to go back to his room "I guess I fix this up"

-2 hours later-

"all done" Baxter said as he fixed up his room again, Mewfour hit through her head through baxter's wall again "uuuuuh i give up uuuuuuuuuh" Mewfour was knocked out as baxter walks to his wall "Mewfour?!" Mewfour gets pulled out, baxter looks through the wall and sees its Sylveon as it was sitting ontop of Mewfour, "at least she knows how to take out mewfour" Baxter steps back and runs for it. "baxter?" Elissa was in the living room with baxter as he looks at her "yes?" baxter walks up to elissa "u seen mewfour?" "I think she outside elissa" "mmm okay" Elissa says to her pet "Sylveon is there isn't she" Elissa said "Yes, don't go out there master" Baxter said looking up at his master "damn" Elissa replies back to him "And I think I know someone who can easily beat it... buuut he's rough on me and calls me "chew toy" and I think sylveon is a fairy type and we got....a steel type" mewfour bursts through the roof "BAXTER!" "MEWFOUR!" Baxter and Mewfour shouted at each other then baxter looks at elissa "Dialga.." "can't part dragon remember" Elissa said telling him that Dialga would lose against Sylveon but baxter says "Well, he got some steel moves like "Flash Cannon" and "Iron Tail" or Tina when mega evolved" "wait Tina may work" "Really?! hang on TINA!", Tina was asleep all of the sudden "Crap! she's asleep" "hey we good for now" Elissa said to him "uhh alright then" Baxter said as he helps mewfour back up. "yaa the sylveon left for now" Mewfour said to him "well then that's good to hear girls..." Baxter said to Elissa and Mewfour "yep" Elissa says "so what now?" Baxter said looking at both of them. "mmmm well I have to clean" Elissa says "I'm taking a nap" Mewfour said "okey I gonna go play on my wii u" baxter said walking to his room as it was all cleaned up and fixed, even the bed is fixed as well. Mewfour sleeps an Elissa cleans up the house, Baxter just played Mario Kart 8 for hours.

-Hours Later-

"there all done" Elissa was done cleaning the house, Tina was taking a nice shower "it nice day for shower" she says, Mewfour was training in her room, Baxter was apparently walking around in the house. Mewfour looks at baxter "hey Baxter how Mario kart go" "rekt them like a boss" Baxter said to mewfour, baxter was walking around more and says to himself "hmm..wonder were palkia teleported too?" Baxter said to himself Mewfour shows him a video of Palkia "she in Mario kart and I mean the real one see", She starts the video for Baxter as baxter looks in seeing Palkia running over Shy Guys and Bowser KO's Little Mac again winning smash "see" "Whoa?! what! how can she drive?! she's like 13 feet tall!" "why u think she kocnking them off" Mewfour counters his saying "uhhhh.....I don't know, but wow Palkia is big and she can drive in cars?!" Baxter was shocked to see that Palkia was actually big enough to drive in a car. Mewfour rolls her eyes at him, Baxter looks at her and says "rollin eyes at me", Mewfour went back training as Baxter walks around and says "no pokemon to get me hehe" Baxter says minding his own business, Baxter walk pass Dialga as he says "Wonder what Tina's up to" "hey!" Dialga grabs him grinning, Scaring Baxter "it play time" Dialga smiles evily at him, "oh no not playtime" Baxter gets more afraid of Dialga "oh yes" Dialga begins to throw baxter around playing with him, baxter was scared while hes thrown around. Dialga laughs as he keeps playing with his chew toy, Baxter hits the ground. Dialga grins as he walks to him and turns around rearing his end and thrusts it down on him, sitting on him grinning, Baxter was trapped yelling, Dialga laughed a good hold of him down this time trapping baxter for good this time. Dialga suddenly passes gas on baxter, baxter suddenly passed out after the gas got him from Dialga "ahhh that was good haha" Dialga laughed, Baxter still was passed out.

