Baxter Ewers
Desi TR Baxter Ewers
Real Name Baxter Ewers
Gender Male
Height "5'11"
Age 16
Availability Starter
Element Type Fighting/Fire Type
Super Move The Netherealm

Baxter Ewers is a Human character and a playable fighter in Desi: Tournament Rumble. He is a Power User who uses no weapons, His trademark power The Shrinking Baxter can shrink himself down to size as his Transformation Time. He is also a Fighting and Fire Type at the same time. Most of his moves are Fighting while his Fire Type move is his super move called The Netherrealm.



Command Example
A Punch Baxter throws out his right fist
A+A Double Punch Baxter throws out his right fist, then followed up by a left one.
A+A+A Double Punch kick Baxter throws out his right fist, then his left, then kicks with the left and then right.
A ↑ Super Upper A powerful uppercut that makes Baxter jump off the ground and send foes soaring into the air. If timed correctly, it makes huge damage if he is close enough to his opponent.
A ←→ Big Boot A bend knee forward with foot forward.
A ↓ Slide N' Kick Baxter Slides underneath the opponent and kicks upward in between there legs and sweeps there leg, tripping them and getting back up.
X Back Hand fist Baxter Attacks with an fist backwards.
X (Holding Down) Shield Breaker Baxter slowly brings his fist back then punches forward. If his opponent is blocking or shielding, it'll automanically break thus stunning them.
Y,A Ariel Kick Baxter extends his foot out at the opponent
Y,A,↑ Swipe Baxter throws a upward punch in the air.
Y,A,→ Fist Pump Baxter punches downwards in a arc.
Y,A,↓ Baxter Tornado Baxter spins around and does a final hit.
Y,A,← Back Kick Baxter kicks back with both legs
Y,X Semi-Spike Attack Baxter shoots diagonally downwards hands first like a missile, If an opponent is in the air, they get sent downwards fast with baxter shooting down, once they land on the ground, baxter gets off of them.
ZR Grabbing Baxter grabs with both hands
ZR, A Erection Jump Baxter jumps on his opponent (Short for guys but longer for the girls), then jumps off of them by a dropkick.
ZR, X Brain Buster Baxter pulls his opponents forward close to him and then punches them forward with a punch.
ZR, Y Testi-call Baxter slides underneath his opponents again, this time making a powerful uppercut, he'll come out blushing (if its a female) after the move.
ZR, B Gator Roll Baxter captures his opponent in a front facelock, as well trap the arm closest to the opponent's body in the facelock. Baxter will then spin their body opposite the opponent, either releasing their opponent or continuing to spin with the hold intact.
ZL Shrunken Baxter Baxter shrinks down to size and has to be careful not to be crushed, he can take huge damage if he is hit or crushed, but you can still fight in this form. Baxter also has the ability to climb on his opponent's body careful were you stop or he could have trouble.
L Shielding Baxter steps back and uses his arms infront of him to block attacks in a lowercase t pose to his arms.
B Spear Baxter Sends out a metal chain with a tipped Kunai at the end, it impales itself into the opponent's chest, allowing Baxter to pull him or her through the air towards him for a free hit, as well as cause a small bit of damage. This move often follows the words, "GET OVER HERE!" or "COME HERE!"
B ←→ Cape Reflect Baxter gets out a cape and reflects his opponent or a projectile, giving them little damage.
B ↑ Super Jump Baxter jumps up diagonally with more vertical range than horizontal; if the attack strikes an enemy during the jump, coins fly out of the enemy, and the foe receives multiple hits. The last hit of the attack deals little knockback
B ↓ Fake Out Counter Baxter will do a scared pose, if he is hit, he feints as if he will take the blow but returns with an uppercut to their jaw.
B The Netherrealm This is the only Fire Type move he has, Baxter uses the escape rope to teleport behind his opponent and kicks him/her in the back, teleporting both him and the opponent to the Netherrealm. He then raises two walls from the ground and launches two spears into the opponent and lights him/her in hell fire. Dragging his opponent by his spears, Baxter then slams him/her into both walls. Finally, he leaps into the air and slams the opponent into the ground, teleporting them both back to the original arena.


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