This is a Album of us and friends messing around on our daily lifes XD, Yes including Marionette Lepuppet, Robert Marett and Other related pics.

Pic's of usEdit

Pic's with Marionette Lepuppet RPEdit

  • Sonikku has now moved to the Sadie Corinne RP's. But then later returned after Jenny, Desi and Baxter finished off each other's problems with each other, thus making Sonikku return to the RP's but still appears in the Sadie Corinne RP's as well.

Pic's with Robert Marett RPEdit

Pic's with Faith Wagner RPEdit

Pic's with Sadie Corinne RPEdit

Pic's all together.Edit

  • Note: It means that Desi, Baxter, Jenny, Fantacy, Robert and Aroura come together with some of there other OCs hanging around.

Giant StuffEdit

Oh also artwork of characters who are giant will appear here

Super Smash Bros. 4Edit

Smash Bros. Photos come here ^_^

Desi's DrawingsEdit

Jenny's DrawingsEdit

Robert's DrawingsEdit

Faith's DrawingsEdit

Baxter and BaxstarEdit