August 8th 2015 "Sylveon the Thief"Edit

"on" "you" Baxter and Sylveon were looking at each other in the eyes, Sylveon gets out a Shot gun and points it at Baxter as his hands raise up looking at her, "sylveon" Sylveon grins happily "What do u want from me!" Baxter said to sylveon, which it could get dubbed as Gangster Sylveon. Sylveon grins more as Baxter steps back more, Sylveon shot the wall next to him, telling him to don't move or run at all, Baxter knew this and stood still looking at Sylveon, Sylveon grabbed his wallet with all of his Money and his ID as well, Running off Sylveon notices Tina was there, Baxter looked as Tina looks, Baxter chases after Sylveon as he jumps at it grabbing his money and ID back and puts it in his wallet "Nice Try!" Baxter soon relizes it was all fake as he sees that Sylveon is already in the car waving, Sylveon laughs as Tina walks to baxter "Sylveon problems again huh?" "Yes She took my Money and ID" "well ur fucked guess u need help" "Please do Tina" "very well I know where she going but know any fire and flying types" Sylveon is a girl, "Charizard is one?" "ahhh that could work" Tina said to him, Baxter looks everywhere for Charizard in the house "Charizard?" Baxter calls out for her. Charizard was cleaning her trophy that she won in Tourney Mode in For Fun Large Time "yes?" "Nice Trophy" "yeah i hear you won trophy charizard so did i" Baxter takes out his trophy from For Fun Small Time as he finally did win a trophy and puts it away "Charizard, theres a sylveon that stole my Money and my ID" Charizard was freaked to hear about this "wait how?" "it long story" Tina said to her rival, "Yeah but we need help from u charizard like really" Baxter walks up to Charizard "alright I will help but u know how insane a sylveon is right?" Charizard said to him, Baxter nods and says "yeah i know how insane they are, they look like gangs" Baxter said "mmmm we can trick the sylveon" Charizard said to her plan "yeah we could" Baxter says back abit. "let do it" "very well let go to the mall" Baxter hops onto Charizard's back with Tina as Charizard begins to take flight out of the house and flies out of the house. Baxter holds on tight to his Bodyguard's back. Charizard lands into the mall and looks "there she is" Charizard spots Sylveon as Baxter and Tina both hop off, Sylveon has alot of stuff while using baxter's money but not his ID, "well look like she been buying stuff" Tina said "i see, she been using up my money, now i gotta get my ID back", Tina sweats abit smiling "yep" "let get her then" baxter walks over to sylveon "You there!" Sylveon quickly holds up the Shot gun at his face while eating "damn it baxter" Charizard said as baxter steps back growling. "mmmm" "what it doing" Charizard said as Sylveon grabs him and eats him then burps "HOLY SHIT!" Tina freaks out seeing that Sylveon ate baxter, Baxter was stuck in sylveon's belly and texts charizard and tina both for help and holds up sign saying "HELP!" a reference of the Wily Coyote when he puts ups signs in Looney Toons. Charizard and Tina look at Sylveon in fear as Sylveon eats Charizard and Tina as well, Making Sylveon's belly bulge out more, Baxter sees this as Charizard and Tina get stuck together in, Baxter as in the middle between them moving barely "Ack i can move barely". The RP needed a break.


"ow hey" Tina was feeling abit of pain in Sylveon's belly because of this Charizard is bigger than both Baxter and Tina, "Now how we gonna get out?" baxter said looking at the two girls "please tell u u have rope" Tina said to him, Baxter gets in his pockets and pulls out Escape rope "heh and watch this" Baxter used it as he, Charizard and Tina escape out of Sylveon's belly and baxter secretly grabbed back his ID from Sylveon "alright we good" Tina runs off, Charizard grabs baxter and runs while holding him. Sylveon turns around and looks as she giggles, Charizard grabs Tina and flies off, Baxter climbs onto charizard's back and holds on. Charizard lands infront of home as Baxter swipes off a sweat and walks in the house with Tina and Charizard "that was close" "oh yeah" Charizard and Tina said to him, Baxter plops onto the couch. "u ok man?" Tina asks him "yep! got my ID back" Baxter puts his ID back into his wallet smiling "yaaa but she used all ur money" "it okay, i go to bank later and get some money back" Baxter said planning to get some money from the bank, Not robbing it but just getting some money for his wallet. "what happen she break into that" Tina said to him "what happens if she breaks into the bank, oh man it okay i get paid" Baxter said to Tina stating that he gets paid sometimes.

