Desi TR Must
Real Name Must
Gender Female
Height "4'11"
Age 20
Availability Starter
Element Type Fire/Psychic Type
Super Move Spell Book

Must is a Gadget user and a playable character in Desi: Tournament Rumble. Must is considered a Mage and a Witch in the game that uses spells and other fire related moves. She uses all of her spells in her Super move.



Command Example
A Spell Slash Must slashes upwards with her stick.
A+A Spell Slash 2 Must slashes upwards, followed up by a downwards slash.
A+A+A Spell Slash 3 Must slashes upwards, followed up by a downwards slash, then proceed to a third finishing hit or into a rapid combo
A ↑ Tail Whip Must whips upwards with her tail
A ←→ Wil-O-Wisp Must shoots out a dark purple and blue beam at her opponents.
A ↓ Swift play Must does a very quick downward slash with her stick.
X Fox Kick Must Does a superkick.
X (Holding Down) Energy Ball Must charges up green energy and shoots out a fast projectile
Y,A Sexkick Must extends her foot out at the opponent.
Y,A,↑ Cut Must scratches in a arc in the air at the opponent.
Y,A,→ Ariel Tail Whip Must whips in a arc with her tail.
Y,A,↓ Ground Pound Must falls down fast and lands with a butt bounce on the ground at the opponent.
Y,A,← Ariel Tail Whip 2 Must wags her tail to attack backwards.
Y,X Delphox Blow Must does a somersault and comes down fast.
ZR Grabbing Must uses her magic to magically grab the opponent.
ZR, A PING Must Flings opponent in front of her.
ZR, X Ember Must throws them backwards and shoots out ember at the opponent.
ZR, Y Wanna Play? Must uses her magic to play around the opponent and throws them upwards.
ZR, B Grass Knot Must points out her stick as a herd of grass wraps around the opponent trapping them for a short time.
ZL Witch Must Must transforms into a Witch
L Shielding Must creates a firey portal around her as a shield.
B Mystical Fire Must creates a fireball and sends it flying forward a short distance forward. If it makes contact with an opponent, it creates a flame pillar.
B ←→ Flame Wheel Must makes a large circle of fire with her wand, then sends it forward. This wheel of fire is slow moving, but can trap opponents in the fire as it slowly travels forward for a few seconds dealing a string of damage to trapped opponents.
B ↑ Psychic Must shoots straight upward quickly, engulfed in an aura of psychic energy emitting from her wand. Opponents caught in this psychic wave are dragged upward with Must and receive constant DMG while they are going upward.
B ↓ Future Sight Must shoots a short range purple mist forward, blinding the opponents.
B Spell Book Must shrinks down the opponent with her spell, then combines all of her magic to create a full blast at the opponent, they take huge damage while they are shrunken down to size, after the move is over, Must walks over and stomps them flat. The opponent returns normal sized with huge damage when the move is done.


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