Desi TR Mewfour
Real Name Mewfour
Gender Female
Height "6'7"
Age Unknown
Availability Unlockable
Element Type Psychic Type
Super Move Psystrike

Mewfour is a Power user and a playable character in Desi: Tournament Rumble. Mewfour has many attacks like Shadow Ball, Teleport, Disable, Confusion and other moves. Her Super move involves her mega evolving into Mega Mewfour Y, Her transformation time is the same with Mega Mewfour Y, as she shoots out Psystrike at her opponent stunning them and launching them into a mental shock.



Command Example
A Standard Desc.
A+A Standard Desc.
A+A+A Standard Desc.
A ↑ Attacks Desc.
A ←→ Attacks Desc.
A ↓ Attacks Desc.
X Smash Attacks Desc.
X (Holding Down) Smash Attacks Desc.
Y,A Ariel Attacks Desc.
Y,A,↑ Ariel Attacks Desc.
Y,A,→ Ariel Attacks Desc.
Y,A,↓ Ariel Attacks Desc.
Y,A,← Ariel Attacks Desc.
Y,X Semi-Spike Attack Desc.
ZR Grabbing Desc.
ZR, A Grabbing Desc.
ZR, X Grabbing Desc.
ZR, Y Grabbing Desc.
ZR, B Grabbing Desc.
ZL Transformation Time Desc.
L Shielding Desc.
B Special Moves Desc.
B ←→ Special Moves Desc.
B ↑ Special Moves Desc.
B ↓ Special Moves Desc.
B Psystrike Mewfour Mega Evolves into her Mega form Y, she then proceeds to shoot a forward large energy sphere which can trap her opponent. Her Opopnent is held still and receive a mental shock, then they are dealt Huge damage and massive knockback.


  • Win Pose:
  • Entrances:
  • Taunt

Alternate CostumesEdit