August 10th 2015 "Socking the Pikachu"Edit

Pikachu Butt Spank "what isn't it socking?" Riolu said making a joke to him" "beside he did sleep with pikachu once" Socking the new pikachu walks in "dude" Riolu looks at baxter "isn't that right daaaaaad" Socking tilts head "or I'm I sill socking for you now where all boys at coz they sill can't catch this" Socking spanks his ass when Mewfour walks in and sees this "ever going look at u same way again" "same here" Mewfour and Riolu look all weird "what the hell is going on?" baxter says to mewfour "I don't know u tell me" "Hey there" Socking said to both Mewfour and Riolu "MAMA" Riolu screams for his mom as Kawaii walks in "Yes?" kawaii says, Baxter soon gets confused "But? Socking's my son?!" "u really don't remember huh" Socking said, Mewfour then says "first let get thing fix here one socking tell us ur story" "remember that time a delpfox turn him to pikachu" Socking said to Mewfour "yaaa and" "she did it again last week when no one was around and even messed with his remember and it was mateing season and well here I am" Mewfour's jaw drops and looks at baxter "dude did must turn u to pikachu and u don't remember?" "Must did turn me into a Pikachu once! and kinda erased half of my memory" "holy shit" "see" "well u can give him to sylveon to shoot" Baxter backfired at this and said "What! No! im not giving stocking to sylveon, Sylveon is a thug! mewfour" baxter said to mewfour as he picks up stocking and places him on his shoulder. Socking used Thunder bolt on Baxter shocking him like ash after baxter gets shocked he sat on the ground shocked "careful I don't have control yet" Mewfour laughs very happily at this and says "again" Mewfour wanted to request socking to shock him again, "No! Mewfour?! not again" Baxter said begging to not get shocked again "oh I can't wait to tell everyone what must did to u hahahaha" Mewfour said planning to tell on him about what must did to him "It's okay Socking, Mewfour dont!" Baxter stands up fast infront of Mewfour and shakes off the dirt on himself. "and why not Baxter?" Mewfour crosses arms grinning "Cause Lugiatwo will know Max didn't exsist, Yeah she called me Max when Must turned me into a Pikachu" Baxter said the truth to Mewfour that he was called "Max" as a Pikachu by Lugiatwo, Mewfour grins alot more "Plan Time!" Mewfour runs off "NO!" Baxter runs after her, Socking just looks as Baxter runs out chasing Mewfour "na na" Mewfour spits her tongue out on him as she goes faster, Baxter tries to catch up but soon is sweating and stops to breathe "She'!" Baxter said to himself. Socking runs in "want me to try?" "get her socking!" baxter commanded Socking to get her. The RP ended there.

August 12th 2015 "Mating Season"Edit

Riolu encounters Baxstar but...She was a Werehog "the hornhog" Riolu runs for it "run ##### run" Baxstar saw this and chases after Riolu, Socking locked up Mewfour in a cage laughing with Baxter watching this and smiles "he ur son alright now LET ME OUT" "nahh socking is good at locking up legendary pokemon" Baxter grinned at Mewfour "GRRR WHEN I GET OUT OF HERE IN GOING RIP U APART!" Mewfour said threatening a Human with a Pikachu. Baxter just smiles at this and gives Mewfour the finger and walks off with Socking. Baxstar pounces on Riolu. Riolu is now in huge danger since Baxstar was fast to pounce onto him "Hey little pokemon, u know what season it is?" Baxstar said grinning at him "no what?" Riolu was scared and confused as he looks at her "Ahhh c'mon u know it mating season for pokemon and animals through end of September? NOW BEND OVER!" Baxstar telling riolu to bend over, Riolu refuses as Baxstar then forces him to by just moving his body position and begins to Mate him like a dog, Baxstar laughs at this and Riolu was howling in fear while getting Mated. Meanwhile back with Baxter and Socking, "Heh how can she get out" "no way unless she get the key some how" "Oh Heh hope u didn't leave the key behind" Baxter and Socking were chatting when suddenly Mewfour appears behind them with the move "Teleport", Baxter and Socking get startled as Mewfour growls at them, Baxter slowly turns around and sees her, Baxter atempts to run but Mewfour easily grabbed him and Socking by the Hair and Tail, She grins evily at them "Ahhh not my hair". Baxstar finally stops mating with Riolu as Riolu is seen crying "should have got mommy to save u" Baxstar grins at riolu "i called her" "wait what?" Kawaii soon swoopes in and shot Baxstar in the arm by a Sleep Gun, She fell asleep as Kawaii runs to her son "Son? are you okay" "Nu she mated with me" Riolu was crying very badly as Kawaii picks him up and takes him to a room were Kawaii works at mostly, Kawaii exams his body and find something, She spots something in him and freaks out "Oh No! Son I think Baxstar gave u thing were u turn into a Were-Lucario" "WHAT!" " if a werehog mates a Pokemon not full evolve, they got the Were pokemon transformation" Kawaii said to Riolu that if Pokemon are not fully evolved, they transform into them when the moon is out "HOW DO I STOP IT!" "uhh I do my best to find how! Just stay away from the full moon son" "okay!" Riolu was reminded to not go near the full moon at night or he will become a giant Were-Lucario. Back to both Baxter and Socking who are grabbed by Mewfour "DAD do something" "Uhh alright" Baxter begins to punch and kick her which Mewfour isn't feeling any of the blows "how she not feeling it!!" "heheh I'm using my power block ya" "OH GOD!" Baxter said noticing that Mewfour has on a Invincibility on herself, Baxter then stops and looks at her boobs "we screwed" "####" Socking and Baxter said, suddenly Mewfour slaps Baxter in the face telling him to look up "dont look". The RP ended there due to the fact, Baxter needed sleep which it was past 1:00 AM there.

