Desi TR Baxstar
Real Name Baxstar Ewers
Gender Female
Height "4'9"
Age 16
Availability Starter
Element Type Fire/Grass Type
Super Move Magma Storm

Baxstar is a gadget user and a playable character in Desi: Tournament Rumble. Baxstar fights with the Grass sword in some of her movesets and uses some fire related moves. She uses her trademark Growing powers for her Transformation Time, this is the opposite of Baxter Ewers' Shrink power for his transformation power.



Command Example
A Slash Baxstar slashes with the Grass sword
A+A Double Slash Baxstar slashes twice with the grass sworld.
A+A+A Triple Slash Baxstar slashes twice with the last one being the upperhand.
A ↑ Baxstar Flipkick Baxstar flips in the air with a bicycle kick.
A ←→ Big Boot Baxstar extends her foot out fast.
A ↓ Slide N' Kick Baxstar Slides underneath the opponent and kicks upward in between there legs and sweeps there leg, tripping them and getting back up. This is shared with Baxter.
X Mini Fireball Baxstar shoots out 3 mini fireballs
X (Holding Down) Flame Shot Baxstar charges up and shoots out a projectile that is fire-influenced.
Y,A Baxstar Spin Baxstar spins in a arc.
Y,A,↑ Grass Slain Baxstar swings her grass sword upwards in a arc.
Y,A,→ Fist Pump Baxstar does a brofist to their face.
Y,A,↓ Baxstar Drillkick Baxstar Drill kicks downwards.
Y,A,← Butt Bump Baxstar thrusts out her behind on the opponents.
Y,X Justice Sword Baxstar comes down fast with the sword pointed downwards. It can also do a One Hit KO if timed correctly however it's very hard to perform it.
ZR Vine Grasp Baxstar summons vines that grow out of her arms and whips them out to grab the opponent. If it makes contact the vines will disappear as Baxstar is grabbing them
ZR, A Body Toss Baxstar spins once and throws them forward.
ZR, X Brain Buster Baxstar pulls her opponents forward close to her and then punches them forward with a punch.
ZR, Y Baxstar-Kick Baxstar steps back and flipkicks them upwards.
ZR, B What U Know About Me! Baxstar begins to smother them with her breasts then kicks them forward and says "What U Know About Me!".
ZL Giant Baxstar Baxstar grows huge.
L Shielding Baxstar creates a grass shield around her.
B Grass Blade Baxstar throws a Grass-Influenced Metal Blade at her Opponents.
B ←→ Cape Reflect Baxstar gets out a cape and reflects projectiles or the opponent.
B ↑ Fire Corkscrew Baxstar spins in a arc in a Corkscrew with flames around her.
B ↓ Baxstar Tornado Baxstar spins in a 360 with the final blow dealing massive damage.
B Magma Storm Baxstar uppercuts her opponent into the air and flies up into the atmosphere and slams them down with a double axe handle as she charges up and unleashes a huge massive fire beam down to the ground at the opponent, she comes back down after the move is done.


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  • Taunt

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