Availability Starter
Level 3 Smash Blast Burn Batista Bomb
Batista was confirmed playable on the same day among with Desi, Baxter, Baxstar, Snowy and Acus. He is considered a power character



Batista is considered a strong character, may be the only Delphox to be strong with muscles out of other Delphoxes, also taller than other delphoxes as well.

Basic AttacksEdit

  • A Button Punching or Kicking
  • A Button Dashing: Dash Grab
  • X Button: Charge Up Attacks
  • X Button Dashing: Dash Attacks
  • B Button: Projectiles
  • B Button Sides: Throwing the Opponent/Irish Whipping
  • B Button/X Button: Irish Whip but hold then attack
  • B Button/A Button: Irish Whip but hold then Grapple
  • Y Button: Jumping/Floating
  • Y Button,Y Button: Double Jumping
  • Y Button, A Button: Normal Ariel Attack
  • LB Button: Grab
  • LB Button,A Button: Neutral Attack
  • LB Button,B Button: Projectile Attack
  • LB Button,X Button: Hard Attack
  • LB Button,Y Button: Send them Flying Attack
  • RB Button: Special Ability
  • LT Button: Shield
  • RT Button: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Smash Attacks

Batista's MovesetEdit

  • A Button: Left Jab
  • A Button,A Button: Right Jab
  • A Button,A Button,A Button: Hard Punch
  • A Button Dashing: Batista grabs and does a Neckbreaker
  • X Button: Fire Punch
  • X Button Dashing: Spear
  • B Button: Mystical Fire
  • B Button Sides: Psyshock
  • B Button/X Button: Irish whip then hold and Shoulder block
  • B Button/A Button: Irish Whip then hold and Sideslam
  • Y Button, A Button: Flamethrower
  • LB Button: Batista grabs with one hand
  • LB Button,A Button: Batista jabs the opponent in the face
  • LB Button,B Button: Batista throws back his stick and shoots out Mystical Fire in there face
  • LB Button,X Button: Pulls them away from him and back with a Forearm smack
  • LB Button,Y Button: Batista throws them up
  • RB Button: Foresight
  • LT Button: Batista uses the Stick to create a Shield
  • RT Button Level 1 Smash: Psy Beam, Batista shoots out a Violent and Blue Beam from the Stick
  • RT Button Level 2 Smash: Red Arrow, Similar to Zelda and Shiek's final smash, Batista shoots a Large arrow at his opponents
  • RT Button Level 3 Smash: Blast Burn Batista Bomb, If an opponent is close to Batista, Batista will kick them in the gut & put them in the Powerbomb hold, after that Batista does a sit-out powerbomb, the Opponent is flying up as Batista uses Blast Burn on them.


  • Due to his poor air projectile game, His Mystical Fire is easy to dodge
  • Batista may have some of the moves based off of WWE Superstar Batista, but mostly his moves are from Pokemon X and Y