August 14th 2015 "Big Fail"Edit

(Shout out for Desi for beating all star mode as Duck Hunt ^^)

"UR SO DEAD!" Dark gets angry at baxter for drawing Jennifer incorrectly which it ended up as Dark in a dress, "I TRIED ALRIGHT!" Baxter said and starts to run for it from Dark "I swear I will grab his testicles again!" Baxter stated this as earlier he kicked Dark in the nuts while he was pinned on the wall. Baxter keeps running then he accidently bumped into Palkia's knee and looks up at her "P-Palkia?! What u up to" Baxter says as he looks at her.

August 22nd 2015 "Pokemon Crazy Season"Edit

"Phew... yep! it that time again this year" Baxstar said after saving Baxter from Riolu who was crazy about Sonic being in Mario Kart 8 as a DLC Character, Mewfour swoopes down from above and looks at Baxstar "what year?" "were pokemon get crazy sometimes" "TRUE HEHEHE" Mewfour teleports and teleported to Baxter "COME HERE!" Baxter looks and runs for when suddenly Mewfour easily grabbed him by the shirt and looks at him evily, this scared Baxter badly. The RP might continue if possible.


"Uhh..hey long time no see" Baxter said after being grabbed by Mewfour, Mewfour grins evily at him "know what time year is it!" "P-Pokemon crazy year?!" "sure u can!" Mewfour does the Shoryuken at Baxter almost knocking him out, Tina was also crazy as well "WEEEE HEHEHEH AHHHH HAHAHAH" Tina laughs running around, Snowy appears with Baxstar as she says "baxstar they all went nuts TO THE SAFE ROOM!" Baxstar nodded as she picks up baxter and carries him to the Safe Room with Snowy, They are in the safe room so that no pokemon comes in and catches them "fuck did any one remembers bring any games?" Snowy looks at Baxter and Baxstar "Here one" Baxstar pulls out some of her games "no?! i didn't bring anything" Baxter said "well we good" Snowy said to him and baxstar that they have games in the safe room "phew...why do pokemon get crazy like this" Baxter was asking this to baxstar "uhhh they say when pokemon come out alot more often and try to hunt for trainers to play with yaaa and they can go nonstop! trust me, i learned it by Zoroark!" Baxstar said to him as she gets out more games from her backpack "then we stuck here tell their clam" Snowy said to both baxter and baxstar "yeah I hope they don't rape!" "ours don't good thing" "Ahhh that good, But what got me was must... did a thing to her you know what that involved me in it snowy saw it too" Baxter said that remember what Must did and grew huge before and putted him in her you know what. "oh yaaa" Snowy remembers what must did to him "uhh bax just to let ya know, Must is alot more crazier than our pokemon" Baxstar reminded him that to watch out for Must when she is crazy and is the more of a threat than the others "cause she a witch mage?!" "uhh yea" "she can't go Mage can she?" Snowy said to him about Must also being a Mage "Snowy, All Delphoxes have a resemblence to Mages and Witches why u think Must secretly carries a spell book for?" Baxter said this, Must actually secretly hides her Spell Book in her tail same with her stick "oh yaaaa I forgot about that". Suddenly Baxstar looks through a small hole and sees Palkia walking towards the safe room "guys Pokemon is coming", Baxter and Snowy heard baxstar then they all stayed quiet hearing Palkia's footsteps near the safe room, due to this Palkia is 13 feet tall and can make the ground shake, She looks at the safe room and laughs then walks away looking for trainers to mess with "I think we safe" "Yeah I think so" "for now" Baxter, Baxstar and Snowy said to each other "so uuuh what new guys?" Snowy said to them "uhhh nothing for me" "Yeah same here" Baxter and Baxstar both said to Snowy "well let play some games" Snowy said as Baxstar has all of her games out, Baxter looks over as they chose to play Sonic and All Stars Racing which Baxter backed out from and just watches them. The RP ended there.

