Desi: Rise of Shadow Lugia
Genre(s) Adventure Game, RPG
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer
Platform(s) 3DS and Wii U
System requirements Wii U, 3DS, Gamecube Controller, Wii Remote with Nunchuck
Desi: Rise of Shadow Lugia (デジ:シャドウルギアの台頭, Deji: Shadourugia no taitō, Desi Wrath of Shadow Lugia) is a game based off of Desi and Pokemon related. It consists of  playing as Desi De La O first, you also can switch out from him with other characters (You can only play as Desi, Baxstar, Acus, Snowy and Baxter). The Storyline consists of Lugia falling into Darkness transforming into Shadow Lugia as he destroys multiple cities of earth, so Desi and his friends must save Lugia who is trapped as Shadow Lugia under dark magic he has encountered it first

Confirmed Playable CharactersEdit

DesiRiseofShadowLugia Roster Card
Ho-OhRiseofShadowLugia Roster Card
LugiaRiseofShadowLugia Roster Card
ShadowLugiaRiseofShadowLugia Roster Card
BatistaRiseofShadowLugia Roster Card
BaxstarRiseofShadowLugia Roster Card
MewFourRiseofShadowLugia Roster Card
AcusRiseofShadowLugia Roster Card
SnowyRiseofShadowLugia Roster Card
BlitzmusRiseofShadowLugia Roster Card
BaxterEwersRiseofShadowLugia Roster Card
MustRiseofShadowLugia Roster Card
KingNinjaRiseofShadowLugia Roster Card
LionGuyRiseofShadowLugia Roster Card
ZoroarkRiseofShadowLugia Roster Card


Alternate CostumesEdit

Alternate Costumes has been confirmed to be in the game by each pack


DLC will pick up here soon!


  • This game has a different storyline than Pokepark by the way so it's the 2nd Desi Game.
  • All Controls are the same from Poke Park and Poke Park 2.