Desi TR Desi
Real Name Desi De La O
Gender Male
Height "4'1"
Age 20
Availability Starter
Element Type Ice Type
Super Move Have a Ice Day!

Desi is a Snow cat and a playable character in Desi: Tournament Rumble. Desi is a Specialist and a Well-Balanced character in the game. His moves are more Ice related due to being a Snow Cat.




Command Example
A Ice Jab Desi Jabs with a ice influced punch
A+A Kold Freeze Desi jabs again then uses his palm into the opponent.
A+A+A Brain Freeze Desi jabs then uses his palm then freezes the opponent's head.
A ↑ Ice Shaker Desi shoots out an Ice Mist at the Opponent's face blinding them.
A ←→ Ice Slide Desi slides in a pool of ice at the opponent.
A ↓ Frost Hammer Desi summons a Iced influenced hammer and slams it down. it can makes a little shockwave of ice at the opponent.
X Ice Nugget Desi makes a nugget out of ice above his opponent, which comes crashing down onto the opponent. It is unblockable and can break shields.
X (Holding Down) Ice Ball Similar to Mega Man's Side Smash in SSB Wii U and 3DS, Desi charges up a Ball of Ice and shoots out at the opponent freezing them.
Y,A Ice Kick Desi extends his foot of ice out.
Y,A,↑ Icicle Kick Desi does a Ice-influenced bicycle kick in the air.
Y,A,→ Below Zero Desi makes a Ice-influenced sword and slams it downwards.
Y,A,↓ Ice cream sandwich Desi creates a Ice-influced sandwich and throws it down fast on the opponent.
Y,A,← Ice Kick Desi extends both feet out back that can freeze opponents.
Y,X Ice Shower Desi turns into a Ice ball and falls down fast on the opponent.
ZR Grabbing Desi grabs with both hands
ZR, A Kold Chest Desi freezes the front of his opponent's chest before punching through it.
ZR, X Ice Bomb Desi gets out a Ice Bomb and smashes it into the opponent's face.
ZR, Y Cool Down Desi grabs his opponent and freezes them. He then punches them in the face, knocking them to the ground, or steps behind them and kicks them in the back, knocking them to the ground.
ZR, B Knockout by Ice Desi's fist becomes ice and punches them in the face, knocking out the opponent for a second.
ZL Super Form Desi transforms into his super form.
L Shielding Desi creates Ice all around himself in a shield.
B Ice Punch It functions like the Falcon Punch instead it's ice.
B ←→ Ice Drill It functions like Drill rush instead it's ice-influenced.
B ↑ Cat Jump Desi does a leap upwards with a Uppercut to the opponent.
B ↓ Cold Slide Desi slides faster at the opponent, if he made contact to the opponent, they freeze for a minium of time.
B Have a Ice Day A flash of light will appear in front of Desi, sending his opponents in it to another area. They are now in a very cold state as Desi begins to attack them and freezing his opponent. After a lot of Ice attacks and blows, after he freezes them he then does a huge ice punch through them. Sending back to the original area, his opponents are on the ground.


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