August 26th 2015 "Pokemon Gone Crazy Part 2"Edit

"MEOW!" Riolu was trying to get baxters attention cause he wanted to chat with him, Baxter looks to Riolu "mmmmmm heheh" "Uhhh...Riolu why are ya acting like a cat???", Riolu giggles more to him as baxter steps back some "okay hehe, u freaking me out there", Riolu suddenly pounces at him and tackles him down "HEHE YES!" Riolu grins more at him, Baxter gets scared at this and says "What Going On Here?!" Riolu grins evily at him, Baxter's heart begins to beat fast since baxter is feeling fear looking at him. Riolu grinned as he takes baxter and ties him up on a Kart "Riolu?! What are u doing!" Baxter looks to him "WE SONIC PLAYER ARE COMING FOR U" Riolu begins to drive in the kart with baxter tied up on it, baxter was trapped and screaming like Peter Griffin for his life. Riolu jumps out of the kart as Baxter squirms out from being tied as he rolls and gets back up and runs in his house and hides from Riolu "I...i just stay here" Baxter said then turns around "BAXTER WHERE DID U GO HEHEH!" Riolu looks for Baxter while grinning evily "i hope he don't see me" Baxter goes in his closest and hides in a pile of clothes to cover himself up in. "What u doing here?" Baxter heard a voice as he turned seeing "Hiding from Riolu, what are ya doing in my room?" "yes" Snowy replied confusing baxter "uhhh okay then uhh hiding from riolu, who are u hiding from Mewfour??" "uh huh she nuts" "legendaries gone nuts!" "uh huh!" Suddenly, Baxter heard foot steps coming to his room and hides in further in the clothes., baxter slowly drags snowy down by her leg so that they don't get caught by a pokemon.

August 29th 2015 "Shortest RP Ever"Edit

Tiny, Riolu and Baxter were having a chat together having fun "Hmm...hey Tiny...ya know, Since first time i see you Uhhh...wanna know something?" "What" Tiny replied, Baxter whispered it into his ear "I'm a pet human for Elissa", Tiny gets confused at this. The RP ended because Desi was taking a week for Las Vegas.

