Baxter and Baxstar

The Official Art of Baxter and Baxstar

Baxter and Baxstar is a comedy, animated TV-Show from Fireball Studios and Desi and Baxter series. It's apparently a spin-off due to having Baxter Ewers and Baxstar being the main characters. The series features Baxter Ewers, a 16 year old cowardly teenager and Baxstar the girl who loves to mess around a lot. The show is a lot similar to the Jack and Triumph show. This Series will air on Adult Swim. The Show's ratings is TV-MA-L-S-V


The Show is about 2 main protagonists, who go on adventures with each other together to form there own partnership, Mostly Baxstar doesn't care a lot however she loves messing with baxter trying to get him into bad situations, mostly baxter's being more cowardly, but they say he was also a fighter.



Episode 1 "Net Nanny Sucks Dick!"Edit

-This episode has aired on March 20th 2015-

After a harsh of various attacks from Net Nanny online, Baxter had enough with it and begins to take his revenge on them. He goes out to find them and bring various attacks to them to save his computer so he can save the world from Net Nanny.

Episode 2 "Getting the Goods"Edit

-This episode has aired on March 20th 2015-

Baxter and Baxstar go out with each other keeping peace at once, until they encounter a Fat old man who is a doctor who leads them into bad situations.

Episode 3 "Hatters gonna hate"Edit

-This episode was aired on March 27th 2015-

Baxter gets to see his haters as he fights all of them. Baxstar hangs out with snowy in town finding some bras and some panties for themselves.

Episode 4 "Baxstar XXX"Edit

-This episode was aired on April 3rd 2015-

Baxstar has gotten very addictive lately and tends to write in her journal about what she wants to do, Baxter apparently comes along and reads it and sooner of later, Baxstar falls into a sex mood which Baxter has to stop her, the ending was that baxter said to her "Baxstar, lets go to bed..."