Five Night's at Musts
Five Nights at Must
Series Desi and Baxter most amazing adventures RP
Engine Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Genre(s) Point and Click, move around
Mode(s) Single Player
Platform(s) Computer, IOS, Android
Five Night's at Musts is an indie point-and-click survival horror video game. The goal is for the player (Baxter Ewers) to try to survive the night at Desi and Baxter's house while avoiding getting caught by the 4 Pokemon.


Baxter has been afraid of 4 Pokemon in his life that has been toying him alot lately, Today he was dragged by Must to force him to survive 5 Nights without getting caught, so it's up to you to save him from the other 4 pokemon, can you do it? Can you the player make baxter survive all 5 nights without getting caught!


You play as Baxter Ewers (you can later choose him of Desi De La O on the 7th Night) first start off in Baxter's or Desi's (only in custom night if played as Desi) room in his bed getting up in the middle of the night around 12AM, You also have a camera so you can know where they are at. You must use the camera feed locations in the house to fend off the Pokemon, if you fail or you see one while walking around, you gotta run away from them or otherwise they will grab you and begin to eat or mess on you until the game over screen happens and it'll say You were eaten by "Pokemon Name" or You were killed by "Pokemon Name". To Advance to the next night, the player must survive from 12:00 AM until 6:00 AM



Character Name FNAF Role
Baxter EwersMike Schmidt
Desi De La OMike Schmidt


Character Name FNAF Role
MustFreddy Fazbear



  • This game is Fan-Made of Five Night's at Freddy's
    • It's also the only game that you can walk around in