King Ninja
Desi TR King Ninja
Real Name King Ninja
Gender Male
Height "4'11"
Age 26
Availability Starter
Element Type Water/Dark Type
Super Move Secret Ninja Attack

King Ninja is a Specialist in Desi: Tournament Rumble. King Ninja is classified a fast character with weak attacks but great keep away. King has his trademark Secret Ninja Attack move from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.



Command Example
A Jab Jabs forward
A+A Double Jab Jabs twice
A+A+A Combo Jab Rapidly jabs multiple times with blades of water, then finishes with a strong jab from his arm.
A ↑ Lick it up King upperhands his opponents by his tongue.
A ←→ Ninja Kick King Ninja does a sliding kick
A ↓ Water Trip King lick attacks his opponent on the leg
X Blade Slice King slashes with a water bladed sword at the opponent.
X (Holding Down) Way of the Blade King Ninja throws the water sword into the opponent's stomach and Mind Warps in front of them for an open attack.
Y,A Water Pulse Enters a ninja pose while a water vortex surrounds him.
Y,A,↑ Ariel Water Sword Slashes with a water sword upwards.
Y,A,→ Ninja Kick King Ninja kicks 4 times in a row.
Y,A,↓ Ariel Water Sword 2 King slashes downwards in a arc, similar to Meta Knight's down ariel in smash bros.
Y,A,← Tongue whip King uses his tongue to whip his opponent.
Y,X Headache King Ninja Descends downwards quickly with his legs stretched out. If used against grounded opponents, King Ninja will bounce back off the opponent.
ZR Grabbing King Ninja shoots out his tongue at the opponent
ZR, A Forward Ninja King Ninja hurls opponent forward with one hand.
ZR, X Don't Mess with the King King Ninja puts them in his mouth and chews them up, spits them out and throws them backwards.
ZR, Y Shruiken attack King Ninja throws the opponent upwards and shoots 4 water shruikens at them.
ZR, B King Smash King Ninja lets go of them then grabs their head and headbutts them hard.
ZL Invisible King King will turn invisible or camouflage to sneak his opponents.
L Shielding King blocks his way
B Water Shruiken King Ninja charges up a Shruiken that is water influenced and throws it.
B ←→ Shadow Sneak King Ninja disappears in a flash of smoke and reappears with a flipkick to the jaw.
B ↑ Hydro Pump King Ninja uses a jet of water to propel himself upward, then uses another to propel itself upward in an alternate direction.
B ↓ Substitute King replaces himself with a substitute, and if the substitute is attacked during this time, it takes the damage for King Ninja, and King Ninja then appears behind it and rushes for the attacking opponent, damaging the opponent. It is a Counter attack.
B Secret Ninja Attack King Ninja will put a mat underneath the opponents in front of it and smack it like a lever, sending the opponents into the air as the screen darkens and a moon appears. There, a silhouette of King Ninja will fly around rapidly dealing quick strikes before dealing a final blow. The screen will focus on King Ninja floating in the air for the next few seconds, The Opponent is seen on the ground afterwards.


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