Welcome to the Desi and Baxter most Amazing Adventures RP Wiki where everything about what goes on in RP, Characters, Games and even Pokémon are added from the RP since they are very special, come see Desi De La O, Baxter Ewers, Snowy and etc. for characters, Batista, Must, Z and etc. for Pokémon and come check out the games too, and see what's going on!

This RP is also rated TV-MA-LSV or Rated M for Mature for Sexual Content, Language, and Drama

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All Members do have a Facebook account by their name!

  • Desi Delao
  • Baxter Ewers
  • Marionette Lepuppet
  • Faith Wagner
  • Robert Marett
  • Fóxÿ Tĥé Pîrätê
  • Sadie Corinne
  • Nicolas Mejia
  • Liv Slyder

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