September 6th 2015 "Delphox Hentai"Edit

Desi (Riolu is now named Desi btw), Mewfour and Baxter were all hanging out together as baxter was trying his best to improve desi about hentai pics or porn pics of Must, Riolu wasn't that impressed on the first three but until baxter showed a 4th one with a wide open you know what in her butt, Mewfour got thrown off "I remember reading comic buy saw link and take me something like that but sill unbroken" Desi said looking alittle bit disgusted, "How many Hentai pics did must get! Haaahaha" Baxter laughs happily but Desi was just looking, Mewfour was already thrown off "Didn't get me but got Mewfour", Baxter looks over to mewfour seeing that she was almost knocked out "oh.... Guess legendaries can't take hentai aaand here's another one must did" Baxter then gets out the next pic this time with both Zoroark and Must laying in bed with each other blushing as if they were drunk girls", Desi snaps his neck and looks "what the!", Zoroark ran in and snatches the pic out of baxter's hand and eats it "U DIDNT SEE NOTTINGHAM!!!" Zoroark yelled at everyone "I remember that they were drunk as fuck" Mewfour said standing back up looking at baxter and desi, Baxter looks at zoroark "foxy!" "shit" Zoroark replied back "hey but it cute pictures" Desi said to zoroark "thanx" Zoroark growled, Incomming joke in 3......2.......1.....Baxter smirks and says "So I think u and must are..... Lesbians" "Na she was drunk and Zoroark I was there in other room" Mewfour said to him "that's why I don't drink but I do ride" Baxter slaps Zoroark's butt, this made zoroark blush rapidally "HEY!" Zoroark turns around looking at baxter "so desi? did u" Mewfour asked desi "nope" Desi puts on MLG Glasses on. Baxter blushes after slapping zoroark in the butt and walks to his room. "don't worry I let u go off with warning this time bax Beside I have 50 on u to break desi" "I show more Hentai tomorrow I'm easy getting must's porn!" Baxter said as he atempted to walk to his room "wait what BAX NO WAIT!" Zoroark said warning baxter about something behind him, Baxter turns around at zoroark "What?" suddenly, baxter gets grabbed by must "DELPHOX!" Must said grabbing him and growling "ACH! h-hi must long time no see hehe" Baxter said looking at must and is afraid. Must snaps her neck and grins at him evily "oh no!" Baxter said looking at her, must shrinks him down to size and laughs and grabs him, Baxter is afraid more and screaming for his life, Must just ignores this and chuckles. Baxter shakes in fear and speaks in his mind for abit until Must used a spell to read his mind "SHE READ MY MIND!" Baxter got scared that must was able to read his mind, Must puts him into a jar and keeps him for abit, Baxter is afraid more "Ah! Ah! She's keeping me as a pet!" Must places the jar down on the shelf next to her and gets out a book about "How to cook a human" and reads it for a while, baxter was looking away from her as he is afraid "I'm scared completely" Baxter said sitting completely afraid, Must gets done reading and grabs all the material she needs, She grins looking at the jar and slowly walks to the jar and taps on it getting baxter's attention, he turns around seeing must again "MUST!", Must grabs and holds up the jar grinning evily at him more, she then walks to the bowl of soup in it and opens up the jar "Oh no! She's gonna cook me!!!" Baxter said as he is afraid more as must opens up the jar and places him in the bowl of soup, Must begins to pick up the bowl and sip all of the soup, Baxter did his best as he tried to get away but all of the soup was gone as baxter was pushed onto Must's muzzle "delphox!" Must grabs him and throws him up and opens her mouth, Baxter was screaming for his life then grabs onto her snout which is a bad idea, Must closes up her mouth and has him in between her lips and sucks him in into her mouth, Baxter was in her mouth and must begins to swallow him down, Baxter grabbed onto her Uvula and hanged onto it with his arms and wrapping his legs around it, Must feels it and begins to cough and swallows again making baxter lose his grip and fall in her throat into her belly, "Delphox!" Must said in her language which meant "enjoy ur stay u being there for long time" Must laughs then lays down onto her side and reads book grinning, Baxter was scared more as he just sits there and slowly gets out his escape rope and uses it to escape, Baxter escapes although he teleported infront of Must's stomach, Must rolls on her belly which pinned down baxter. The RP ended there because baxter went to sleep around 1:09 AM at night!

September 11th 2015 "Desi's challenge to Sonikku"Edit

(14 Years is the day to remember 9/11)

