Desi TR Kawaii
Real Name Kawaii
Gender Female
Height "3'11"
Age Unknown
Availability Starter
Element Type Fighting Type
Super Move Mega Kawaii

Kawaii is a Gadget user and a playable character in Desi: Tournament Rumble. Kawaii has moves such as Bone Rush, Aura Sphere, Double Team and other moves. She is the first character to use a super move that doesn't involve a cutscene. Instead shes the first one to be controlled in her Mega form.



Command Example
A Standard Desc.
A+A Standard Desc.
A+A+A Standard Desc.
A ↑ Attacks Desc.
A ←→ Attacks Desc.
A ↓ Attacks Desc.
X Smash Attacks Desc.
X (Holding Down) Smash Attacks Desc.
Y,A Ariel Attacks Desc.
Y,A,↑ Ariel Attacks Desc.
Y,A,→ Ariel Attacks Desc.
Y,A,↓ Ariel Attacks Desc.
Y,A,← Ariel Attacks Desc.
Y,X Semi-Spike Attack Desc.
ZR Grabbing Desc.
ZR, A Grabbing Desc.
ZR, X Grabbing Desc.
ZR, Y Grabbing Desc.
ZR, B Grabbing Desc.
ZL Transformation Time Desc.
L Shielding Desc.
B Special Moves Desc.
B ←→ Special Moves Desc.
B ↑ Special Moves Desc.
B ↓ Special Moves Desc.
B Mega Evolution Kawaii uses the Mega stone to mega evolve into Mega Kawaii with her moves being more stronger to KO an opponent easier.


  • Win Pose:
  • Entrances:
  • Taunt

Alternate CostumesEdit