Desi and Baxter were in the woods together chatting while walking "I remember from last time she eat cats and like I do" Desi freezes a tree with his ice powers "cold is coldness" "I never seen her eat a cat, i only seen her eat a steak before" Baxter crosses his arms looking at desi. "I don't really know but she wolf so I'm sure she does" Baxter stops for a moment "hold on!" Baxter walks up to desi "Well yeah she is a wolf but she's a werehog just becareful about going near her, she gonna teach u what pain really is" Baxter reminded desi about how dangerous sonikku can get near things she doesn't like. Desi turns his arm into metal "I may teach her what pain truly is remember Baxter my metal form is unstoppable hell I even swim in lava in that form see "Desi shows him a pic of himself under lava picture in metal form "it was awesome swim" Baxter gets impressed with the pic then looks back to desi "oh boy...just be careful with that, Sonikku can bend metal really hard, trust me she was banging really hard on metal when i was protecting fantacy" he smirks "heck, she's good a making a earthquake!" Baxter said stating that Sonikku can actually shake the ground violently at times, Desi just chuckles this out "hello" he moves arm around and his hand turns into stuff and arm turn back "I can bend too beside my tail is cuting" He laughs "get it CUTING HEHEHE" he shakes his head "sorry", Baxter looks more to it but responds saying "yeah just remember to becareful alright...i seen Sonikku easily take out people that quick" Baxter soon walks away from desi reminding him to be careful how sonikku can fight. "Baxter Baxter hahah watch this" Desi's eyes glow red "hehe", Baxter stops and turns around seeing desi "H-Huh?! What!" Baxter said watching him. Desi grins more as he goes to a mountain and completely destroies it with his tail as he lands next to baxter and grabs him and throws him up and kamehameha's him, Almost literally knocking baxter out cold, Baxter screams for his life as he falls to the ground as he hits the ground, he tries to get back up but just ends up knocked out cold. "need mode heheh fine" Desi just goes crazy as he tries to kamehameha him again in his Metal Form, just as soon as baxter would get destroied, Baxter rolls out of the way and avoids the attack and runs for it, Desi roars loudly as baxter continues running back to the house, he looks both ways and runs back in the house.

September 16th 2015 "Victini, Zekrom and Hoopa"Edit

"Vic" a victini shows up being very cute looking into baxter, Baxter turns around and looks at it and smiles "Hey look a victini", Victini and Baxter look at each other still trying to know each other "hi there how are ya?" Baxter says to victini "good human and u" Baxter was suprised to see Victini talk "I...I'm Good, i didn't know u could talk?!" "yep" Victini talked back to him "Whoa, cool dude! wait! I saw u in smash bros! ur one of the master balls!" he points at it "yep! i was in there" Victini replied back "yep yep have u met zekrom?" Baxter gets confused looking at victini and shakes his head no "No? haven't met him but i heard of him before" Baxter said crossing his arms again "really?" Victini asks him "Yeah? but i did meet Reshiram!" Baxter said letting Victini know that baxter did meet reshiram before "cool" Victini replied back "Yep!" he smiles "i can't tell if Reshiram is Dude or girl" Baxter said, since he was confused on Reshiram's Gender "both he and zekrom are both" "So Reshiram and Zekrom are Dudes?" Baxter replied to Victini "if they want to" Victini said "Hmm, okay then " he smiles again "i guess all legendaries are all genderless then..." Baxter said this since all legendaries are all genderless except for some that he knows "yep we are hehe sorry" Victini blushes about this "hehe yeah!" Baxter then begins to walk around. Victini sees this and waves by happily, baxter waves back smiling. "EAT THIS U SHIT!" Baxter stops and looks forward seeing Zekrom and Hoopa in a battle, Hoopa went in a portal to avoid a move Zekrom was about to do "FUCK!" Zekrom crash landed and sat on baxter "GAH!" Baxter suddenly gets crushed under by Zekrom "uuuh grr huh wait what I'm I sitting on?" Zekrom gets off of him until he gets kicked in the face by Hoopa "HAHAHA weak!" "PISS OFF!" Zekrom and Hoopa continued to fight as baxter sitted back up "Shit! better get out of the way!" Baxter gets up looking at the fight and steps back and runs for it so he can avoid being involved. Suddenly a portal opens up under baxter as Hoopa's hand grabs him and throws him to Zekrom, Zekrom just kicks him out of the way launching him into the sky "GAHH!!!!" Baxter fell back on the ground and hits it "OW!" Baxter hits the ground "GRRRR U CANT WIN" Hoopa shouted out at him "YES I CAN!" Zekrom replied, Baxter got up slowly and crawls to a bush and curls up in it afraid. Hoopa throws zekrom over and laughs "hahaha" Hoopa then throw the rings and hands start beating zekrom down watching and laughing "NO ONE CAN'T SAVE U" Hoopa said evily. Baxter got up and made a run for it "SHIT!!!!!" Baxter said while running again, Hoopa turned around and saw baxter running for it "come here!" Hoopa throws a ring to him as he turned around and saw it coming to him, Baxter runs faster but wasn't fast to get away from the ring, The Ring catched him, Hoopa teleports him to himself "what we have here!" Hoopa grins at him which btw Hoopa is the "Hoopa Unbound" form looking at him, Baxter was scared straight looking at the legendary pokemon.

September 20th 2015 "Return of the Snow Cat"Edit

Desi tackles down baxter like a real kitty as he pins him down smiling "got ya!" desi grins at him while smiling. Baxter was shocked at this watching as he pets him "snow kitty!" baxter replied back to him. "yes yes" Desi said as he is being petted, he wags his tail while being petted. Desi meows and tilts head, baxter continues petting him as he turns around "huh?" "what is it man?" Baxter thought he saw something and turn back around "thought i saw something over there oh well probably nothing hehe" "alright" "yus" Baxter said to desi. "alright" desi said to baxter, suddenly the one who was watching him was Mewfour in the shadows, baxter begins to be nervous as he stands up and walks over very slowly trying to find out who's watching him. "why u say that?" "Dude! i feel like someone's stalking me" baxter looks in the shadows "hello?" "baxter no one is watching u" Desi said to him "i felt like someone was" "hey i do to bro" Desi replied back to him "yeah its not like" baxter sees a purple tail "huh? wait!" he walks over to it and grabs it with his hand. Desi gets shocked as Mewfour grabs him and throws him then teleports out. Desi grabs him with tail "h-huh?" baxter looks at desi confused as desi drags him to himself, "whoa can't believe how flexable your tail is...that was mewfour wasn't it?"

October 1st 2015 "Drunk Ninja"Edit

Baxter was staring off space not looking while standing, since he was not actually paying attention "YAAA!!!!" King Ninja comes from out of nowhere and grabs him "who girl huh?" King Ninja said angrily to him. Baxter becomes startled since he has been endangered for the past 11 months by pokemon "I don't know who she is King!" Baxter said in a scared tone. "It drawing king!" King Ninja turns around seeing Desi, "oh ok" King said as he drops down baxter "Yeah ninja frog, listen to him! it's just a drawing on my DA!" He said as he actually posted it on his deviantART account. "I really need stop drinking heh" King said still abit drunk "Pfff, you and queen need to stop drinking!" "bax watch u know how he gets" Baxter looks over to desi "wait how does he get when he's drunk?" "What did u say!" King gets mad at him "u know mad" Desi said to him. Baxter looks at king ninja getting scared again as he backs up and runs for it from him. "GET BACK HERE!" "KING GOT TIPSY!" Baxter said while running for his life from king ninja. King Ninja begins to chase him down in rage baxter turns around and sees him coming "OH SHIT! HE'S FAST!" Baxter turns away and runs faster. "run bitch ruuunn!!!" Desi called out on him trying to make him go faster "I'm trying to! i just hope i don't get jumped by another pokemon!" Baxter said as he stops running and now hides, but it was too late. King Ninja grabbed him just in time before he could hide "AH! HOW DID HE FOUND ME!". The RP ended there quickly.

Trivia Edit

  • Reshiram was Mentioned on December 29 2014 RP by Baxter about Facebook since Reshiram does has a Facebook after all
  • Must actually speaks Delphox language so she is the only one that dosent speak in real language like other pokemon
  • January 1st is the longest RP day with a total amount of 4 hours and 2 Minutes
  • Baxter mentions his mom on the January 19th RP, however his mom is dead after a war in Virginia City
  • January 26th RP said "ur worst nightmare" meaning to mention Must
  • February 9th RP has more continues than other date there was!
  • On April 7th RP It was gonna be Dialga who gets pushed over however dialga can see time and future which it'll be easy for him to recognize.
  • On April 13th Baxter is also nicknamed "Mii Brawler" because in smash, he plays the role of the Mii Brawler.
  • Baxter actually had died many times and got brought back to life many times making him the first human to Die and Resurrect again.
  • On June 15th RP, Must got mentioned and later on came to attack baxter again.
  • On July 13th RP, Arceus is mentioned

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